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Model: SR-E1-JP56-B

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by Charlie P. on 2016-09-27 21:13:56
"Holy moly. First off, this gun is beast. If you want to shoot this, you better have some muscle on yo. This bolt is difficult to pull back, but when it shoots you will understand why. It shoots very fast, and very far staying fairly accurate. If I had previous knowledge like I do now, I would still buy the gun. It is also very sturdy. One thing wrong though; it does not come with a scope.
by Mike S. on 2016-06-12 14:16:46
"I'll start off by saying this is NOT a READY TO PLAY OUT OF THE BOX GUN. I bought one of these years ago and it's been the biggest piece of poop till today. I finally just got this thing working. Shoots like a laser now, but it took a lot of work and research to get it there. Lots of DIY mods. Biggest problem with this gun is the trigger mech and piston. The 45 degree sear set up just doesn't work with this gun. After its cocked the piston is pushed up into the top of the cylinder causing tons of friction when trying to push the bolt forward. More than what a VSR 10 does.

I finally installed my 90 degree S-trigger from Springer and cut the 45 degree on the back of the piston to a 90 degree. Thing cycles so smoothly now.

Here's a couple of the mods I did.

- 90 Degree Trigger and piston
- Patrol Base paper wrapped barrel spacer (makes a huge difference in accuracy)
- TDC hop up adjuster

Overall way over priced and you should only buy this gun from the boneyard cause you'll have to replace parts and put lots of work into it.
by Ethan T. on 2016-06-04 23:18:23
"So i bought an Echo 1 m28 a month and a half back because i saw these great reviews on it. If youre only lookig for positive reviews MOVE ON because i have nothing good to say about this gun. The very first day i got the gun i shot about 500 .25 bbs out of it. It was fast and accurate , i even let my friend shoot me from 150 ft away and i still have the scar hahaha. But thats all the fun i ever got out of this gun. The cylinder began to jam up when i would try to push it in. I would have to wiggle it, and it would eventually push but only with some effort on my end. So i figured it was defective and sent it back. I got my 2nd gun and the 2nd time i shot it, something got messed up in the trigger box. I could not pull the trigger, almost as if it was on safety(which it was not). I would have to push the trigger forward slightly and then could i fire. Then about 5 minutes after that, after i shot i could not pull the bolt up for the life of me. Im not hating on Echo 1; just giving my honest review. Do not buy this gun. The fps looks nice, but the internals are so bad that the gun will break after a couple uses...
by Mike Y. on 2015-07-05 17:10:59
"i bought this gun about 3 years ago. preformed wonderfully throughout its use. recently died. rest in peace sweet prince.
by atticus b. on 2015-04-11 19:43:43
"This gun is probably the best sniper you can get other than the kjw m700. I ordered all new internals such as a tight bore, spring, spring guide, and piston. The gun works and looks like a charm. I have had some problems with it but I am an inexperienced airsoft tech and did not know what to do when opening it up. I finally figured it out but I suggest getting a professional to upgrade it. Also I did no receive a threaded barrel adapter and speed loader but I didn't care. With low wind I can targets up to 300ft. It is accurate and hard hitting. I also suggest .30 gram bbs when using this. Also this gun is notorious for slam firing so get a new piston and maybe sear set and you should be good. Another thing, the magazines are faulty meaning whenever I pull the Bolt back I must push up on the magazine to feed a bb. Other than that amazing gun

Hard hitting
Magazine says it hold 18 rounds but I can fit 26 :)
Great hop up
Great tech videos on YouTube
Looks awesome
Easy to paint

Notorious for slam firing (not mine)
Magazines don't feed well
Hard to put hopup back together

All and all amazing gun
by Sara W. on 2015-03-30 15:38:04
"First off let me say this gun is amazing. I know people will say this is the worst gun ever, or it sucks. That's plainly not true, they say it sucks because it slam fires or the mags break. Be careful with the mags (your a sniper role hopefully so your not in a huge rush) then they don't break, i know shocker, if your careful it WON'T break. If you encounter slam firing its either the piston (which i will say is pretty bad but evike sells new or better ones) or sear set. You can buy a new trigger set for the m28 and it should work, or you could just buy a new sear set and replace it yourself. And bam, you got an amazing nearly stock gun. Another thing, this thing shoots 500fps STOCK, that's incredible, plus its super accurate and will shoot far and hard. Let this be the review that silences all the rumors and tells you what u need to know, just in case i'll include a pros/cons list

comes with a good reliable bi-pod
shoots far and hard (i got 100 yards bulls eye no problem)
Heavy (could be a con)

Heavy (could be a pro)
may come with a bad sear set, mine didnt but its an easy fix
NOthing else

PS: if you get the suggested suppressor its extremly heavy, its one big metal tube, it WILL make your m28 front heavy

Thank you evike. I love my sniper and i personally cant find any flaws (the ones above are what others have said)

Thanks for reading
by Curt L. on 2013-12-28 12:08:09
I had to shave down the mold by the bolt because it wouldn't go down after you pull it back
overall you should get it
by Michael L. on 2013-08-02 09:44:03
"I had the gun for roughly 2 years before i traded it for a Socom Gear Novak 1911, which by then the gun was only shooting 320 FPS, and sniping is not really my thing, so before you call me an idiot, I got the better end of the deal. Anyway on to the review:

Durable exterior
Balanced weight
Easy to shoot
Harris style bipod included

FPS is not consistant
Plastic piston and spring guide
People don't call hits becasue they don't feel it

3/5 because the exterior is probably the best you can get for its price, but the internals are not worth the $175 price tag. In order to make this gun a good sniper rifle, you may be throwing another $100 into it with upgrades. If I had to make the choice to go back and buy this, I would get an AEG instead.
by nghia l. on 2013-07-30 18:54:03
"Got this gun last year and it still hasn't failed me yet. Hits hard, accurate and shoots pretty far. Really high FPS for most places, mine was about 530 fps with .2

-Sturdy Body
-Shoots Far

-High FPS (Could be Pro)
-Can be heavy in the front with bipod (Could be Pro)

Overall, I can't really say much but it's still holding strong.
by Brandyn W. on 2012-12-25 07:25:29
"So I just got this gun today for Christmas. It was a complete surprise, haha. But I like what I see.

Nice weight
Bolt is easy to pull back
Looks and feels real
Sturdy bi-pod
Fluted barrel
Threaded barrel adapter

Mine had a scratch on the body
Did not come with a scope
Magazine is hard to get out of the gun
You do not have this gun

So far, I give this gun a 9/10. I haven't gotten to shoot it yet, so we'll see what happens.
by kenny m. on 2012-02-23 16:19:19
"I just received this gun today and its amazing. Built strong,shots hard,good accuracy bolt pullers hard but not a big deal it is to be expected with the power. the only problem i have is that none of my mags will feed even the spare magi bought unless i keep my hand pressed up on the mag which is very hard to do being left handed dose anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it!!!!!
by zac c. on 2012-01-16 17:47:59
"this is with out a doubt the best airsoft sniper ive ever owned its accurate durible and sexy deffinitly worth the money for $175 its a steal juss b shure2 pick up a nice scope i got a nc star 3-9x40 for only about $60 it makes the gun that much better another good thing about the m28 is how easy the bolt is 2 pull back PROS: about 10 pounds(can be a con 4 some),durible,accurate,intimidating,comfterble 2 shoot/hold,fluted barrel looks amazing, CONS: NONE


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