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Model: SR-E1-JP56-B

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by Kenneth G. on 2011-06-02 17:48:29
"it is a very nice gun. hard hitting and will reach out and thouch somebody with .25. i would not recommend .20 gram bbs beacause you cant hardly hit ANYTHING. use heavier bb if possible. my first serious airsoft gun and i love it. i would recomend it to someone who is a long range shooter for its high fps with heavy bbs. an increadible gun an the hardest hitting out there for this price. again would recommend it to anyone. best sniper ever
by ramon g. on 2011-05-30 20:13:23
"so i bought this gun from my favorite airsoft shop, . And when i recieved it i was amazed on the external quality for the price. i took it out to a skirmish and i used .3 bbs.(recommend .36) and even with .3 everyone thught i was the best sniper out there. i can hit people from very far distances
skirmishablility: 5/5
quality for price:5/5
magazines:2/5. one of them practicallt dosent feed. i got 8 consecutive shots dry fired.
overall: i give this gun an A- .
by Diane V. on 2011-05-20 16:17:54
"I really enjoy this gun, I have had it for two days and it is shooting great. It has got a nice weight, a bit heavy, but it is comfortable. Also, the fluted barrel takes off a bit of the weight. The bolt has a bit of a hard pull, but if you brace it against yourself, it is easily pulled. The problems that I have had for this gun are misfires. The mags are very cheap plastic, and I haven't found metal ones yet. The plastic mags make very bad feeding but all you have to do is take out the mag and put it right back in, then it is fine.

Weight (can be a con)
Fluted barrel
Nice texture (stock is nylon fiber and barrel is metal)

Bolt pull is tough to pull back
Cheap plastic mags

Aside from the little cons, this is a great sniper rifle for the beginner or the veteran airsoft sniper.
by Jan B. on 2011-05-14 14:48:45
shoots hard
mostly metal
comes with bipod
comes with threaded adapter

weird flap that opens on bottom of gun that is of no use at all. not a big problem.

overall great gun. Comes with great parts. I love it. Buy it.
by Clint C. on 2011-05-14 12:23:30
"I'm an attacker/rifleman but when I saw this m28 sniper I fell in love with it. I bought it here on evike and also added the aim 3 9x40 scope for $35 . I also bought the $25 sniper package of matrix 6000 bbs with 1000 each weight. It looks like I'm going with .30g and or .40g. I hit a size of a stop sign about 70 plus yards with both .30 and .40.

Chronoed it (out the box) with .20 first and at the highest 534 fps, but in average 525.
- with .30 at the highest 429 fps but averaged at 424 fps.
-with .40 at the highest 364 fps but averaged 351 fps

Echo 1 products
2 mags
Solid rifle
Very Strong shot thru a cotton shirt up to 3 layers.
Scope ready
Barrel adaptor

No manual
Watch YouTube videos before putting rifle together, to get The right order to put the screws in and so it won't misfeed.
No cleaning rod
Very very cheap plastic magazines
by Jeffrey E. on 2011-03-08 11:40:44
"I got the M-28 in last night and put it together, there where no instructions in my box.. but it was easy to assemble.. the Evike review said the bi-pod was a little flimsy.. but that is because it was made to pivot at that point for uneven ground. I have you to shoot it but cant wait for this weekend to test it out.. I love the fact that it is 90% metal...

Overall its a great Rifle for a good price.
by Alejandro P. on 2010-12-31 22:03:29
"Really good gun i got it for christmas good range i shoot 200ft+ with .20g i recomend getting .30g bbs since its shooting around 530 out of box comes with threaded barrel adaptor 14mm Counter clockwise a decent harris bipod and screws no instruction manuel though but its not that hard.

Range 200ft+
FPS 500+
barrel adaptor

Havent found any yet.

by daniel h. on 2010-12-25 20:33:44
"Take my word for it this gun is amazing i just got it for christmas and was so happy here are some pros and cons.

easy and fast to put together
very acurate
The scope is very durable
the bipod makes it easier to aim

The bolt is hard to pull back the first couple of times
the orange tip is crap it came broken not even on the barrel

but other than that this gun is amazing.
by Charles P. on 2010-12-04 11:17:39
"Absolutly amazing gun.

Metal parts
Low price
Comes with bipod
High Fps
Comes with two mags and a speedloader

The metal outer barrel looks pretty big
doesnt have color options: od green, ect.

Displaying 25 to 33 (of 33 reviews)

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