Reviews: King Arms M79 Sawed-Off Airsoft Grenade Launcher (Aluminum Barrel / Real Wood Stock)

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Model: GL-KA-CART-04-S
Location: D5-103

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by donovan e. on 2013-08-30 11:47:57
"This little bad boy is perfect for when you need to clear a room with a lot of people. It comes in handy in a large number of situations.
by James W. on 2013-08-30 11:47:24
"This thing is a sexy little beast. It's effectively a 40mm boot gun (if you have big boots.)

Not realistic by any means but fun. A real M79 cut down like this would shatter your wrist, if not more.

I think my only recommendation is to get a 40mm grenade cartridge with a higher BB capacity.

Having hand fired the cartridge (without the launcher) I'm not sure I'd recommend carrying reloads as they seem pretty sensitive to shock. Being a walking claymore while running squad tactics is bad.

My only real complaint is that the instructions assume you know how to load and prep the grenade cartridge. This being my first Airsoft "grenade" launcher, that would have been nice.
by Hon L. on 2013-08-30 11:46:48
"Great Airsoft grenade launcher for the price. A stand alone unit perfect as a support / back up / main weapon.

It uses all : Mad bull, CAW, King Arms, Matrix, ProArms grenade shells.

It won't use : GB-Tech shells, not like you can find those now-a-days anyways.

To use it:
1) Flip the switch on top.
2) Flip up the launcher tube.
3) Load in the shell.
4) Close the launcher tube.

*FYI, grenade shells don't really go off. And you should always place it in your pouch facing down. Our team have been playing with airsoft 40mm grenades for over 3 years now and the walking land-mine situation have never occured. Shouldn't happen if the shell is in a decent pouch with lid.

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)