Reviews: Matrix MEU Carbine Rapid Deployment Series Airsoft Rifle - Black

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Model: GR-MEUCarbine-B
Location: U14-005 Y9-M05 WO8-M12

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by Terry J. on 2015-07-16 18:35:40
"I never thought I'd actually write a review but here I am.

So I bought this last week because our squad needed a rapid deployment weapon, so close examination I decided to go with the Meu Carbine, so when I got it, it seemed pretty cool? Fires good, realistic feel to the WE Tech 1911, now the first thing I noticed before I even put the buffer tube on is that the polymer right above the buffer tube wasn't completely together, it wasn't cracked or anything just not sturdy and built well, so I ended up taping it so I could put my buffer tube on, so I like the 1911 BUT I do not like the carbine conversion kit because of POOR quality, so thank you Evike for that sincerely: I now have a poor quality conversion kit that I payed a lot of money for

Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)