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Ares Licensed Tavor TAR21 Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle - Black

7 Customer Reviews

by kevin k. on 12/07/2012
"I used this gun recently for a couple of hours on a cold days gaming out in meath,ireland.
the range was excellent i was hitting people from about 70-80 feet no problem
the fps was great too! Everyone who was hit knew it!

PROS: great feel
great FPS
great range
great fire rate
good quality body
quick trigger response
very durable
great accuracy

to be honest there are none,however when putting the battery in make sure the wires are tucked in with the battery otherwise the charging handle will not function.

FPS: 280 with .28s
FPS:315-320 with .20s

overall great gun :)

kevin keeley
by Jesse F. on 05/26/2012
"5 for 5. this gun really is incredible for tight cqb enviornment. out of the box it shot around 330 fps. i dont have much more to say besides that some of the parts are a little loose. like the mag tends to fall out a bit. not sure if its the magazines im using or the mag release switch and also the abs body is a pro/con depending on how you look at it. i mean fairly light but im used to full metal on most anything i buy. and to the comment below me i believe they said halo because it looks strikingly similar to a halo reach dmr. just extend the barrel with a new flash hider and a stubby acog scope aswell as a shorter m4 mag.
by connor w. on 01/10/2011
"This gun is AMAZING. I was skeptical to buy it when it was at $350 but when it dropped to $299.99 I bought it immediately. I have to say, it was more than worth every penny. It has great range and great accuracy. It comes with a 6.04 tightbore barrel in it so that improves it even more. It also has a great ROF. I have an 8.4v battery in it and it is amazing. There are only a few cons i can think of. One is that the orange flash hider is VERY frustrating to get off. Usually you can just put it under a hair-dryer for about 20 minutes then twist it off. I had it under a hair dryer for about and hour and a half and it still wouldn't budge. We finally just took a saudering iron and cut it completely in half and then took pliers and levered it off. The only other con i can think of is that when you pull the trigger is squeaks pretty loudly but that is an easy fix. Overall, this gun is amazing and i suggest it too everybody.

Great ROF
Great Range
Great Accuracy
Functioning Bolt Catch
Pretty Easy to Disassemble
Bullpup (could be a con to some)

Trigger Squeaks
Bullpup (could be a pro to some)

That's basically it. This gun is AMAZING and i suggest it to any airsofter.

This gun is amazing and even if you dont
by Susan D. on 12/27/2010
"Easily the best gun I have ever used. shoots accurately and is easy to use. It only has two issues. hopup moves too easily (simple fix), and mag release is too easy to accidentaly hit (also an easy fix). I have an M130 spring (funny to shoot people with) in the gun. Spring change is a breeze. i have used it in one really long session with my friends, and it outperformed my friends KWA SR5 and Magpul Masada. Easily. I would recommend this gun for ANYONE, I love it.
by Amber M. on 12/09/2010
"Ok, I hate to be the bearer of bad news on Moondogs review, but HE WAS WRONG on two points, one... IT DOES NOT HAVE A MOSFET SWITCH and two IT DOES NOT HAVE A Tight bore barrel. Other than that this is an amazing rifle. Very dependable from what I know so far, but time will tell. if you are looking for a sling, the only one I know of is by making it from PARA CORD sold on here OR you could try to use a quick release sling mount also sold on here for the rear sling mount. Over all a great rifle.

External quality 10/10
Internal quality 8.5/10 (only because you have to take the gear box apart just to change the inner barrel or bucking.)
Over all build quality 9.5/10
Ease of changing the FPS 12/10

Have to take the whole damn gear box apart to change the inner barrel OR hop bucking
Mag release is VERY touchy
Flash hider is a B**CH to get off, but CAN be done

Over all I give this rifle a 9.5 out of 10 stars... GET IT, you wont be sorry.
by Daniel C. on 12/01/2010
"Hello, Daniel here doing my first review of a new release gun, the iron-sighted Tavor-21 by Ares. Here's the basic line-up I've found so-far on this gun:
.Weight is perfectly balance around the middle so the gun is not to heavy on the back or front, making the aiming a lot smoother and faster than other rifles (compared to the train speed of an M16, no contest, the Tavor is many times faster)
.The body is solid with metal and high quality composites. It's fairly lightweight, which helps the above statement
.The gun comes pre-tested by an Ares technician and certified to fire at least over 330 FPS (mine was 113 m/s, approx 350-360 FPS), and after firing seems to fit the bill (don't have a chronograph)
.The magazine that comes with the gun is a 130rd full metal midcap, top quality and VERY solid
.Fire rate using a 1500 mAH 9.6V battery is impressive, more than enough for anyone's needs
.Iron sights are very well placed, front sight is adjustable by a screw. Back sight sticks a little so it's harder to open, but that's more a good thing than bad.

.Only one downside, the magazines are a bit tricky to seat, so you may have to play with it for a second before it sits right

All in all, I'm giving it a 5 out of 5. The gun performs every bit as well as you would expect, and in my case has out-performed what I expected out of it. I would recommend this as a serious gift to any bull-pup loving airsoft players you know (or maybe just for yourself).
by Rene P. on 01/25/2012
"I borrowed a Tavor from a friend once. And since I already had so many M4 mags it made it an easy transition. It was one of the easiest CQB games I ever played and it is very easy to manuever. Although I would put some type of HOLO/Reflex sight on it.


Cons--rubber buttplate and everything around it gets chewed up and I cant find replacement parts

Why did Evike say that its from HALO? It says so in the title. This gun doesnt exist in any part of that game!