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by Mark Benedict S. on 2014-04-03 08:57:13
"If you're the type of player who shows off what you got, then this gun is for you. On the other hand, if you're the type of player who prefers good quality for combat, then this gun is for you.
Basically, this gun, out of the box, will amuse you by its appearance and the way it shoots is like you've had it all upgraded. It's accurate for about 120 - 150ft (tested) and has a very fine Rate Of Fire for about 18-20BPS depends on the battery you use. I, myself, bought a turnigy lipoly 20000mah 11.1V for this gun and the rof got its maximum potential. However, I would say that this gun isn't ready for 11.1v Lipoly battery as it would tear the teeth of the gears or the pistonbody itself - that was in my case. After two weeks of non-stop plinking, the bevel gear and piston body's teeth broke and I had to upgrade it eventually. No problem about that though because everything else works fine. Magpul is Magpul same with G&P is G&P, no questions asked. If you're still confused in selecting AR-15/M4a1 variants, I'd say this one is the best. Simple yet monstrous.
by Steven T. on 2013-03-16 23:50:46
"Picked up this gun 3 weeks ago, got it all broken in, and I am in love.
Shoots very well (as it should) accurate to 150ft (all I have tested)

With regards to battery questions -
Mine and my gf's are wired rear, (they are both black)
My friend got dark earth and it is front wired (I hear all DE are front wired)

battery fitment: the G&P 7.4 1200mah 20C lipo fits perfectly in the buffer tube on this gun - please go in asking for the right battery because I was sold a wrong battery the first time (I now know better) aslo, it comes with mini deans style connector, and the G&P batt COME WITH THEM (be sure to get the one with mini, not full size connector)

Gun details: The "bolt cover" was VERY tight on all three of out guns @ first, they simply need breaking in + a touch of oil.
The selector switch can be finicky at first fresh out of the box because G&P makes the tolerances so tight! (you will be thankful after break in)
The trigger was weird on my gf's at first - started shooting full auto on semi! (Just needed use to break in the contacts)

I think that about covers the "weird" things that seemed like cons, truly, there are none.
I just installed a ball bearing spring guide and I anticipate a long fun life for this gun -

hope this was helpful!
by jake h. on 2013-02-07 21:42:18
"this gun is amazing
it shoots 20 rps
shoots hard out of box and ways 7 pounds so its not to light but happy medium

there is absolutely no battery room
i got the 7.4v lipo (its the smallest battery they make) and it didn't even come close to fitting
i would get it wired to front and use a PEQ box

other than that i give this gun a 10 out of 5
by brandon klewicki k. on 2012-01-01 10:30:45
"PROS:High Fire Rate
Sturdy Good Material
G&P Gear Box
Very Fast Fire Rate For A Stock Gun (shot as if it had a mossfet in it when i was using a 11.1 lipo)
High Speed Motor
Nice Rear Flip Up Sight
Nice Motor Grip
Nice Mag

CONS:The Only Con That I Think This Gun Has Is That The Battery Goes In The Stock Which Would Normally Be A Pro But In This Case The Stock Tube It Has To Fit In Is Very Small In Diameter Which Meens Small Battery.

I Would Rate It At A Five Star Out Of Five Beacause There Are Ways To Getting Around The Con
by Barbara J. on 2011-08-16 09:53:37
"I love this gun. It really is amazing. It looks great, and feels great, and is super light. The new version stores the battery in the front, so no lipo is needed. This is probably my favorite gun ever, and I have a highly upgraded masada. I prefer this over the masada. It shoots a nice 380 FPS, and has surprisingly good range. It does have a high speed setup in it, so you can get ~20 RPS with a mini 9.6. with a large 9.6, I was getting like 25+ RPS. Not only does it look nice, it performs extremely well for a stock gun.

Performs well, in terms of RoF, and FPS, and reliability.
looks badass

Charging handle kinda blows
dust cover doesn't close
Magwell is super loose. Could be a pro, cause it fits pretty much any magazine.

Don't have any hesitations. This is a great gun, and is definitely worth it.
by Bret G. on 2011-07-20 08:58:05
"This gun is AMAZING!!!!!! I bought this ro replace my G36(the gearbox failed on me). The ROF is about 20bps with a 9.6v battery. It is solid as a rock. If you are looking for a new gun, you will not be disappointed with this one.
Just a precaution: most people said on here that it shoots 370-390 fps. I got mine chronoed the day after I got it. Mine was shooting 415+ fps constantly. You might want to downgrade the spring, or put a ton of rounds through it!!!
Excellent ROF
Solid as a rock
Over $150 worth of Magpul parts already installed
Shoots hard

by mac d. on 2011-02-16 16:48:20
"I just got this gun today and there's nothing bad to say about it except for the fact that you HAVE to use a LiPoly battery for it. If you get this make sure you have the battery so that it can fit in the buffer tube of the stock. But other than the small fact that the battery situation is sketchy, this gun is AMAZING, Magpul has great attention to detail on this gun.

Full metal/polymer
Great detail
shoots hard 376 .25s
realistic rof

Dust cover doesnt close
charging handle is kinda bleh
by Brian F. on 2010-11-28 09:38:49
"I got this Magpul M-4 Rifle when 1st put out into the Airsoft market & I love everything about this gun it shoot's hard has good FPS out of box. I had to do 1 minor adjustment with this gun when I 1st got it that is rewire the Battery connections so the 7.4 volt lipo battery would work

Pro's of the gun
Made buy Magpul

Shoot's hard out of box FPS @ Chrono was 370's mid 380's almost 390FPS on semi & full auto
Mag Feed's every BB without jamming

pop up sights on the gun

Battery is in the buttstock "on my model was wired that way. But manual states from G&P is in hand guard" have to take buttstock off to install battery "somewhat of a pain but gotten used to it"

Had to rewire Battery connection so battery would plug into stock wireing on Gun

I would tell anyone to get this Gun & worth the investment

Displaying 1 to 8 (of 8 reviews)