Reviews: Small Type 11.1V 20C 1600mAh High Performance Airsoft Li-Poly Battery Pack with BMS and Charger set


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by Matthew W. on 2013-08-22 16:06:27
"So far, Evike is the only store I can find a LiPoly battery package for this price. Despite my worries of stripping out my gearbox, I've been running my CA CQBr with this LiPoly for about 6 months now without any internal problems.

I recommend upgrading at least the piston and spring, as the LiPoly will wear both out much faster than the average Nimh or Nicad battery.
by Alec S. on 2013-08-22 16:06:03
"i absolutely love this battery. it works so well with my gun and incresed the bb's per second by about 10 and incresed the fps by a considerable amount. this battery works fantastic and i think the price is acceptable considering how much it helps ur gun become better. i definetly recommend this but remember that some guns are not li-poly ready and need the neccesary upgrades.
by Connor H. on 2013-08-22 16:05:10
"amazing battery

easily THE BEST 80 BUCKS U CAN PUT INTO AN AIRSOFT GUN i wouldnt reccomend using this battery fr cheap guns without good internals cuz the high rate of fire could strip the piston or motor
by michael v. on 2013-08-22 16:04:47
"wow.. just wow. this takes my ca scar to a whole new level it fits in the stock and works like a pro. even with 400 fps it still fires faster than any battery ive used. a must have for any ca scar.
by Tyler S. on 2013-08-22 16:04:20
"I cant get my charger to work so i haven't put it in my gun. I can imagine would it would be like when it is fully charged. I got a m4 with a systema turbo motor 8mm ball bearings reinforced gearbox m85 spring high speed gears and this thing I am just a little disappointed that it wont charge. I race rc cars so I know a lot about batteries. First of all lipos are chemically unstable so they are really tuchy. Never completely discharge them, don't even let them get low. If they do get low they get hot and blow up. Don't over charge them or they will blow up. Don't let them get hot or they will blow up. Don't short them out or they will blow up. Always store them charged so that they have a longer life. If you follow those rules you should be fine. Only gave 4 stars because it won't charge. Another thing if they do explode you can't stop them so just set your gun down and get everyone away and watch a very expensive fireworks show.
by Jason R. on 2013-08-21 13:53:35
"i used this battery pack for about 8 months, at $80 it is one of the most inexpensive upgrades you can do to any gun but be careful, if you are shooting a spring under a M110 in anything other than a new JG you WILL BREAK YOUR GEARBOX. i have been using one in my JGM4A1 for 8 months and the ROF is nearly 25 per second at 430FPS_

definitely recommended but please use a LiPoly charger if not you can detonate your LiPoly
by John I. on 2013-08-21 13:53:05
"its really good lol thats all i can say. ive heard rumors of the sensitivity of these things which id like to no more about. from a 9.6 volt to this li poly the change is very dramatic. i also go a prometheus barrel for my gun so that made my gun shoot in streams and raise fps without using the gearbox. im not so sure about my guns rof now though... its cqb ics pistol. i thought it would shoot 30 a sec if i got lucky but i cant tell at all. my gun shoots 300 fps so id like to no my rof with that.
by Alex M. on 2013-08-21 13:52:11
"Nothing against this battery it works very very well, but it is not the one in the picture. it is slightly longer and thicker so it doesn't fit into an m4 front assembly. Still a great battery.
by Martin H. on 2013-08-21 13:50:31
"This LiPoly battery is fantastic, certainly boosts up your FPS by a hell lot! I use it in my GnG M4 RIS ,i have the LiPoly small type 11.V and strangely it kind of fits under the RIS! Now i took off the rail covers so the battery would ventilate and cool down. This certainly solves the rumorous melting and sensitivity problem.
by jorden b. on 2013-08-21 13:49:13
"this battery is simply amazing i ran it it my m4 and i have a complete systema gearbox with turbo moto. when i pluged this batteryin and pulled the trigged i just about shit myself. the rof is ammmmaaaazzziiinnngg. after a couple of clips however my piston broke:/ it spun the gears so fast that it may have caught my piston as the spring was pushing it forward, it ripped the back of my piston clean off.

quick charging time
good life and endurance
super powerful
price is cheap
small size fits pretty much anyware

cons; well none for the battery but
be careful! with great power comes great responsibility haha
be ready to replace parts
have fun out there and be safe happy shootin
by bobby p. on 2013-08-21 13:46:05
"i got this battery with my JG m4 s-system and when i play im a feared man

fast chargetime
charger tells you when its done
ROF on your gun is increased

just pros
by Jeff N. on 2013-08-21 13:45:39
"This Battery is great!
ROF Is INSANE (stock gears, Full Metal teeth piston)

You may NEED this
Small battery to Large battery device / charger connector.
[BATTERY_000] $3.99 from Evike
If you are Replacing a "large type" Battery

I spoke with Evike about the charger and,
it will charge the 11.1v 4000mah (also sold by Evike)
if you would like a larger Li-poly battery later

CA, AR-15-A3

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