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Model: Tracer-MB-Flare
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by Eric G. on 2014-06-29 06:56:10
"Does what it's supposed to do, without cutting corners. The G&G tracer I have was crooked and affected the trajectory of the bbs. This one fits perfectly straight. And the illumination is very bright, and seems to keep up with at least a 9.6v battery. And for the detractors who don't like that it flares because they think it would give away there position, I pondered the same issue but I think I debunked the premonition. Since it's a tracer unit, you're already giving away your position. Although the flare is a brighter signal as to where you are, most people can probably already deduce where you are shooting from by following the trajectory of your tracer bbs. So go ahead and enjoy the unique flare feature and buy this blackside unit instead of the other!
by Vinh L. on 2013-09-19 01:43:14
"Product description:
Madbull Gemtech “Blackside” Flare tracer unit. A device built solely for illuminating tracer bb in the dark. Very fun to play with.

I would use this to follow up shots at night games or in dark dimly lit field like Gamepod Combat Zone. My first option was to buy a flashlight, but I chose a tracer unit because it’s way cooler. Very easy to see where bbs are flying, I suggest use .25g tracer bb because it flies so much straighter than .20g.

-Best stylish looking tracer on the market currently.
-Use only 3 AAA battery instead of 4, so if you plan to play a lot of night games then you would save on battery costs.
-Flash to simulate muzzle flash is extremely cool while not being practical for achieving stealth.
-Original design, not a copy or clone of the Tokyo Marui design.
-Remember to use 1.5v alkaline batteries because the 1.2v NiMH battery can’t supply sufficient energy output.
-Works very well with my KWA SR10 (2013 model) with 380fps.

-Other tracers may illuminate the bb a bit brighter.
-Cost very high, but this is a high quality tracer unit.
-Very small on/off button.
by Kevin J. on 2012-05-11 21:51:21
"Very very cool. Didn't come with directions on how to turn it on. Very small button at the end of the unit. Other than that this tool works great! Lights up the bb's very well. Looks great at night and when shooting on auto in a dark area. Very good for distracting and suppressing fire. A press of a button turns the unit off without having to remove the whole unit from the barrel. Very happy with my purchase though deff not a need. Only there to look good. So if you have the money to make your gun look cool when shooting, get it. If not your not really missing out too much.

Performance: 5 of 5
Needing this tool: 3 of 5
Price: 3 of 5 (should be lower)

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)