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Pre-Order ETA September 2018 Class I Custom Socom 16 "Devil" Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle - (Package: Gun Only)

3 Customer Reviews

by Eric H. on 12/09/2010
"This gun i a very light and good size. im 14 and for me this gun i really light so im shure you will be a bel to carry it. this gun has a lot of great things added on to it the rail system is awsome it allows me to put and scope and a gip and alot more i shot this gun for the first time to my friend and he was crying although we play with 500fps the gun will make people cry for shure. this gun i very accurate the reason why i say that is becasue i was sitting i a tree about 150yards away and i aimed right at my friends head a shure enoph i got him this this is great for assult and snipeing. i strongly recomemned the gun.....

good for snipeing and assult
goood rail system
good grip
nice built stock
over all very good gun 100% shure

what i say i good advice but just to let you know everyone i different so you will need to see what fits you best
clip kind of falls appart
screws are loose like always just need to tighten
iron sights are kind of a pain
by Taylor C. on 11/06/2012
"Ive had this gun for 3 or 4 months now, and i love it. We have a love hate relationship. Its a little bit heavy to hold up for extended periods of sniping. But man is it accurate! I LOVE the accuracy! When i ordered i ordered it with an extra mag, that didnt fit my gun... And the original mag was broken also. When i called evike they were awesome about it and fixed everything in a timely manner. Unlike airsoft megastore, wich sent me the same broken gun twice. I would recommend this gun to anyone that wants a dmr!
by Coty O. on 04/23/2011
"Pros- this gun is a great support weapon, It can lay down a decent amount of fire and keep your enemy pinned as long as you have extra clips and also makes little sound when fired. It also has range and hits hard. It's Semi-full auto
Cons- Problem is your rail system can wobble easily and become off center. When you aim down the sight the rail can get in the way and throw off your aiming capabilites.You can not attach a sling to it as well because of the modification so I suggest a bi-pod. Its also quite a heavy gun and you better have some muscles if you wanna crawl around and maneuver through brush quickly. If you want an m14 I suggest you do not get the modification. Its not worth the price in my opinion. Go for the standard m14 much cheaper and lighter.Also be wary of the bolt, Mine broke off because its made of a cheaper metal so don't overuse your bolt action. Def not worth 260 dollars.