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King Arms Full Metal Colt Licensed Advanced M4A1 Carbine Airsoft AEG Rifle

29 Customer Reviews

by Thomas D. on 08/03/2011
"When i first saw the evike review on this i was skeptic .
i have owned ics m4s, g&g m4's and even shot / borrowed classic army, a&k, jg and kwa m4's/

BY FAR this is the best m4 out there and i believe it gives the kwa a run for its money.

for 200 bucks you get a gun with 370 fps, functioning bolt, metal body and a great out of box accuracy

870 rps out of box with a $8 7.4 lipo that fits the handguard.
functioning bolt
370 fps is a nice balance
consistent and extremely accurate
full metal for 200 dollars

Cons: hard to disassemble for the first time
by James O. on 07/03/2011
"Great gun. Not only does it handle well, but it looks and feels superb. At $200 (deal) you can't beat it. If your on the edge for getting this gun, go for it. You will get your money's worth.

* Looks/feels awesome (this is not an over-exaggeration)
* Acceptable accuracy
* Full metal

* Opening/closing the hand guard can be a pain

If anyone is wondering, It's shooting 330 fps with .25's (stock internals). Great gun, great buy.
by spencer b. on 06/09/2011
"I got this gun one week ago and this gun is a prime example of what airsoft is,,,realistic war pretty much and this is really REALISTIC......everything is awesome....shoots like a beast........if ur looking for a good indoor/outdoor gun or just an airsoft gun in general get this flaw whatsoeva.....get it....enought said. :)
by daniel j. on 05/12/2011
"Love it, enough said.

True scale to the real AR15 carbine with working bolt on the receiver.
Decent weight.
Detachable carrying handle.
Good gearbox with smooth firing, easy to work on
Good grouping and power right out of the box (390 FPS)


Conclusion: A rifle with superb quality, performance and finish. I would recommend it.
by Thomas D. on 05/05/2011
"I have only had this gun for 3 days now but this is an amazing gun.

I have owned classic army , g&g (pro and combat), ics and jg m4's.
This king arms is by far the ebst m4 ive ever held

To wrap up the stats i get 14.5 rounds per second with a 7.4 lipo and deans.
With this rate of fire i get 345 fps with .25 gram bbs,

On top of this i hate using iron sight but with the iron sights on this gun i hit a chair at 165 feet
5 tmes in a row with out even touching the hopup

On top of this the guns externals are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
no wobble in the handguard and best externals ive seen in a m4 to date.

Yeah the internals are not kwa but this gun is awesome out of the box and internals feel and sound like they will last

perfect fps right under 400
rate of fire
full metal
balanced weight
external are awesome
functioning bolt catch
no wobble anywhere
accuracy is awesome ( i dont think ill ever buy a tight bore for it)

handguard is on very tight but that also makes it not wobble so it is a love hate thing

that is the only con i can think of with the gun except your usual le stock wobble

GET THIS GUN NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Kimberley S. on 03/30/2011
full metal body
two sights
great ROF
great trade marks
locking system for hop up
not cheap Styrofoam
9/10 for skirmish

mine sometimes goes on full auto when on semi
not tht big of a deal
by matthew h. on 03/27/2011
"First Review! This is a great gun, I would easily reccomend it to anyone looking for an M4.

Good Metal/Nylon Fiber.
Functional Bolt Catch.
Free Backup Sight.
Awesome Looks.
Reasonably Priced.

Cons: Small Handguard (You need a butterfly type.)
Bolt Cover Opens Extremely Easily.
No Orange Flashhider.
No Free Battery (To be expected though for higher-end guns.)
The Disasembly Isn't That Easy For Me (It might just be me though.)

Overall, I consider the flaws to be very minor and do not take anything away from the quality and realism of this gun. Wonderfull starter M4, if not a little difficult to take apart.

i hope my review didn't suck. 10/5
by Matthew C. on 06/10/2012
"My first impressions of this AEG are good. The full metal body adds durability without adding a ton of weight, RoF is good (bought an 8.4v intellect nunchuck), and power and accuracy are very acceptable. Borderline impressive with my king arms .25's.

-Full metal body for under $200 (Bought it at the $185 sales price + 18% off code, out the door for $170 shipped!)
-Good FPS (I chrono'd mine at 374-383 FPS w/ 0.20's out of the box)
-Trademarks are a nice touch, bolt catch sounds tinny and potentially fragile but functional.

-My hop-up has a tight spot in the adjustment wheel. It adjusts with little effort up to a certain point, gets super tight, and feels like it rolls over a bump and then adjustment can continue with little effort. The optimal hop-up point happens to fall in that hump, one side way too much hop-up, the other no where near enough. Very frustrating.
-Mags do not want to snap in place. None of my JG, DBoys, or even the King Arms high cap that came with it want to fit without coaching. Funny, the G&G 450rnd high cap I have fits like a dream...not sure what that's about.
-Handguards are tight, some batteries can be tight fit.

Overall, I'm happy with this purchase. At this price point, I can understand doing a little DIY to make it perform like I want it to. Performance is on-par with my buddy's KWA SR12 (cost him $400+), and I'm only invested at $170 for this AEG. Can't go wrong with this purchase, one of my favorite AEG's I own.
by Hunter H. on 06/07/2012
"It's a fair AEG

-Decent ROF (I actually went to an 8.4v Battery)
-Full Metal receivers
-Fairly Normal Distance
-FPS Normal
-Some Poor quality internals
- The working bolt is a faulty and can be a pain during dis-assembly/reassembly
-Really REALLY Snug battery compartment for Stick batteries

Realistic trademarks and external look coming from a veteran.
by Jeremy H. on 11/29/2011
Nice Stamped trademarks all over the gun from the barrel twist to the mock forge marks on the receiver and good grey andonized coloring
Coloring and quality of plastic components is 100% accurate
Shoots about 370 FPS
Accurate with a solid hopup
Overall fit and finish is very nice
Motor has a vented cover
Solidly built and 1 piece barrel.
Nicely reproduced barrel nut and gas tube
Bolt cover locks back with functioning bolt release
Solid engaging selector switch

Magazine doesnt fit well
Carry handle sight isn't accurate and loose
Stock is wobbly, it could use a tighter fit to the buffer tube
Gear box is noisy (not marui quality) but it shoots about 100fps faster so thats probably why
Orange plastic flash hider is glued onto the barrel a little too well
by skin y. on 11/17/2011
"I had been looking for a good solid M4 for a while now and think i may have come across one of the coolest m4s you can get. I got this gun for my birthday and i am very pleased.

great Finnish
Has a Nice rate of fire even with an 8.4v. but i recommend a 9.6v 1600mah butterfly
goes nice with My MARSOC loadout
has a rail on top for mounting optics
Its trademarks are spot on to my real COLT AR15

The mag it come with wobbles like a crazy buts thats like all king arms magazines. i would buy some MAG mid caps or Matrix 180rnd mid caps
its hard to get the battery in. had to get my brother to help me. but lucky evike sales a delta ring wrench tool. well worth the $12
LE stock wobbles but then again its like that on most m4s

dont let the cons keep you from trying this weapon out. for a $230 gun its very well made. I mean it is a king arms

Semper Fi!!!
by Harrison S. on 06/06/2011
"i bought this rifle with the facebook package and i was blown away.
the specs behind this gun is absolutely fantastic. i was a little
disappointed with the fps, chrono came in at 355-360. i use this gun
outdoors so that came a little disappointing.

Solid build
fast fire rate (tested with a 9.6 2300 mah battery)
very sexy
fps is decent, just above requirements for indoors, at least with my gun
hopup works really well

i tried to get into the gearbox but couldnt, maybe too solid (wanted to upgrade to 400 fps)
thats all for cons

This is a fantastic gun. I use mine with a mock silencer and holo sight and is by far
the sexiest gun i own. I only wish i could get into the gearbox to upgrade the spring.
i would recommend this to anyone. (but i seriously wouldnt get it without a small upgrade
if you play outdoors, it cost like 50 bucks. or you could get a 10 dollar spring and 30 dollar
installment. really, it wont take much. do it. now!)
by John E. on 03/30/2011
"Just got my M4 in today and I really gotta say it looks and feels great. Definitely worth the money in my opinion if you are just getting started into airsoft or want a solid no frils gun. I'm a little dissatisfied with a few aspects of the gun but hopefully they will subside.

From a reputable brand
Full Metal
Superb build quality

Delta Ring impossible to move without superhuman strength
Mags are an extremely snug fit and I doubt non King Arms mags could be used under normal conditions it was even scraping the paint of the new King Arms mags that it came with.
by ben r. on 03/28/2011
"this one of my first good airsoft guns i have had a lot of cheap ones in the past, so i had high standards. the only big thing i noticed is the semi fire stopped working withing a couple of days.

-full metal
-solid body
-good ROF and FPS
-good weight
-great price

- semi fire
- stock wobble a little
- mag has little wobble

This is a good beginners gun and with the price tag you cant complain.