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by Ben P. on 2012-02-27 03:31:32
"I was pretty impressed with this gun when I took it out of the box. However, under closer inspection there were a few things that could have been done better.

-solid, full metal construction
-pretty accurate with stock barrel (might be a tightbore, no markings)
-lots of rail space
-high rate of fire
-one piece outer barrel

-no trademarks
-fire selector on the right side is wobbly and hard to use
-there was rust on the included magazine
-anti-reverse latch broke the second time I used it
by Brad B. on 2012-02-02 14:58:12
"Right so i have had this gun for about 4 months now and I love it. First the gun shot fast and hard right out of the box or mine did at least. Them when i was looking at the gun the right handed selector switch was exteremly loose. Also my stock was wobbly and it only gets worse not sure how to fix it though. Overall it was a great price at the time but im wondering how much will it be to fix the stock if you are buying this gun first save up a little extra money to fix these few problems other than that amaziing.
by jack z. on 2012-01-22 14:50:29

-full metal
-crane stock
-solid design
-no wobble
-qd sling mounts
-black flashhider included
-ambidextrious mag release, bolt catch release, and fire selector


-little to no branding (except on rails)
-horrible accuracy with stock barrel
-bad fps for a dmr. mine came in at around 330
-low rof
-bad battery that comes with it
-wired to tayima not deans

This gun is a great project gun. with about 200-300 dollars put into it, it will destroy people. all of the cons can be turned to pros with upgrades (barrel, motor, new gearbox parts, etc.) If you are looking to just throw a scope on this gun and expect it reach out and plink people from long range then go somewhere else. this gun needs work to perform but it has great potential.
by william b. on 2011-12-30 13:05:44
"hey everyone. i just ordered this and i am very pleased with the price and i believe that Evike is the best website / company for airsoft in the nation. even though i have not received this weapon yet, i am pleased because every review and video i have read and seen about this rifle have had positive things to say about it. along with this gun , i picked up a matrix 9.6v crane stock battery for 25 dollars and a tenergy smart charger for 30 dollars - both of which were a great deal. thanks to the evike team for putting these items on their website for such a great price.
by Jacob P. on 2011-12-27 20:55:39
"I bought this gun a few months ago and it has work very well so far.
Pros: Full metal
metal hopup

Cons: Bad battery
hard to take apart.
by MICHAEL U. on 2011-11-14 09:05:10
"I got this gun on Friday, used it on Saturday and dominated the field. It works great, a great gun for the price, if you are shopping around but don't a lot of money like i was this is the gun for you.
by Craig H. on 2011-11-09 15:06:21
"Well I got this gun yesterday and what can I say, It Is AMAZING!
I ordered it with A Gaurder sight, Suppressor and Foregrip and the stability is just awesome. There are some cons like it does not come with a battery but I ordered one so Im set. It also does not have any sling mounts ($9.00 on Evike) But for Pros it is FULL METAL it is rock solid. The Motor Grip and crane stock appear to be high strength polymer. The gun Is Ideal for someone who is a Mid range combatant. This with a suppressor is almost a DMR! The stock can be a little wobbly but thats easy to fix just unattach the stock and tighten the buffer tube. This is my Third Gun Galil-MK36-THIS is the best highly worth the price!

Heavy about 11 pounds with the attachments I put on it.
Long (con for some)
Accurate for mid range
comes with a extra flash hider


Does not come with a battery

5/5 overall highly reccomend this gun!
by Luke W. on 2011-11-08 15:16:06
"This review is going to be on build quality/durability. (Seeing as i Haven't fired it yet)

• Very stable
• Heavy (Pro and con)
• Everything is metal (except grip and crane stock)
• Flip up rear and front iron sights
• LOTS of rail space
• 6 position stock
• Ambidextrious
• Working bolt catch
• Extremely easy to dissasemble

• The right fire selector is wobbly
• Stock is slightly wobbly, but barely noticable.
• The free mag that came with it seems to be having some feeding problems. (Just needs to be broken in)
• Heavy (Pro and Con)
• And the biggest con of all time, is that you don't have it.
by Travis M. on 2011-10-06 13:39:17
"I got this gun a couple months ago and I love it. it's a great gun, it's got nice fps, and holds up nice, like I said earlier I've had it for a few month and the dust cover, the hop up, and the mags still all work great. it not the most accurate gun ever but it gets pretty nice groups. Overall this is my favorite gun. It will make your enemy's tremble with fear from it's pure awesomeness!
Feels great
Looks amazing ( love the way the front sight disappears)
Feeds good
Comes with everything you need
Nice fps
Pretty accurate
Beautiful gun

The front sight on mine Dosnt flip up on it's own like I should but no big deal
The Barrle on mine was slightly crooked( it's an easy fix though)
The stalk and the fire selector are a little loose but it's not so bad
The orange flash isn't an m4 flash and I can't take it off (it did come with a black one as well)

Overall it's an amazing sexy pice of equiptmemt. If your looking for a good gun for a decent price look no further. You will love it and won't be disappointed
by Arthur C. on 2011-08-14 10:10:40
"I would like to start off by saying that if you are looking for a decent priced but very good M16, then this is it. This thing is full metal (save the nylon grip and stock) and the forward RIS rail is integrated into the top rail making mounting optics very also has a functioning bolt catch, which is pretty cool, but WILL stop working after a week or so, well its not under warranty so... Now another great feature is that it is FULLY AMBITDEXTROUS, meaning the bolt catch, fire selector, and mag realease are on both sides of the gun, so it is excellent for left handed shooters. However, there is a downside to this, if you get a right handed ergonomic grip, it may not fit on beacause of the fire selector on the other side. I made this mistake, and tried to open up the gun to remove the selector switch, and after i had taken out every single screw, bolt, piece i could think of, i still couldnt get the darn thing open, and ended up simply prying off the fire selector on the other side, and now my fire selector is a little wierd, but no biggie.

+Full metal
+Very large rail perfect for mounted accesories
+Retractable stock (hardly any wobble if you tighten the screw inside the buffer tube)
+Excellet performance

-Mags have to be put in at the right angle otherwise they wont stay in. This problem goes away once you get use to the gun

+/-Functioning bolt catch, excellent for realism, but it WILL break
+/-Ambidextrous feature, great for left handed shooters and right handed shooters alike (i am right handed but i use the left handed mag realease, its easier), but all the parts through the gun make it impossible to open up. If anyone has opened it up then i suppose i just missed sumthing small :/

GREAT gun for the money. Buy it if you think your interested, you wont be disapointed
by Caleb J. on 2011-05-10 07:37:18
"I pre-ordered this gun back in February and just got it May 2nd, and let me tell you, it was well worth the wait. Not only is this gun sturdy, but it is also pretty much all around amazing. The way the front sight folds into the rail and disappears is awesome. Most M4's look sorta odd if a barrel extension is added on but not this gun. Put that extension on, a scope, maybe some rail guards and you have one BA gun.

-Nice FPS
-The battery that came with it is better than any other battery I've gotten with a gun
-Feels great
-Flip up sights
-Easy to get to the gearbox
-Bolt catch

-The safety on the right side of mine was loose out of the box.
-Hop-up is a pain to take apart.
-A little bulky

Thats really it. This is an awesome gun. Easy to upgrade for sniping, and will jump you up in the style points.
by James A. on 2011-04-28 19:01:39
"Excellent rifle, worth the price, it comes equipped with one 300-450 round hi-cap metal mag (Mine broke within a week, buy more :P), a cleaning rod, a 9.6V 1100 MaH battery (Nice.), the gun, which is nearly all metal except for some parts on the stock, and the pistol grip which is some material I do not know of (Not plastic nor metal, but high quality and comfortable.). I was pleased with the performance out of the box, but the hopup broke within a few days, I blame myself. After replacing the hopup with one of equal quality, the gun shoots far, accurate, and is excellent for CQB. I recommend for indoor use for best performance but it will work just fine outside.

-Very realistic
-Comes with a good battery
-Comes with an iron sight
-Comes with a magazine
-I bought it on the black friday sale so it was a mere $160!

-Dust Cover breaks easily (They actually have a paper that says that the dust cover is not under warranty, meh.)
-The magazine that came with it and the two "Holy Cow" magazines that I bought broke within a week or two, a quick stop at a local store and the new one works just fine.
-A scope and bipod I found laying around fit wobbly, but do not fall off.
-Stock is slightly wobbly, but I would not expect it to be perfect.
-Feeds well on full and semi auto with good mags.

Overall: Recommended, buy spare mags, play indoors and spray bbs like a mad man. Only rule: Wear a mask even when you aren't shooting it, I nearly shot my eye while giving it some love and care even when the mag was out and it appeared to be on safety! (There was a bb stuck in there and the switch was not turned all the way on safe)

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