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by Evan R. on 2013-06-29 09:27:47
"This gun is absolutely fantastic. I love the full metal body and functioning bolt catch. With some upgrades, this gun is absolutely amazing and can be anyone's DMR

- Full metal
- Functioning bolt catch
- decent internals

- A little heavy
- Tight squeeze for the battery. Maybe replace crane stock?

The only things that I have done to it are changing the hop up and bucking, and getting a 6.01 tightbore (really helps shrink the groupings) . Using a 9.6v intellect battery, this gun is amazing. Can reach huge distances and is very accurate. Highly recommend this gun!
by Charles B. on 2013-06-24 13:16:19
"Awesome gun for the money! I put a g&p m203 and an AIMPIONT red dot and its awesome! The hop up is not so good but otherwise a very solid gun
-Full medal
-400 fps (great for field players)
-upgraded tightbore right out of the box
-sweet rail system
-rear wiring
-excellent internals
-not the best hop up
-heavy with m203
by Evan R. on 2013-06-04 08:29:52
"Really enjoy this gun. The accuracy is very good stock (I would still do some upgrades).

- Nice weight, very balanced
- Full metal
- Functioning bolt catch
- Nice magazine fit
- Very nice feel

- My bolt catch broke, but it might have just been me using it too much.
- The pistol grip is good, but not the best
- Limited room in the crane stock.

Overall, it is a very good weapon out of the box for most people. I have fired over 10000 rounds in it and it has worked perfectly, other than the bolt catch (but i can still access the hop up). I also love the groupings on it. I have a 4x32 scope and it hits the crosshairs every time. Very good gun!
by Ryan C. on 2012-09-25 15:21:24
"Just ordered this gun alongside a -BLAM!- ton of upgrades.

Crane stock for a rear-wired battery
Full metal
M4 has the widest variety of aftermarket upgrades
Looks like a sniper/DMR, but it has a standard 363mm barrel.

You can only fit a 9.6v 1600mAh battery. No larger.
Never did like the stock motor grip ... good thing I got a new one! :D
The crane stock could interfere with sighting down your rifle if your airsoft field demands a full mask ... I recommend a full steel mesh mask, one that's low profile.

This is for my brother, who wanted a DMR-style AEG. So far, it's done pretty good. I recommend it.
by jaime r. on 2012-09-19 09:04:27
"This gun is very very good, its very solid and nothing wobbles. It is way better than the previous gun i had my crappy G&G Combat Machine 16 Raider.

360-370 w/t .23
heavy weight
excellent rate of fire
awesome accurancy
very long

by Matt S. on 2012-09-10 15:55:17
"I just got this in the mail today! This gun is amazing from its externals to its internals. The gun shootings accurately and its shooting at ~390 fps with .20 gram bb's out of the box. Get a 9.6v its works great with it!

Great fps
good weight
Zombie Killer trade marks
Free float ris
Really inexpensive

Wobbly crane stock
Bolt catch comes open a lot even without touching it
Front sight is a pain to pull up

All in all totally worth the money!
by ken j. on 2012-08-14 17:40:27
"Great rifle

solid rifle
shoots great
grood fps
young money

none so far

overall great rifle would recommend it to anyone great for starts and pros
by Jill R. on 2012-07-13 18:17:28
"Great gun. i have had this for about 5-6 months now and like it alot.

Good fps about 380 with .2s
good rof
great range i can out range all my friends on the field
good outer build full metal except grip and stock
lots of rail space for about anything
accurate at long range out of the box
some what easy to disemble

some parts wobble like the stock and barrel but can be tightened
bolt catch will eventually brake but isnt a big deal
selector swith on the right side became loose
the gear box is really hard to get to

if anyone knows how could u post it? maybe im just not good at it idk but i cant figure it out
by Walter C. on 2012-06-13 16:19:38
"Love it!
I got it because it had all the stuff I wanted to put on a M4 carbine build. And it does! The free float ris is awesome, cnc steel, the receiver is very detailed looking like my real AR, the crane stock works like a charm. The amount of details and parts already installed on this gun, will make you not believe it is only $200.

Now, enough about the externals, I am a tech and I have airsofted for over 5 years. I will have to say the gearbox is quite decent. High torque setup with good rate of fire. My chronoed out of the box 395 FPS.

Durability wise, i have had mine for over 3 months now, firing at least 30 hi-cap thru it. No problem at all, and I wouldn't worry since the gun is very easy to work on if I ever strip a gear or something
by kim p. on 2012-05-21 17:56:41
"i have had this gun for a few months. im upset that the outer barrel came loose and the ambidextrous fire selector messed up the other side fire selector. i just had to take the rails off and tighten it up and put some lock tight and some foam from some padding and that fixed it up. the fire selector i took out the ambidextrous side and its a little better.

over all its an ok gun 4/5
by Evan M. on 2012-05-10 16:47:36
"This is one of the best airsoft guns ive ever owned! it did not come with a battery, but came in a gun bag! and it is very protective. also, it came with zombie killer trademarks and it looks beast! i put a scope, pag and bipod and it looks and performs fantastic as a dmr.

fps (around 375 which is perfect. chronoed by me.)
weight (aroung 7 pounds)
looks amazing
rail space
acuracy and range
so much other stuff i wont waste time mentioning:)

rof is a little low but i only use semi auto because i use it as a dmr

thats it and i highly recommend this to anyone. its way better than the vfc version:)
by Joshua M. on 2012-05-09 14:23:48
"This is over all the Best Project gun you can get for $200, it has a very good ROF and can be taken apart in seconds. The internals are all metal and since its matrix you can take comfort in knowing the parts will last. The accuracy is OKAY, its great for mid-range, but not much else. The range is also mid-range but that is due to the fact that the FPS is low, 350 w/ .2's. The holding pins do not screw in and I recommend replacing them ASAP. Also, It does not come with a battery, but it does come with a black birdcage flash hider.

Rate of Fire
URX rail system is one of a kind
Full metal

FPS (350 w/.2s is a con for me)
Range(Mainly due to the FPS, DO NOT buy it expecting a DMR, If so look elsewhere)
No battery
Holding pins(They should be replaced)

Displaying 1 to 12 (of 32 reviews)

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