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Model: AEG-APS-ASR102

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by Ashlyn L. on 2015-09-28 21:04:18
"This gun is a huge hunk of junk. Looks and feels good. Only used it three times and it quit working. Motor in grip was hot only after shooting a half mag. I'm sending it back.

Pros: looks good, good weight.

Cons: waste of money.
stopped working after using it three times for about 200 rounds.
motor in handle gets hot.
by Tyler S. on 2014-08-12 19:28:18
"overall I was happy with the feel of the externals, however the internals I am not sure mostly because the gun did not work. unless you are experienced and like to work on your guns or upgrade them internally right off the bat I do not recommend this gun.
by Rene G. on 2013-12-03 11:18:27
"Great rifle. I love the metal body and the metal RIS. FPS is perfect for CQB. RPS were decent. I say decent because after two indoor games, the front part of the gearbox broke into pieces. I went back to evike, and they were willing to swap the rifle for a new one. How cool is that! I only paid $100 for the gun, since it was on a daily deal, so I decided to keep it. So evike gave me an APS gearbox with quick spring change instead. Again, how awesome are they!! But instead of repairing it, I installed the GHK drop-in GBB kit. It fit perfectly. After a little modding of the mag well, it works great!!! I now have an APS GBB M4. Thank you evike, soooo much for the fantastic customer service. I was going to give it two stars, but Evike's customers service made up for the other three.
by Zachary T. on 2013-08-21 18:20:08
"I would not waste your money on this gun or any other APS blowback gun. Mine broke 4 times within the first month, it came out of the box broken. Every person that gets this gun, it breaks and if yours hasn't broke yet, your really lucky. If your thinking of spending 200$ on an airsoft gun, don't even think about this one. I got my gun a new hop up because mine broke, and got it rewired and it broke the next day at an airsoft war!! basically this gun is not worth it.

looks cool
feels cool

it breaks
not 360-380 fps!! more like 330-340
not very accurate
battery hard to fit in
wobbly mag, stock, front rail, etc.
blowback rattles
hop up
by Neil M. on 2013-07-13 11:49:25
"Gun is complete crap, stock and ris is lose, mags wobble to the point of no return. Internals sucks, sounds like the gun is gonna break every time it shoots.Not worth uprading because the externals suck too.
by Daniel O. on 2013-07-11 16:36:43
"Got this yesterday, and..... broken. Put maybe 30 rounds through it before it just stopped functioning all together.(are you seeing a trend here?) But I am sending it back to for repairs. Hopefully it will be up and running soon.

Externals are awesome
Nice weight and feel
The 30 rounds i did get to fire were nice
WAS only $99
Did not work after 30 shots
apparently the EBB system is poorly designed and strips the bolt.
Essentially a tactical paper weight right now

It seems like you are far more likely to get a non-functioning model than one that actually works. I bought this AEG when it was over half off for a daily door buster. Now that its back at $200, I find VERY difficult to recommend. The fact is that even if this gun performed miraculously, it wouldn't matter with reliability issues this severe. Keeping that in mind there are several similar, and indeed, far superior options in the $200 price range. I would recommend that you stay far away from this particular model.
by Tyler S. on 2013-07-10 13:01:40
"Honestly for the 500 shots i had it it was great and i loved it but it WILL BREAK be aware. get it fixed and its once again a great gun.

Full Metal Externals (stock is plastic)
The BlowBack is a unique feature (suggest to disable it to prevent damage to Piston and Gear box)
the weight is great (6 something pounds)
5 position stock (different look then any other M4)
Great iron sights

one ugly gearbox w/ alot of orange plastic
going to break
wobble w/ stock mag
plastic tip

hope this helps, just get it fixed if you like the gun like i did
by Devon M. on 2013-07-05 21:53:45
"when i received it, it was broken indeed...
-wiring harness
- bushing

upgrades that it really needs to be good
-full metal hop up
-full metal tooth piston
-new spring guide

-low res wiring
-metal nozzle
-anti-reversal latch (amazing! if you're a tec you know how they love to pop out of place, this will never do it with the new spring design)
-full metal body
-nice stock motor

-needs new internal parts before you can even use it and trust it for a day
-barrel is clockwise
-ALOT of orange plastic for the internals
-removing the obly catch is fairly difficult
by Larry G. on 2013-07-01 20:53:31
"I got this gun a week ago and I have been putting this gun through a stress test I has been working very well, but ill just get to the pros and con's.

Heavy weight (I like heavy guns)
Good fps
Awesome blowback
Good for cqb
I could go on for a while with the pro's

The mag it comes with is Is wobbly in the mag well
I says use a small type battery DON'T use a numchuck
Some of the paint scratches Easley

But this gun is over all a good gun I would recommend buying it.
by Alex W. on 2013-06-29 05:11:01
"First off this gun is great! some reviews say that the gun comes broken but mine did not which was good. this gun has a ton of great qualities. the gun feels realistic due to the metal design. the blow back makes it feel real somewhat. they say it takes 8.4v but 9.6v do just fine. the space for the battery is a little tight so butterfly batteries are recommended. the slot for the magazine is very spacious which does make the mags wobbly when you put them in. this can be fixed with tape on the mags or in the magazine slot. all around this gun is great i highly recommend it to everyone.

Realistic feel weight and blow back
great fps
plenty of rails for accessories
easily accessed hop up
DID not come broken

lot of space in the magazine slot (can be fixed)
front is a little wobbly ( not much to really tell)
if your new to air soft guns kinda hard to disassemble (not to bad)
by Kenny D. on 2013-06-24 21:07:00
"I was able to get mine today, and the gun itself came out pretty good for CQB, decent rate of fire with an 8.4v battery, HIGHLY requires a nunchuck/butterfly style battery, and FPS. It clearly made it through a good long run for one day so far, so this is a great starting full metal M4 with blowback action. Though, my only issue is that insert for the magazine has a big space, causing the magazines to be wobbly, but still feeds just fine. It can be fixed though by either putting tape within the insert or just put tape on all of your magazines.

Decent rate of fire with 8.4v battery, better with 9.6v
FPS came out good on 340-350 FPS with .2g BBs
Great metal body with a lightweight feel
Battery space is spacious enough for most nunchuck/butterfly
Blowback action is powerful and hard hitting

Requires a nunchuck/butterfly type battery(not really a con, but can be a concern)
Magazine insert is really wide, making magazines wobbly(can be fixed with tape)
Thick sling mount on stock(can be a concern for small sling hooks)
by John G. on 2013-03-14 03:59:18
"First of it took me 3 months after buying it just to be able to use it. When i got it it was broken so i sent it back. when i got it back it shot one mag and broke again. after 70 dollars spent to get it fixed at a local store it finally works. It is a great gun now that i got it fixed.

.25 390 fps
nice blowback
good accuracy
nice metal body

came broken
bright black finnish

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