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G&G Combat Machine 16 Raider Airsoft AEG Rifle - Tan (Package: Gun Only)

37 Customer Reviews

by Alex S. on 08/31/2012
"G&G CM 16 Raider

What do I like about it?
-Good quality for the price
-FPS 340 (Crono at SC Viper)
-Iron sights
-Crane Stock fits Battery without issues
-Lighter due to non metal receiver
-Metal sling mount
-Rail Space

What do I not like?
-G&G brand mags miss-feed often
-Mags need pressure toward the front of the gun in order for no miss-feeds
-High Cap Jammed one 2nd week, easy fix, no more issues
-Rails are not metal
-Charging Handle is boring and has no function
-Dust Cover is not easy to pull down.

Buy it or not?
Go ahead and buy it if you are new but still want to be competitive. If you have the money, buy a more higher end model or brand of AEG
by Vincent L. on 06/03/2012
-Great finish
-Awesome gun

-Wobbly mag
-Bad accuracy on full auto

Overall, great gun! Its not expensive for a nice AEG, but it has some minor problems. You get what you pay for, right?
by Jill K. on 05/09/2012
"This gun is really amazing. It came really quick in the mail, within 2 days when i ordered it on friday night.
Great Finish
Shoots Great
Overall Great Gun

Flash Hider is the hardest thing to take off, way overglued
Barrel and RIS is very confusing and must tighten screw near gas block and triangle sight otherwise the circular disc slides down the Rails.
Gonna be a pain to put new outer barrel and rails on the gun but otherwise this is a gun that is much better than the price may say.
by Denis O. on 04/27/2012
"This is a great gun for your money. its accurate and the externals are rock solid. this isnt your standard ABS plastic. My only complaints are the charging handle, the motor, and the front sight.(continue for info on these)
by Brooks D. on 04/11/2012
"Amazing gun. I run it with a 9.6v 1600mAh and the ROF is amazing! Accuracy is very satisfying. Love everything about it. I say get it NOW!

Amazing Rate of Fire
Good FPS
Good for CQB and Field
Awesome looking
Great Accuracy

None whatsoever!
by Maryanne S. on 03/15/2012
"Superb gun, got it yesterday and it rocks!! I would definitly get some G&G BBs with it because they make the gun super accurate.

Great Accuracy (depending on the quality bb)
Good FPS
Great Polymer Body
Will Not Break dont think just because it is plastic means it will break becuase it wont especially with G&G internals

Wobbly Charging Handle
Non-Functional Charging Handle
Wobbly Magwel(not a big deal)
by Jimmy K. on 12/28/2011
"For anybody looking for a nice, cheap, and affordable aeg, this is the gun to buy. The only problem notable is the magwell; the mags do wobble a bit. An easy fix to this problem is wrapping the top of your mags with tape. Overall, amazing firearm.
by Kim S. on 12/15/2011
"Just got this gun last week. Accurate at reasonable range, good fps, seems very sturdy (except for the charging handle, it was a little wobbly) Very affordable and can be upgraded easily. Get it, love it, buy it.

Sexy looking
Retractable Stock

Charging Handle
Wobbly Mags
by Kelly P. on 10/02/2011
"One of the most reliable easiest to use guns out there. Very light but somehow provides a very solid construction. I am a huge fan of G&G and this is the finest AEG ive ever owned. One greif however...G&G.....Fix your magwells. I hate wobbly mags.

Pros: Superb gun. Easy to use. Fun. Almost flawless.

Cons: Wobblyyy magwelll }X
by Robin S. on 09/08/2011
"It is a wonderful gun i love its great fps and sounds kinda like a full auto

Easy To Pull Mags Out
Great Rear Sight

Wobbly Mags
Some Times Battery Is Hard To Get In The Stock
And The Stock is hard to get to positions with battery in

But Overall Best Gun I ever had And is a STEAL for 140
by Alec W. on 07/12/2011
"I got this gun as a Christmas gift and I was very happy. The body is plastic, but this is the highest quality plastic I've seen. Its got a high rate of fire and has a very nice feel to it. It is also easily upgradeable.

- Durable plastic
- Nice feel
- Generally light and mobile

- The front part of the outer barrel comes with a loose hex screw. You have to take the front end apart to fix it, but if you get it right the first time, you shouldn't have to do it again

Over all I really enjoyed this gun.
by Michael M. on 02/16/2011
"The guns great, its very high quality for a $140 AEG.


Nice finish
Smooth gearbox
No misfeeds yet
Sights are top grade
Accurate, it can hit a human sized target with acceptable force from 175 - 200 ft away


Mags wobble
Some trouble with the stock getting it to 1 position with battery in
outer barrel assembaly fell off, can fix with electrical tape or super glue
front sight is fixed to the outer barrel, so you need to buy another without front sight to put red dot .
dust cover does not open when charging handle is pulled

All in all, its a steal for 140 bucks.
by Jason A. on 12/17/2010
"I received this rifle today in the "Christmas" edition of the box of awesomeness that runs every so often. This wil be a present for my son. We both do a lot of MILSIM and have several rifles. One disappointment is not getting a battery with the rifle so the $10 dollar savings difference in the weapon in this form will be swallowed up by getting the battery from a local airsoft retailer.

Fit and finish:

The weapon including the RIS is plastic, so this will be a very light weapon. I believe it would be good for younger players that always complain about how heavy their weapon is. Crane Stock is solid and the buttplate locks in tightly. Flashhider has a piece missing out of it but is of little consequence because I am sure it will be removed or painted.

The super box of awesomeness also included a stress reliever grenade, an evike ballcap and two bags of BB's. I believe the coolest thing we got is a bunch of codes for getting discounts on items when I purchase them through evike.

Overall I am quite happy with taking the plunge on one of these boxes. I believe my son will like it and that I will continue to be a loyal shopper
by Julio L. on 12/13/2010
"Great m4

High rate of fire

fps hit 346 constantly

Mag wobbles because its a hi cap and is longer than usual
Thats it

I bought an m203 and its beast very gooid and affordabkle aeg
by Hunter H. on 05/10/2016
"This gun shoots well out of the box, and has a sturdy build. There were only two problems that I immediately found.

1. There was a huge chunk missing from the orange flash hider. Probably a shipping issue.
2. The charging handle feels like it is going to fall off.

I am going to take this gun to the field in a few days in order to get a full review.
Seems like a solid starting AEG.