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Pre-Order ETA July 2017 G&G Combat Machine 16 Raider Airsoft AEG Rifle - Black (Package: Gun Only)

66 Customer Reviews

by alex d. on 06/13/2011
"This is a great gun. I am ordering mine today but my friend has it in tan. From 100 feet this thing almost mate me bleed! it has a very good ROF if you get the Intellect 9.6v Small Type 1600 mAh Airsoft Battery Pack (Butterfly Configuration). Other good things about it is it has the awesome G&G internals and amazing FPS. Another thing i like is it comes in TAN(but that's just me). If you are a beginner/advanced player looking for an awesomely awesome gun for a great price, this is the gun for you. Just pick up some .20g BB's, smart charger, battery, and some Midcaps(i highly despise HI-Caps and hope you will learn to if you don't already) and your good to go!


Great ROF
Great FPS
G&G internals
Relatively Cheap


None so far!
by Logan C. on 06/01/2011
"Literally got this gun like 30 mins ago unpacked it and adapted it with my external battery (mini type) battery is only an 8.4v but the ROF is so amazing. The range on this is very very good for the fps and all and the accuracy is literally almost as good as my sniper. I would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this gun to a beginner or a more advanced player like myself honestly the best AEG i've owned! GREAT GUN!!!!
by Thu L. on 03/13/2011
"This gun is very awesome! has a nice polymer body and is very smooth
kinda confusing on the battery because this is my first crane stock i recommend this gun to almost any lvl from pros to beginners
only really complaint is that the charging handle doesnt open the hatch for the hopup

Accuracy is excellent
FPS is awesome
the feel of it is just oh man... its awesome....
quality or the built of this gun is amazing
nice RIS rail system looks very nice on the gun and if u add a red dot BAM!!

Body can be scratched
My front outer barrel (fron the front sight to the flash hider) came off very easily. This can be fixed by unscrewing two allen screws on the top of the RIS and sliding a metal cap down into the RIS. then tighten two smaller allen screws on either side of the barrel. after that slide the cap back to the front of the RIS and reinstall the two screws.


ALRIGHT in addition ... YOU HAVE!! to buy this mag..
It is a must have it fits the gun perfectly and has like NO WOBBLE
i tried out other mags for this gun and its wobbly as heck and sometimes doesnt even feed but that mag is just cool man... its awesome
by Jake M. on 01/30/2011
"this is a great gun! the Fps is very good, around 350, awesome for cqb as well as field. is very accurate and its range is awesome. the mag that comes with it is pretty good. it wobble a little. its hard to wear a full face mask, even if it is low profile and aim down the sights because of the extended stock for the battery. i bought a 9.6 1600 and it rof is pretty fast. the battery compartment is hard to get open but you get use to it.

very accurate
polymer plastic (some might consider this bad but i think its as tough as any metal

battery alittle loose
hard to aim down sights with full mask

buy this gun!!
by Derrick F. on 01/25/2011
"This gun is sooo beast! I freakin love it. At first i wanted the jg m4 s system but the guy at my local airsoft shop said that the insides (motor, springs, etc) were not very good and recommened this and i trusted his judgement and im glad i did.
nice weight
great rof
adjustable back iron sight
crane stock rocks
mag hols alot of bbs
rail system
wobbly mag
Overall great for beginners or advanced players. GET THIS GUN!!!!!!
by Howard E. on 01/24/2011
"I got my GR-16 Raider about a week ago, but my battery just got in today. I charged it and went outside to test it out. I was impressed by how high the rate of fire was. I cant say too much about the accuracy because it was dark outside when I was testing it, but when I could aim it was spot on. I really like the Nylon Fiber body. From a distance you would think it was metal, however it is prone to minor scratching. I also like the 450 round Hi-cap the gun came with. 100 more that your ordinary 350 round Hi-cap. I dont have a chronograph but I always hear that it shoots about 330-350 which is good for me because the field I play at has minimal engagement disstances.

High ROF
Nice polymer body (lightweight)
Average FPS
Same gearbox as the G&G Proline guns

Body can be scratched
My front outer barrel (fron the front sight to the flash hider) came off very easily. This can be fixed by unscrewing two allen screws on the top of the RIS and sliding a metal cap down into the RIS. then tighten two smaller allen screws on either side of the barrel. after that slide the cap back to the front of the RIS and reinstall the two screws.
Those are all my cons.

I deffinately recomend and props to for processing my order the day after and not forgetting to ship my battery after it came off pre-order
by bob s. on 01/24/2011
"this gun rox!!!!!!! the ris is plastic but feels strong shoots good
feels good
shoots good
crane stock
everything else!!!

this gun is beast
by lee j. on 01/23/2011
"I give this gun five out of five. It's great. Very High performance. Light weight, good accuracy; it is all around a great gun for airsoft wars. the body of the gun is metal. the barrel, of course is metal and the tube in the back for the move able stock is metal.
It come with iron sights made of metal.
No battery though- I suggest the 9.6 volt butterfly battery.
The clip is a metal high capassity, around 500 rd(0.2 g)
The gun is amazing and with the price it's a steal.
I completely recommend that you buy the gun.
by Robert E. on 01/21/2011
"Great gun. Deff worth the money. high ROF good FPS. comfortable weight to it. well balanced
by Connor P. on 01/18/2011
"got this gun at the begginning of the month and waited until i played with it untill i reviewed it.
I dont think theres a big difference in internals between the RIS and normal combat machine m4s, so look at those for a good performance review. The light weight is great for if you want to attach a lot to the rails and the stock is comfortable when you aim down the sights. you MUST get a butterfly battery, it goes in the stock and nothing else will fit. The only downside to the combat machine m4 is the low FPS, but otherwise all around good. the mags wobbles but you should get a grip of some sort ecause rails are irritating to hold

tons of rails
better externals than chinese AEGs

low FPS
battery is hard to get out

remember to get a holy cow deal with the gun
by sarah w. on 01/01/2011
"This gun is amazing for the price! It is just A Combat Machine, M4 with a RIS System, crane stock, and a different pistol grip, but it feels like a whole different gun. My friend got the regular Combat Machine, and when I told him I was going to get this he was so mad, becuase I was paying the same price for so much more. I give it 5 stars, because this is the best deal ever for the price. Even though the RIS system is plastic, its better than nothing, and still gets the job done.
by Robert E. on 12/17/2010
"Well its just rolled in off the UPS truck, and let me tell you. I've never felt more comfortable with any AEG. This gun is so flush. I did a tiny firing test with the few shots i got off of it before the battery died and the ROF was fairly well with a dead battery. The gun its self is loud surprisingly, and kinda heavy.
by William P. on 06/01/2016
"Perfect Starter Gun!!!
This is the third airsoft gun I have bought and third time is the charm. I bought this gun a few months ago and boy is this gun OP. Great FPS, Shipped relatively fast, and light weight.


Pros: Light Weight, Comes with a ton of free stuff (mag, ammo, cleaner, etc.), Shoots fast when putting the right battery in (I use lipo and it works great), Doesn't take too long to understand the concept of the gun

Cons: The mag is flawed and doesn't shoot about 20 rounds, my gun got shipped with a chipped orange tip (I didn't mind), The trigger to release the hopup is broken so I have to open it up manually

by Rivers W. on 09/03/2015
"i got this gun a few weeks ago and out of the box it looked amazing I origanlly wanted an elite force m4 but I am so glad I ended up with this it is made of a plastic that almost feeks like metal and the rails are very well made the only issue I had was that the gun shot horribly left and even with the rear sight completely to one side the gun was still off but other that that a great gun no wobble and is perfectly balanced I wish that G&G would add a working dust cover so its easier to access the hop up and add a folding front sight because it gets in the way of my red dot but its a great gun but I would save and get the a new outer and inner barrel but that's just me
by Mao G. on 08/22/2014
"Ignore my moms name lol. This gun is amazing, shoots amazing, looks awesome, feels great.

Already sighted for 100ft
Polymer is now a pro for me (Con for others)
Flash Hider isn't glued

Motor overheats after a mag (Im guessing its the 9.6v battery, it's a lil high volt and I guess that overheats the motor.
Nothing else, so far.....