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Pre-Order ETA June 2018 G&G Combat Machine 16 Raider Airsoft AEG Rifle (Package: Black / Gun Only)

116 Customer Reviews

by Nicholas S. on 05/18/2018
"In advance, sorry about the lengthy review. This is my experience with the CM16 Raider AEG.

Bought this recently. I wanted to try the famed combat machine series. The feel of the rifle is as I expected from G&G - it's sturdy, well-built, and has no wobble. No complaints there - I like their polymer builds very much, and it has metal in the right places to give it a good balance. Fresh out of the box, I put in a 9.6v, loaded to magazine with .2g bbs and the accuracy was unreal. I was reaching out past 150 feet accurately on my targets with minimal hop-up adjustment. No other gun I have owned has EVER reached 150 feet that easily, and I have owned rifles well over $200 to $300. I selected a flat hop as my free gift, didn't even need to install it! The stock hop-up is incredible without upgrades!

That trigger pull is satisfying and crisp, and the sound it makes when firing - it's actually pretty quiet compared to most AEGs, like a dampened pop. The trigger response is great, too!
I don't have a second aperture sight. It's like they forgot to puncture the smaller sight, but no big deal, I don't use the smaller aperture sight on ar-platform AEGs.
The fire rate is indeed slower at roughly 680 rounds a minute on a 9.6v, but for a stock G&G motor, that's good, and that's a fair fire rate. Just don't abuse the Automatic fire mode, or you could burn out your trigger contacts.
There is a built-in fuse box appears to use 30mm fuses. They're available on EVIKE, whereas other places do not seem to carry them.
The fire selector is really crisp and clicks nicely into place! No slop at all!

I am a veteran player, and this so-called beginner gun has completely blown me away with it's performance and quality. I have only owned it for a short while, but it has already become my favorite out of my entire arsenal. Just call me a G&G fanboy now. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed!
by Kolton U. on 03/25/2018
"I REALLY, REALLY love this gun. It performs as if it were a top brand like Krytac and KWA. BUT, that is because I bought a new inner barrel, Angel Custom to be exact, that was like 100 mm longer than the stock one, and it was a 6.01 tightbore. It shoots like a laser.

Quality of externals
Quality of externals

Cons :
Sometimes it sounds like a dying horse, all you need is a fresh battery
If you kit it out like daddy's old Chevy, it can get kinda heavy (That rhymed btw)
the muzzle brake is a piece of pain to remove (Its a pin)
You dont have one!
by Raymond B. on 03/17/2018
"This was my first airsoft gun and I must say Wow!! This thing has held up with absolutely no issues. Itís a wonderful starter gun 370-400 you will compete well starting off. Terrific gun!!!
by Aaron L. on 03/06/2018
"Exactly what i was wanting ! Beautiful and powerful gun. Well worth the money !
by Nathan K. on 01/28/2018
"Received this gun only 2 days after ordering! The way the Evike team packaged the items i ordered was amazing and protected the items from damage during the shipping process.
This gun is has an amazing feel. This is my second G&G CM and i have to say that i am once again not disappointed in any way. Although the upper and lower are polymer it has a great feel and nice weight to it. Motor cycles well and hop up came ready to roll with no adjustments. G&G comes through with a solid design for the field. Tons of ability to upgrade in the future.
Couldn't be more happy with this gun.
by anthony b. on 08/09/2017
"great gun for anyone just getting into airsoft, cheap and very reliable would recommend 10/10 times.
by Grant M. on 08/04/2017
"This was my first "real" airsoft gun, and I've had it for the better part of two and a half years. I have very few things bad to say about it, and I would reccomend it to anyone looking for a quality beginner gun, or a project gun for an advanced player. I'll start with the quality of the gun's reciever and other external parts. I've dropped this thing on rocks multiple times and recieved nothing more than a few scratches, and a little flex in the upper reciever. For a polymer gun this is great, and I wouldn't worry about the gun if you dropped it. The rail system droops a little when you have attachments piled on it, but not by much. I fixed it by having a riser between the top rail on the reciever, and the top rail on the rail system, with a scope attached, and a rear BUIS. The front sight is a pain, but you can buy outer barrels without it so not much of an issue, a riser is another solution. The gun performs great out of the box. I always run 9.6v's and the gun shot 330-340 fps with a .25 the first day. As with any gun, the internals never stay perfect, and currently I get 290 fps with a 0.25, but this is after tens of thousands of rounds being put through it, and average use weekly for the past two and a half years. The rate of fire is good for a stock gun as well. Overall I would highly reccomend this to any beginner player looking to get into the hobby, or as I said a project gun for a more experienced player.
by Nehemiah T. on 07/31/2017
"ok i just got the gun 3 days back and it is the best thing i have to this day

fps in the 360 to 400
it looks nice
comes with all the stuff i need
v2 gear box!
good stock for 9.6v
it is g&g

no bad all good

it is a good
by Nehemiah T. on 07/31/2017
"ok i just got the gun 3 days back and it is the best thing i have to this day

fps in the 360 to 400
it looks nice
comes with all the stuff i need
v2 gear box!
good stock for 9.6v
it is g&g

no bad all good

it is a good
by Anthony G. on 07/24/2017
"just amazing no other words needed
by Noah T. on 06/22/2017
"Very good gun for beginner/intermediate players. The gun is shooting around 350-60 FPS with .25s and i use it at an outdoor feild. The gun is good in close range to medium range fire fights. As of right now the gun still has a stock interior with a laser light combo, red dot and a stubby grip and works very good for the woodland and town theme feild that I go to. the mags im curently using are 190 rd BAMF mid caps. i Highly recomend getting the smart charger and battery package.

-fairly good fps, range and ROF
-ajustable stock and removable rear sight
-looks nice with the attachments that I have equiped.
-front sight is not removable
-front rail and stock are a tiny bit wobbly, but belive me you cant really notice it.

other than that a really good gun for beginner players trying to get into the hobby. hoped my comment helped
by florian B. on 05/19/2017
"I've had this gun for almost a year and it's a trooper. I've dopped it in puddles and mud, picked it up and kept going. This gun is just a reliable, strong, and over all a great gun to have.
by Tim W. on 04/28/2017
"I got one of these back in February (3 months ago now) from a local brick and mortar store, and couldn't be happier with it. I want to point out a few things that people should be aware of, but make it a point to clarify that I in no way feel that these things diminish the value this gun brings to the table.

First off, do NOT clean this inner barrel with it installed in your hop-up chamber. It is FAR too easy to break the back end of the bucking, and lead to your needing to replace it.
Note: if it starts to apear your hop-up is doing nothing to adjust your shot, this is the cause. Had to fix mine after a week. If this doesn't correct it, Ive read it could be the little nub being missing, but I have yet to see or hear of it personally.

Second, G&G makes a very affordable "front half" outer barrel replacement that is very easy to install and allows the removal of both the front iron sight (provided as a removable piece if you decide to keep using it) and allows for a different muzzle break other than the orange plastic stock one, which is the reason I purchased it myself.

Third, if your having b.b. loading issues, you need to be firm with how you load the magazine. Don't abuse the thing, but you need to load this thing with some authority. I have occasionally had to give it an extra slap on the bottom of the mag once loaded to get it to feed properly. Not sure if this is an issue at the hop-up or the mag, but given the reviews Ive seen on the provided high-cap mag, Id lean that way.

All in all, I did a LOT of research before buying that lead to my purchase, and I can honestly say I was not at all disappointed.
by Stephen S. on 04/21/2017
"Great AEG for a starting point.

Mine arrived with a chip out of the blaze orange flash hider, but the box overall had a dent in it that seems to have caused it. Shipping wasn't entirely gentle. But I've already ordered a replacement barrel and flash hider, so I'm not worried about it

Obviously intended as a starter gun, and my first M4 (though not my first airsoft gun by far). I picked this up to get back into airsoft after about 4 years out of playing while I rebuild as much of my DE UMG as I can. (It built some rust and needs rewired)

While a lot of this gun is polymer, it does have a nice mix of metal and I think it'll last quite some time as is. I definitely recommend this as the go to M4 under $200 or as any starter's rifle.
by Marcus G. on 04/19/2017
"This is the first airsoft gun with recommendations from a friend, and it has quickly become the only hobby I need!
The only thing I wish was different is the front sights; it doesn't look like it can be removed.