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Pre-Order ETA August 2017 G&G Combat Machine 16 Raider Airsoft AEG Rifle (Package: Black / Gun Only)

103 Customer Reviews

by Noah T. on 06/22/2017
"Very good gun for beginner/intermediate players. The gun is shooting around 350-60 FPS with .25s and i use it at an outdoor feild. The gun is good in close range to medium range fire fights. As of right now the gun still has a stock interior with a laser light combo, red dot and a stubby grip and works very good for the woodland and town theme feild that I go to. the mags im curently using are 190 rd BAMF mid caps. i Highly recomend getting the smart charger and battery package.

-fairly good fps, range and ROF
-ajustable stock and removable rear sight
-looks nice with the attachments that I have equiped.
-front sight is not removable
-front rail and stock are a tiny bit wobbly, but belive me you cant really notice it.

other than that a really good gun for beginner players trying to get into the hobby. hoped my comment helped
by florian B. on 05/19/2017
"I've had this gun for almost a year and it's a trooper. I've dopped it in puddles and mud, picked it up and kept going. This gun is just a reliable, strong, and over all a great gun to have.
by Tim W. on 04/28/2017
"I got one of these back in February (3 months ago now) from a local brick and mortar store, and couldn't be happier with it. I want to point out a few things that people should be aware of, but make it a point to clarify that I in no way feel that these things diminish the value this gun brings to the table.

First off, do NOT clean this inner barrel with it installed in your hop-up chamber. It is FAR too easy to break the back end of the bucking, and lead to your needing to replace it.
Note: if it starts to apear your hop-up is doing nothing to adjust your shot, this is the cause. Had to fix mine after a week. If this doesn't correct it, Ive read it could be the little nub being missing, but I have yet to see or hear of it personally.

Second, G&G makes a very affordable "front half" outer barrel replacement that is very easy to install and allows the removal of both the front iron sight (provided as a removable piece if you decide to keep using it) and allows for a different muzzle break other than the orange plastic stock one, which is the reason I purchased it myself.

Third, if your having b.b. loading issues, you need to be firm with how you load the magazine. Don't abuse the thing, but you need to load this thing with some authority. I have occasionally had to give it an extra slap on the bottom of the mag once loaded to get it to feed properly. Not sure if this is an issue at the hop-up or the mag, but given the reviews Ive seen on the provided high-cap mag, Id lean that way.

All in all, I did a LOT of research before buying that lead to my purchase, and I can honestly say I was not at all disappointed.
by Stephen S. on 04/21/2017
"Great AEG for a starting point.

Mine arrived with a chip out of the blaze orange flash hider, but the box overall had a dent in it that seems to have caused it. Shipping wasn't entirely gentle. But I've already ordered a replacement barrel and flash hider, so I'm not worried about it

Obviously intended as a starter gun, and my first M4 (though not my first airsoft gun by far). I picked this up to get back into airsoft after about 4 years out of playing while I rebuild as much of my DE UMG as I can. (It built some rust and needs rewired)

While a lot of this gun is polymer, it does have a nice mix of metal and I think it'll last quite some time as is. I definitely recommend this as the go to M4 under $200 or as any starter's rifle.
by Marcus G. on 04/19/2017
"This is the first airsoft gun with recommendations from a friend, and it has quickly become the only hobby I need!
The only thing I wish was different is the front sights; it doesn't look like it can be removed.
by David B. on 03/19/2017
"Here Is my honest review, If you don't want to read through it I'll leave a Pro/Con list at the bottom.
I'll also leave the product codes for the upgrades I used on my gun.
I bought this CM16 Raider as my way back into airsofting. This gun is probably the best gun for beginners or people who are trying to practice taking apart an airsoft gun and upgrading it. Something that surprised me when I opened the gun was it was clean, lubed and already had shims on it. I just added some .01 shims to get the gears in the optimal position. My orange tip had a huge chunk broken off and was no where inside the manufacturer box, nor the shipping box. Somewhere between getting to me someone must've seen that or my gun was a return. Maybe that's why It came shimmed... The external barrel is metal with -14mm threading, but the front sight can't be taken off. If you want to use a sight you will need to use a riser or get a new external barrel to get rid of the front sight. The hand rail is polymer, but everything in the front is very sturdy and secure. It has a mock gas tube which does nothing so I just removed it. The internal barrel is good, you can get a tightbore if you want, but you don't need to. The hop-up is plastic, so definitely upgrade this. The bucking is good too, I bought the promy purple to install and honestly you can just use the green bucking it comes with if you're going to flat hop. the high-cap mag it comes with fits perfect with no wobble and I haven't had any feeding issues. My buddy gave me some cheap mid-cap mags they have a little wobble, but have no feeding issues. The receiver is also polymer, but again very well built. The rear sight is not bad and can be removed. For the internals the motor provides an ok ROF and does begin to get warm after shooting through two mid-cap mags. You might want to by a better one. The wiring is well managed and the gears are metal. The trigger has a good response, but a pain in the butt to put back in when closing the gearbox. The entire piston is plastic, but well made. This might be something worth upgrading. I believe the spring is an m110, I was shooting 370-380 fps with .20 bb's and the accuracy was good. I'm using .25 bb's now to get the groupings closer, with just a slight loss in fps. I think it's worth it and I would leave the spring alone. Just be careful putting the gearbox back together the trigger, spring and anti-reversal latch like to keep popping out. lastly, the stock is plastic and has an insert to help the battery stay in place, but I just took it out because it was just interfering. The battery and smart charger makes for a great package as well I would highly recommend it. The high cap mag it comes with fits so perfect in the mag well, but running with it will alert enemies a mile away I would buy some cheap mid- cap mags. Overall, an amazing gun for a great price.

- Great platform for upgrading.
- Out of the box FPS and accuracy.
- Weight of the gun
- rate of fire
- Pricing
- Well built and put together

- Gearbox is alittle tricky to put back together
- My orange tip was broken
- Front sight is annoying
- The motor gets warm after shooting through two mid-cap mags

Upgrades I got so far.
- 40058 (HU-PW-M4) This is the ProWin hop up I got to replace the plastic one. I would highly recommend to get this with the free girt the gun offers.
- 31081 (BU-Prom-Soft) This is the bucking I got to flat hop, but the green one it comes with works just as well. Just be careful taking it out and wash the glue off the bucking.
-50965 (ACC-Bravo-MWG-Black) I got this mag well grip, because I like having the gun tight to my body. Doesn't interfere with the magazines.
- 24722 (FH001-N) This is the flash hider I got it looks the same as the orange flash hider, but just metal.
- I bought a riser at a local airsoft store, but I would recommend you buy your scope first to see how much you need to raise it up.

I'll update this as I get more upgrades.
by john h. on 12/22/2016
"very good air soft gun for the money
by Sam L. on 11/11/2016
"I just received this gun a week ago, and to start off, its awesome. I bought a red dot scope with it too but that's not really needed.
Heavy (con for some)
Hasn't jammed once
large mag
Looks awesome
Fire rate

had none
by Teri C. on 10/28/2016
"I got this back in June and have probably put 10,000 rounds through it. I highly recommend this to any new player or someone wanting a good stock rifle to upgrade.

Fps about 360-370
Plenty of rail space
Good rate of fire with a 9.4 v butterfly
Decent range

High cap sucks
Battery is awkward to put in
Front iron sight is not removable so you need to buy a riser for any optics you put on.

Other than those few cons it is a great gun. I highly recommend it
by Pat C. on 09/03/2016
"Perfect Starter Weapon! For the only and new! I'm not gonna name any pro's and con's for you though, people have already done that 50+ times in the review section.

A few notices:
Front sight fixed into outer barrel (sadly)
The rail isn't always going to be your friend, but it still works with many accessories, only had a problem with two sights.

A Good notice: Gearbox was extremely easy to disassemble, only required a Philips (+) screw driver to get it open.
by Norma B. on 07/07/2016
"The CM16 raider is a top notch starting gun. When I took out the gun from the box. I instantly felt satisfied with the build quality and the high strength polymer. I have not used a lipo on the gun yet and do not know the rpm but with a 9.6 it's pretty good. The range on the gun is 100-150 feet out of the box. The flashhider comes with a cool little notch on it to easily twist it off (take out the pin and put the end over a stove for 10-15 seconds then twist off). It also comessage with a full Metal gear box.

High strength polymer
Good starter gun
Shoots 100-150 feet
Good accuracy


It feels like the charging handle will be leak off if you pull it hard enough
Stock is a bit wobbly
That's about it

(P.S add a 363 madbull 6.01 tight bore barrel, and a new bucking.)
Thanks for reading this review
by Joseph S. on 06/12/2016
"Now, This was the first Airsoft gun I've bought. I bought it at a retailer so I payed around 200$ for it. However I'm an amateur and I don't use this in competitions or big events but I do use it sometimes on the weekends with my buds. That being Said It has thus been dubbed "The GOD GUN" It's pretty obvious why. 400FPS automatic that coming at someone wearing a T-shirt and Jeans, its scary. Would Definetly reccommend this gun to people looking for something intimidating, fast, and powerful.
by Gage F. on 06/09/2016
"If you can't already tell by the tons of reviews, this gun is fantastic. performs like a dream and is a perfect starter gun. It's completely upgradable and easy to work on, so if you're just getting into modding or airsoft in general, this is a great gun to start getting used to be the mechanics and looking into upgrade options such as different barrels, motors, etc. I was fairly new to the sport when I bought this and after a year of owning it I've transformed it to a beast with the amount of parts i've put into it. It's completely up to you how you want to outfit this weapon and no matter what you do it performs great. I have it as a DMR type rifle now and I'm competing close with a bunch of my friends who use M-14's and other rifles specifically made to be DMRs. If you're having any doubts about buying this gun just buy it. However if you have more money on your hands you can definitely buy something higher quality as with most guns. This is specifically made for beginner/intermediate players so don't be surprised if it's not 100% perfect without putting some money and time into making some upgrades.

-Lightweight. Pounds equals pain on the field, and this is perfect for long games.
-Modular. Literally countless possibilities as with any M4 platform.
-Performance. Great straight out of the box. Was shooting around 380 when I first got it.
-Reliable. Little to no issues since I've owned it. If any they were easy fixes. YouTube is your friend.
-Maintenance. Easy and seeminly limitless resources for fixes and parts.
-Bad ass

-If you're looking to take off the front sight it's impossible unless you take off the outer barrel. G&G seems to be he only company that makes front sights like this. It's not a overly complicated task, but more than likely you will need to buy a different rail system to fit on just about any other barrel you hope to buy.
-The flash hider does come off believe it or not. You have to let it sit in boiling water to unsettle the glew used to keep it on the threads. Just remove the pin with a punch and it should thread off.
-Over time the outer barrel piece with the front sight has become slightly loose but it's barely noticeable.
by Norma B. on 05/16/2016
"This gun is amazing. Right out of the box I had an amazing experience, this gun can shoot 100+ feet out of the box

Shoots 100 feet plus out of box
good weight
high grade polymer
comes with a 450 round metal mag

If you leave the battery in the gun IT DRAINS THE BATTERY
do NOT leave the battery in the gun.
by Cody C. on 04/29/2016
"I just got the airsoft gun today and it's literally the best investment. I had a friend who checked it out and he literally wanted to buy one because of the guns sturdy build, great accuracy, and all around awesome look. This is a great gun and would recommend it to anyone looking to buy a starter airsoft gun. G&G, you made a fantastic AEG. I look forward to buying more from you in the future.