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Marushin Gas Powered 6mm Derringer Airsoft Double Barrel Pistol - Silver

7 Customer Reviews

by Vinny S. on 10/19/2017
"Well so far i put about 50 rounds through it and all i can say is, WORTH IT! Hahaha. Its alot of fun and definitely plan on using it as a point black side arm. Itll go about 25feet before curving off so use heaver gram bbs.
by Mason C. on 01/24/2017
"This is a cheap, fun, and even collectible little gun. It's fun to shoot and very concealable. It also has a nice loom to it, I see it as a historic piece of beauty.

somewhat accurate (bb's curve in awkward directions sometimes)(probably just hop up with light bb's)
decent range even though not used for range
easy reload system
lightweight front, but heavy back (my personal liking for the feel of a gun)

2 shots (use them wisely)
is made only out of plastic, but a very nice plastic.
orange tip is ugly, take it off

Overall, if you want a historic collectors piece, or maybe a sidearm for your sidearm, or maybe even use it as a concealable weapon during a milsim after being captured or held captive, this is the gun to get.
10/10 would buy again
by Paul S. on 08/29/2015
"I am the squad leader and breacher for my airsoft team 'Swords and Scabbards' and I must say this is the most amusing and *oddly enough* useful weapon in my arsenal. I carry a M3 trishot shotgun, a ICS Galil, a Elite Force 1911, and this. Now some background: I have an odd tendency to get shoved in a hostage scenario, seeing as I'm a valuable member of the team.

This weapon WILL save you if you are like me. DO NOT PUT IT IN A HOLSTER! Put it in your pocket or (better yet) a magazine pouch so they really don't know what hit them. When they approach you and attempt to duct tape your hands, let them. They'll probably drag your around for a bit, while they do this play with the area that you placed this weapon. Once you have it, take both of your captors out.

This weapon is effective beyond belief and although it only shoots 240 (I ran the chrono myself), bear in mind you'll be using this from point blank ranges, which is how the real one is meant to be used.


Small, hide this anywhere.

Concealable (pretty much the one above it)

Super gas efficent (on a one second fill you can get 10 shots, I kid you not)

Effective (this is relative, if you know how to use it then you'll humiliate your enemies)

price (anyone who complains about spending 50 bucks on a sport like airsoft probably shouldn't be playing this sport. Airsoft is expensive and this is a good budget gun)

Power (point blank and you'll give migraines)

Simple (the guy who said he broke his in two days either got a lemon or he abused it way too much. To be fair it could be both)

Did I say you can hide it?


Plastic (It's high quality but still)

range (Not built for range so don't use it for that)

Only holds two shots (Yet again, you gotta play your cards right)

impractical (I disagree with this but in all and all if you're in the market for a sidearm this isn't a practical choice as your main sidearm.)

TLDR: This is great for a last resort weapon and for hostage scenarios. If you get to be a hostage by your own bad luck a lot (like me) then you'll love it. If not just get it anyway, you can get some really memorable kills with it.


This is a true story about my application of it. Took place in 'Airsoft Depot' in Georgia. This was a few weeks back, but I'm sure I'll remember this for years.

We were playing trouble in terrorist town, yes like the Gmod gamemode, but just in airsoft. I was innocent and racked up a large group of other inno's and held the fort on the far south end of the map (It's a small 2,000 foot field, if not less. On the far southern end they have a fort made of plywood they call 'The alimo'.) We held the alimo for about 30 minutes before deciding that enough people had gotten out (we had 60 people playing that day, most of them were out by this time and there was probably only one or two Ts left) for us to move up and retake land.

We run from the alimo and grab other innocent's along the way, until the point we had a 15-20 man squad. That was when it all changed. We were walking through the center ground around a rectangular shack (dubbed 'the embassy') when we heard a gas sniper rifle shot sound from the distance. It hit my rifleman Tavor (it's a nickname, when we met I forgot his name and called him 'Tavor' because he carried a Tar 21. He in return calls me 'Shotgun' for being the breacher) in the hand, he calls the hit and goes to the dead section.

Three men approach from the outside, all armed with the normal M4A1/RIS cliches, one with a 14 inch Keymod rail, and they order us to get on our knees. One of them is a member of my squad, which really gave me some mixed emotions.

They walk by and begin executing us one by one if we said we were not traitors, they did this by a shot point blank from a tall redhead's 4.5 Hi Cappa. When it got to me I said nothing, I knew I was innocent and if I don't do what they expect they might not shoot me. He moves to the next person. Wrong move.

I heard a voice from behind me whisper 'Knife, knife, knife' and that's when I remembered. I had my hostage scenario last resort kit on me. One of them (The one in my squad) Looked at me for a second, he didn't know what was going on seeing as he was the newest member.

When the redhead passed me again I tackled him to the ground, training knife in hand, and stabbed him 5 times. Then his masked accomplice put his We tech M9 right to my face and pulled the trigger.

His gun misfeeds.

All the gas is spilled from his gun so I tackled him in a similar manner. Stabbing him about 20 times.

My traitorous squad member pulled his M9, he was a little shocked since this all happened over the course of 4 seconds, and opened fire. I ran at him, reaching for the derringer. His shots were missing because I ran in a zigzag pattern, I decked him and pinned him down, shooting him with both shots. They were the three last T's and had convinced a sniper to support them.

TLDR (again): This will save your life
by Justin T. on 08/01/2015
"Bought this gun for my little collection and I am extremely satisfied. For $55 you get possibly the smallest gas pistol in the world with some impressive performance to back itself up. It feels very nice to hold and has a decent amount of heft to it. It shoots around 250-260 fps with a .20g BB with green gas but I have fired .25g, .28, and even .32g BBs through it and it will put them out there for a good 80 feet effectively. Has a very sharp crack when firing it, almost like a cap gun. Accurately hits a human sized target at 50 feet with .28g BBs every time once you get used to aiming the thing. A fill of gas has lasted me 30 rounds before somehow but expect to average around 20 before you need to gas up. I noticed that holding the trigger down and pushing the hammer forward will expel all of your gas, not a big deal unless you freeze something but be careful. Finish is very good and convincing and gun functions without fail after firing 200 rounds not even a week of owning it. It's just that much fun. I'd recommend for anyone looking for something different that isn't anything too serious. Also makes for a fantastic gift!
by Alexander F. on 12/21/2015
Small and concealable
Looks badass
75 foot range
Excellent finish despite being plastic

Two rounds
Single Action
Takes a while to reload

(Note: Keep this thing filled with gas or the o-rings will dry out)

Overall: Buy this thing. It's unique and you won't find a better price in the US.
by Thomas G. on 07/23/2016
"It is a good gun when it works. First of all the build quality and finish is EXCELLENT the main body is plastic but feels almost like metal all of the internals minus the hop up and fill valve O-ring are metal or ABS (the ABS is where the gas meets up with the barrel and connects to the hopup. So why two stars you may ask. Because mine always fires both shots. Sometimes it works as intended and sometime one shot will come out as its supposed to but the other shot comes out too... And rolls out of the barrel (simultaneously) I have to add almost no gas to get it to work right like a 1/2 second bump and it might fire correctly but sometimes it still misfires and shoots both. Maybe its just mine but if you want to use this even as a backup. You might be disappointed.
by Jefferson R. on 02/04/2015
"Gun is poorly designed and has broken within two days of arriving. DO NOT BUY!