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Matrix Challenge Kit - AIM Sportsline M4 Carbine Airsoft AEG + Metal Body - Black (For Experienced Players)

8 Customer Reviews

by Jesse L. on 03/23/2011
"i just got this gun today and wow it feels awesome. with the matrix gearbox already installed it has great power and rate of fire. the 6.04mm inner barrel also helps alot with accuracy right out of the box. very good gun would recomend it to anyone that knows how to swap out bodies

great rof
great fps
great rps
has thightbore barrel instaled
has matrix m110 gearbox instaled
very nice feel
has a fuse box which is usually only found on guns at least $250+

the upper reciever on my gun came broken but the metal body was fine so its not to bad
little rattle but nothing too bad

great gun and i would recomend it to anyone who knows what their doing
by Brandon W. on 03/19/2011
"This gun is the bomb. If you decide to install the metal body yourself it's a pain at times and you will need patience to install the metal body. But in the end its VERY worth the trouble to do it yourself.

-Metal body
-Very good FPS
-Very accurate
-A lot of options available for customizing (add rails, grenade launcher, red dot, and much more)
-It has the right weight balance, not to heavy and not to light
-Marine logo (metal body)
-And a just plain old awesome look

-Mag wobbles abit with the metal body but a little piece of small paper taped to the top back of the mag will fix it

I recommend this highly if you want a good m4 that lasts a very long time.
by Kevin D. on 03/05/2011
"First Impressions:
The box was a nicely decorated box, with the AIM (actual manufacturer of the gun) logo showing up on the box. The gun is only secured by zip ties with no other dampeners, so watch out for that. The magazine was covered in a thin foam film, but not secured by anything. Also, the information on this page shows that the cleaning/unjamming rod did not come with the gun, but when I received the gun, it did. Like most high quality guns, the gun does not come with a battery and charger, which is good, as it keeps the price low so you can buy a smart charger and 9.6v (recommended).

The plastic body is a flat dark gray color (black would be better) with De Opresso Liber trademarks. The dust cover on the plastic body wouldn't close for me, but everything else is nice. The included metal body is very, very nice. The finish is a nice flat black opposed to the dark gray of the plastic. The trademarks are authentic USMC trademarks and are very nicely engraved. Extremely satisfied with a FREE metal body. There is slight wobble in the handguard and the stock, although the stock can be remedied by turning a small knob at the bottom until it feels tight. Only plastic parts after putting on the metal body is the handguard, pistol grip, and stock.

*The magazine is full metal, but there is a bit of sparkled texture to it (still feels very quality though), although I did not find a notch that kept the BBs from falling out of the loading tube, so don't flip your magazine over while it is wound. The magazine feeds smoothly, although I feel like I have to wind up the magazine slightly more than other magazines before (just one or two winds extra) it winds up fully.

Utterly amazing internals for such a cheap gun. FAR outclasses any clone in terms of accuracy (6.04mm tightbore), RoF (hi-speed gears, buy a 9.6v), reliability (Taiwan made, not China, with better parts, such as 8mm ball bearings), and potentially FPS (hi-torque motor, if you replace the spring). The odd thing is that the motor is hi-torque and the gears are hi-speed, but it still works.
Spring guide is metal, M100 spring is metal, piston teeth are metal, cylinder is metal, gears are metal, 8mm ball bearings are metal, and metal gearbox shell.
Piston is polycarb, piston head and cylinder head are polycarb. Piston head DOES have ball bearings though. Both the twopiece hopup for the plastic body and the onepiece for the metal body are plastic.
The gun makes a pretty loud noise (may be a good or bad thing, depending on your situation).
FPS is more consistent then advertised, at around 380-400.
I can't give the statistics for the ROF, but I can tell you it outclasses all my friends' clones.
Accuracy is excellent, achieving about 2-3 inches at 50 feet with .23s or .25s, and 2.5-3.5 inches with .20s.

Get the gun. It is the best value you can possibly get in this price range, with the difference in parts between this and the $240 version being around 30-50 bucks. Also, get the "Holy Cow" 2 mag deal that you can get with this gun. If you don't care about the metal body, just sell it! Selling it will basically buy you the battery, charger, and upgrades with about $20 to spare. I, however, will be keeping mine on as it is an extremely high quality body.
by mitch h. on 01/24/2011
"amazing gun

great range
free metal body
amazing internals
real weight
quality metal

my metal body came with no trademarks for some reason...
by Brandon W. on 12/26/2010
"This is a pretty good M4, high FPS, very durable. I like the option for you to install the metal body or don't, which I choose for them not to install it but it's your choice if your experienced or not.

There is no cons I have for the M4 other then it's pretty close to the real one. I highly recommend it to anybody that wants a good M4 and it's up to par with the higher AEG's at $300.
by Kevin D. on 11/17/2010
AIM Top must have changed their boxes, because the one mine was boxed in was higher quality and had a full graphical design on it rather than the old plain brown cardboard box with a sticker. The M4 was in the box tied back and the mag was wrapped heavily in foam. Also comes with a nicely translated manual. NOTE: The description says it does not come with a cleaning / unjamming rod. So, I buy the flexible cleaning rod from the website for about 5 bucks, and low and behold, I open the box and find a cleaning / unjamming rod.

Even though the plastic body is meant to be swapped out, it is still made of high quality nylon and is smooth and durable. However, the metal body's feel and texture is quite impressive with nice trademarks. Both bodies have an optics rail at the top. The charging handle and rear sight is plastic and is adjustable for windage & elevation. The front sight is adjustable for elevation. The included magazine feeds flawlessly; however, it has quite a snug fit and will not drop out when holding the mag release; you must pull it out. Functional charging handle and dust cover. Forward assist and loose bolt catch have no function, although you can push in the forward assist for realism. Two piece outer barrel with negative 14mm threading and a METAL orange flash hider. Nylon handguard and stock have barely noticeable wobble. However, the real story is in the internals.

The Matrix M4s are all manufactured by AIM Top, a new and surprisingly high quality manufacturer based in Taiwan. The sportsline version carries the same high quality gearbox found in the $240 version, with the exception of a few minor parts. I recommend no upgrades other than maybe a steel ball bearing spring guide and enhance spring life a bit. With an approximately 75% charged Intellect / G&P 9.6v 1600 mAh battery, it has an excellent rate of fire, with the $240 version (around 18-22 RPS), shooting only about 2-4 RPS more. Outclasses all of my friends' Chinese clone guns. The tightbore is indeed, a tightbore. I get about 2 inch groupings at 50 feet. It can easily hit a target at 150 feet and maybe up to 200 feet, although the hopup is just a standard plastic hopup. FPS is actually quite high for an M100, due to a good air seal. However, I have heard this sportsline version does not have an air nozzle with an o-ring and the polycarb cylinder head only has 1 o-ring. Those could be considerable upgrades for an even better air seal. However, shimming is "meh", and you may want to re-shim it, similar to most Chinese clones.


-High RoF
-Great air seal
-INCLUDED 6.04mm tightbore
-Reinforced gears
-Amazing piston
Metal body, even though free, is of impressive quality.
Metal flash hider included instead of cheap plastic flash hider.
Functioning charging handle and dust cover.

Included mag does not drop out (Could be a pro for some)
A few loose parts: Handguard, stock, and oddly enough, the bolt catch.
Pretty much a barebones M4.
On the plastic body, the dust cover cannot close (for me)
OK plastic hopup.
So-so shimming.

Outclasses any clone, any day, and can be on par with more renowned manufacturers such as G&G, Classic Army, and Tokyo Marui, for a much cheaper price. Without the metal body, it would have my recommendation. With it, it is simply a must-have. Excellent buy. Get it before they stop giving away FREE metal bodies!
by David R. on 11/04/2010
"this gun shoots hard, fast, and very accurate!!! 5 stars!!! I also recomned this with the matrix tenergy 2300mah 9.6v battery!!! very good get it!!
by Kenneth L. on 03/02/2012
"When it says "For experienced players" it really means it (I thought I was smart enough to get this for my first gun). DO NOT get this kit for your first gun unless you've done a lot of research. I installed the hop-up without silicone oil (not a good idea), now the bb's constantly curve up no matter what the hop-up is adjusted at (ordered a new G&P Metal hop-up system). I have had lots of problems, but I am currently in the process of fixing all of them.

Good gearbox
Pretty fast ROF with a 9.6v battery
Durable with metal body (dropped a couple times)

Dust cover latch snapped and did not consistently open when charge handle was pulled (ordered a new one)
My mags have feeding problems (sent to evike they put tape inside the mag well to fix problem but it fell off)
My fuse holder wire snapped off a couple times (fixed with solder)