Reviews: Lonex Full Metal "Flash Mag" 360rd Hi-Cap Magazine for M4 Series Airsoft AEG


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Model: LX-GB-06-01
Location: V7-030 WO2-M01

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by Momin I. on 2013-03-27 17:53:09
"Feed very well, and work perfectly, just they do not fit in KWA m4's - you are out of luck if you want a flash mag for your KWA. - by tight fit, they mean, you need a mallet to ram it in there, or you need to bang it on a desk a few times. Then, to take it out you have to shake, add silicon, and much more. Not worth it if you have a KWA, Otherwise, they are amazing.
by Connor O. on 2013-03-19 20:09:49
"These mags are beast. On forethought, a high cap is a lot of ammo so i mean unless ur blowing throguh ammo really fast, you won't have to change mags the whole game. I like the feeling of re-loading cuz its badass, but still the mag is great. Really tight fit on my G&P, but it has excelent feeding. If you pull the string about 5-8 times at first, insert the mag, and continue to wind, u shouldn't have to pull it again for at least 200 rounds! Overall, great buy, I have 3 and they work like a charm. Just dont rip on the string cuz it will break.
by Mike D. on 2013-03-13 20:15:40
"Great mags, I own 3 personally. The only issue I have ever had was my mag woldn't feed, all I had to do was unjam the bb that was caught in the feeding wheel. I think I was using low quality ammo when it happened (walmart was the only way to get ammo in a day :() over all 5 stars
by Justin O. on 2013-02-17 13:44:43
"Works great, used it about 5 times and haven't had a problem yet. The only con I can come up with is that it lets you shoot all the bbs in the mag to easily! I end up running out of ammo quickly. I would Definatly recommend buying this
by leigh d. on 2013-02-13 19:11:00
"i have owned several brands of mags and these are by far the best! i own kwa's , g&p's,ics and echo1 weapons- these mags fit them all and perform perfectly, in fact, i'm constantly loaning my buddies these mags due to issues with their lesser quality mags....not sure whats up with the previous posters guns.
by Adam C. on 2013-02-05 15:11:08
"pretty good mag, it feeds perfectly for me but its REALLY tight fitting in my ikazuchi, have to really push to make it fit in and it takes just as much work to get it out, but the flash winding is the best, just 4 pulls makes it last the until it runs out
by Jason S. on 2013-02-02 14:54:23
"Works perfectly in my G&P M4 (AEG-GP281C-FG). I had run out of BB's and was loaned some less than stellar ones that didn't want to feed correctly; i had to constantly release the mag, bump the base of it against the ground to get them to feed to the top. Between games I loaded up my normal BB's and the problem did not reproduce.

Still going strong after 6 months of moderate use, really a great mag for the price.
by Moises H. on 2013-01-04 06:47:22
"I get two of those last week, for my surprise, they can't fit on any of my KWA, I tried on the SR12, SR10, M4A1 they stuck on them, tried on my JG M16 RIS fit excellent (plastic receiver), next to test was G&G Scar and another G&G M4 blowback work okay, checked in my full metal JG M4 S-system hard to install and get off, looks like doesn’t fit on any with full metal body receiver :(
- It's fit your weapon works perfect
- Feed excellent without flaws
- When fit on the weapon no wobble at all
- High capacity
- 4 to 5 pulls and you are going to thought all bb's
- Doesn't fit on any KWA full metal receivers, I don't tried on the CQB models (cheap ones) yet.
- Looks doesn’t fit on any M4 with metal receiver even JG models
- Don't fit on Aftermath M4 (this models got plastic receiver)
by David G. on 2012-12-30 16:04:13
"Amazing magazine. I got it for $15 + $7.50 shipping but it was totally worth it. I talk about it in my video review which I will post a link to. Watch the video to see more of a review.

This magazine is simply amazing. I am switching to an M4 because of these.

Thanks Lonex!
by Seth F. on 2012-12-16 14:23:36
"I have owned one of these for about a year now and they are simply the best mags out there. Its like having a midcap that holds 360 rounds! I have a KWA M4 with an 11.1 Li-Po for a battery and these mags keep up perfectly! I have shot about 10,000 rounds through that one mag and I have never once had a miss feed. Looking for the best hi-cap experence possible? Buy these mags!
by Tyler R. on 2012-11-09 18:00:52
"ok, so i have been using the flash mags since summer of last year nd i have to say that they are one of the biggest advantages out on the field. Because of not having to wind every 20 shots, iv had the drop on soo many people. They are worth the 25$!

Nice length, some might not like
Steel wire string
Feeds flawlessly
Keeps a smile on your face!

by norman l. on 2012-10-29 18:58:52
"best Hi-cap mags, feeds flawless . really awesome when i use it in my P90 box mag !!

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