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Lonex Full Metal "Flash Mag" 360rd Hi-Cap Magazine for M4 Series Airsoft AEG

78 Customer Reviews

by Shawn M. on 10/23/2016
"Got three of these from a guy on ebay for $30. Needless to say, I will buy several more from here at full retail. I can't imagine not playing with these magazines! I guess I'm spoiled now.
by Nick W. on 01/21/2016
"BEST FLASH MAG OUT THERE! I've bought almost every brand that makes a flash mag, and this one is by far the best! Other ones the cord rips out easy or the mag its self breaks. But these things are awesome! They are made of a nice sturdy steel and the trap door doesn't break off like others do. The only downside of them is they have a weird finish on them but that's easy to fix but i kinda like it. Other than that they are great mags and i haven't had any problems with them
by Daniel R. on 12/25/2015
"These mags feed flawlessly in my krytac spr, give 6 pulls on the cord and your ready to go. Great that they hold 300+ bbs. Definitely don't need more than 2 to get you through a game. Though sadly they don't fit in kwa's so I can't use my friends, but overall great mags and would recommend them to anyone (without a kwa).
by Andrew F. on 05/10/2015
"Received this Mag a few weeks ago to run in my BO Dynamics/ Lonex LT595 M4. Sadly when I took my gun out for the first time its FPS was too high for the arena i was playing in. I mention this because i ended up running the Lonex flash mag in a beat up old rental M4. The magazine ran like a dream! It fed beautifully and only once did I have a feeding issue (but i feel that it may have been my fault for not winding enough). The one thing I will say is that the magazine doesn't seem to feed the whole mag off of 3 pulls. I have found that its best to use 4-5 pulls in order to get the mag to continually feed between loadings. I have also found that it wont feed the last 30 rounds left in the feeding tube when the BB well is empty. But over all its an amazing magazine!

-Love that it is full metal
-Has a good hefty weight to it (might be a con to some but i like the realism)
-So nice not to be winding all the time
-Great feeding, doesn't miss a shot

-takes a few more pulls on the rip cord than advertised to feed a full mag (not a big deal but wanted to mention it)
-Doesn't feed the last 30 rounds or so when BB well is empty
-The base plate that covers the rip cord tends to open when pulling the mag from a mag pouch, I feel like it could make the plate prone to damage.

Overall I would definitely recommend this magazine! It feeds great, has a great real feel to it, super convenient as you don't have to worry about winding your mag frequently! 5 out of 5
by Kevin W. on 01/05/2015
"I add two of these to every order. Can't have enough! Best Flash mags in my opinion.
by Dakota P. on 01/21/2014
"This mag is awesome. Load it up, pull the cord 5 times and shoot till it's empty. What more could you want?! When I first got it, it didn't fit well in my APS UAR. But a small bit of soft Velcro and this mag fits and feeds perfectly.

- Metal
-Over 300 rounds with no mag change or winding
-Didn't quite fit when I first got it. (UAR is known as finicky with mags)
-Leaves about 4 bbs in mag and gun when empty(To be expected with any high cap)

Basically get this mag and become your teams support gunner. Because you can lay down some serious sustained fire with this puppy.
by Brayden M. on 10/18/2013
"Great mags, i have 6 or 7. since i tend to loose mags a lot. They feed great, but they are a very tight fit in a VFC mk16. I had to file down the magwell, quite a bit. And sanded down the magazine a little bit. Which actually gave it a very nice worn look to it.

Had them for about a year or more and they are starting to act up a little bit now, after being abused for a long time. Nothing serious. Feeds just fine @40rps and below. I usually use them around 22-30rps.
by Steve B. on 10/18/2013
"I have tried SRC, JG, Matrix, G&G and a few others. G&G are the best if you have to have a winding mag. Lonex flash mags are the best overall. They feed better and faster than anything I have used before. Easy to load, tight fitting, no wobble, high quality and incredible feeding! These magazines are the reason I'm switching to an M4 platform permanently. I love my KWA G36, but Lonex doesn't make G36 mags.

Don't spend more on the very nice hi-cap G&G mags. Lonex are simply the best and are reasonably priced!
by Andrew L. on 07/08/2013
"i have two of these for my ICS L86A2. bloody brilliant is what they are. the L86 has a blazing fast fire rate, at almost fifteen rounds per second. and with two lonex flash mags by my side, no one on the opposing team is getting past my wall of plastic.
Pros: no winding, hicap, fullmetal.
cons: my fingers cant wind the wheel on my ak mag!! oh well, better get a flash mag for my ak then.
by Billy J. on 07/01/2013
"i own a kwa m4 might as well just

no winding
realistic look
epic used up scratches
holds a lot of bbs
lasts a long time
a little screw came off (i had 3) on the little edge
feed good
i pulled 5 times and only 5 bbs left in mag

string got jammed of the plastic wrapping. which is nothing bad who cares
a little screw came off (i had 3) on the little edge
nothing bad
by Michael T. on 04/08/2013
"If you have an M4 and don't mind the rattle of BBs in a high cap magazine then you don't need to read any further. Just buy this bugger. You won't be disappointed.

I have a few of the Black Bear flash mags and they are completely inferior. Lonex is definitely the way to go.
by Joe S. on 03/29/2013
"Awesome. Feeds all 360 or so rounds flawlessly!!! I own three and I'm selling all my other mags. These are the best of the best (buy these, not the Matrix ones).

**If you have a metal receiver the fit will be tight. I still don't understand why people waste $ on metal receivers lol. You only limit yourself in hop up, gearbox, and magazine compatibility; and it's heavier. My five year old polymer receiver works fine. The mags fit snug but release upon hitting the mag release (G&G receiver)
by Connor O. on 03/19/2013
"These mags are beast. On forethought, a high cap is a lot of ammo so i mean unless ur blowing throguh ammo really fast, you won't have to change mags the whole game. I like the feeling of re-loading cuz its badass, but still the mag is great. Really tight fit on my G&P, but it has excelent feeding. If you pull the string about 5-8 times at first, insert the mag, and continue to wind, u shouldn't have to pull it again for at least 200 rounds! Overall, great buy, I have 3 and they work like a charm. Just dont rip on the string cuz it will break.
by Mike D. on 03/13/2013
"Great mags, I own 3 personally. The only issue I have ever had was my mag woldn't feed, all I had to do was unjam the bb that was caught in the feeding wheel. I think I was using low quality ammo when it happened (walmart was the only way to get ammo in a day :() over all 5 stars
by Justin O. on 02/17/2013
"Works great, used it about 5 times and haven't had a problem yet. The only con I can come up with is that it lets you shoot all the bbs in the mag to easily! I end up running out of ammo quickly. I would Definatly recommend buying this