Reviews: Umarex Walther Licensed P99 DAO Full Size Airsoft Electric Pistol w/ 2 Magazines


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Model: AEP-UREX-2272010

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by Frank K. on 2013-09-17 20:26:56
"I have had this gun for a couple months now.

It's blow back

It's a strong plastic

It feels real well in the hands

It's good for the price


It is next to impossible to find an extra mag for this gun[I still have yet to find one]

The mags are small and easy to loose

After awhile the mags will no longer stay in the gun

You cannot use the cheap knock off battery brands you need the expensive kind or the gun will not work and will appear broken

Overall this is a decent gun for the price. I would personally would not buy another one of these, but if you are just getting into airsoft this makes a nice sidearm.

3/5 If I could get my money back I would and buy a better sidearm.
by Ryan B. on 2013-09-16 19:22:19
"This is a great gun for a great price. It is reliable in every aspect for a full plastic gun, and is a great backup. There is no metal on the body so it is extremely light, and because of this recoil is not a factor. The mag holds a surprising 16 rounds, and due to the lack of a mag eject button it will never fall out while in the holster. It shoots at a decent full-auto firing rate along with semi auto, and has good FPS for any CQC situation you may find yourself in. The best thing about the gun, however, is the fact that it runs on electricity instead of endless C02 canisters that you have to pay lots of money for. I'd suggest buying 2 of these, and also investing in rechargeable AA batteries.
Good mag capacity
Little-no recoil

4 AAA batteries required
The gun only comes with 2 mags total; one in the gun and one extra. Buy two if you are getting this.
by Tim W. on 2011-12-29 19:33:31
"This was a decent gun, the recoil was cool and i found that is shot relatively accurate. A bonus was that is came with 2 magazines so you had a total of ~30 shots (I notices that i could fit one or two more in each mag). Also the blowback feature was good, and provided a good secondary weapon to my g36c.

-Electric (CO2 and gas cost a fortune in the long run)
-Takes non-complex AAA batteries

Nothing major, but when you're not done shooting and you take out the magazine, a couple BB's are released and are lost.

Recap: Great gun overall, and services as a good secondary weapon for CQB in a tight situation

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)