Reviews: Umarex H&K Licensed USP Full Size CO2 Gas Non-Blowback Airsoft Pistol - Black

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Model: GP-UREX-2262040
Location: U12-124 WO6-M10 WN8-M03

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by Benjamin B. on 2015-06-26 07:36:08
"I got this pistol from a friend when he went off to college. First off, this is a great way to get into airsoft without breaking the bank. The gun shoots extremely accurately for its size and price, and also shoots pretty hard (although it was legal at my CQB field, which has a limit of 350 FPS with .25s). That being said, there are a few cons: First of all, the mag is a pain to reload. If you're going to use this as a primary, it might be a good idea to pick up a few extras. The other big issue is that the CO2 leaks a bit, but that may be because its an old gun and just need a new seal. besides that, I'd say this gun is every bit worth the money!

Shoots hard, but legal

Difficult to reload
Mag leaks CO2
by Matt S. on 2015-06-06 21:01:47
"Bought this at academy... actually pretty good to be from there. It holds a decent amount of BBs, and shoots accurately, that is until you dry fire it as much as I have.

Cheap for a CO2 Pistol
Extra magazines are available here on evike
Looks nice, nearly 1:1 of the actual H&K USP

Shoots terribly inaccurately after dry firing it a lot.
Not many hard holsters are made to fit this particular one, maybe another USP
holster will work.
That's all!
by atticus b. on 2015-04-04 15:08:11
"Got this gun and was really happy. It's so cheap (not always bad). And I found this gun at Walmart. The range and accuracy I can get out of this is really great for a sidearm and it only being 35$. Great sidearm. But I definitely recommend if you get this at buy some aftermarket mags. I dropped mine from about 5 feet and whenever I put the Co2 in it leaks all of it out. Other than that its great.

Great Range
Co2 lasts long
Looks Cool

Mag Broke
Not Blowback
Didn't fit my holster
by nathan t. on 2015-04-02 16:19:30
"Ok so heres the deal. I have had this gun for 2 years. this thing will take anything and i mean ANYTHING you throw at it. Its been dropped in mud, sand, water you name it its been there. It has outlasted so many of my other guns. I eventually passed it on to my friend who just got into airsoft and it still works beautifully. This gun is worth every penny you pay for it. Id say this thing performs like an 100$ gun easily. This is a good gun if you know you will be in dirt or mud and this gun can also be painted. I would only reccomend it for private games considering its a little too powerful due to it being co2 non blowback. Also has hk trades despite the price.
by Dustin S. on 2015-01-15 08:47:31
"Your KWA just broke and you have no sidearm for the event is in a couple of days. Hop on evike and pick this little baby up. It is seriously not a bad little sidearm at all. It makes a perfect backup pistol if anything happens to your primary sidearm in a match. In all my years of airsoft, I've always preferred Non-blowbacks. They have always been more reliable than blowbacks for me. Its cheap, but it's a steal.

-Cheap (cheap isn't always bad)
-It's nice quality
-it performs decent
- licensed by H&K themselves (They manufacture the real firearm)

-fps is too high. It may shoot too high for your CQB field.
- it's obviously not a 140$ gun
- not really a con on the guns part, but more of Evikes part. My local walmart offers this gun for 35$
by Kevin B. on 2014-10-16 14:01:33
"This is a very awesome gun for not a big price. I used to have a Smith and Wesson M&P 40 Co2 pistol, which was great, but the mag was practically the whole weight of the gun, and the gun was almost just the skeleton. This gun is exactly the opposite, which is a good thing. The gun itself is the majority of the weight, and the mag that comes with it is a durable, in-no-way flimsy polymer mag. The only problem I've had is I think the seal broke on the magazine so I can no longer shoot it, but people are saying to tighten the valve on the back, so I will try that to stop the leaking. Back to the gun. It shoots straight and fast with a .2 gram bb with nothing to complain about. I chrono'd it at 325 fps with a .25 gram bb, and about 345-355 with a .2 gram. It mentions integrated hop up, but I'm not sure if it's adjustable. If it is I haven't found where to change it. 4 stars for faulty mag.
by Rob S. on 2014-09-07 20:55:46
"This is easily one of the best beginner pistols. This thing is really accurate and shots at about 360 fps. I have really small hands and this thing still feels pretty nice, when I first heard of the weight and size I had second thoughts, don't let anything keep you from getting this pistol. Also, if you're mag leaks just clean it with silicone oil and maybe tighten the valve.
by Jack B. on 2014-09-06 17:47:46
"I'll just get right to the point, this gun is very, very good. I bought this as my first airsoft gun and I love it, my friends who are very experienced say that this is so smooth and so great, especially for $45. I have all pros and no cons for this gun all I will say is when and if you decide to but it, make sure to buy some silicon oil and watch a YouTube video on how to take the slide off and lube the right up, also spray some on the tip of the co2 cartridge as it goes into the magazine and you will be fine. Lastly I wanted to mention the fact that the trigger pull is absolutly compleatly fine, some complain about this, to each his own I suppose because everyone who's shot my gun including my self have found nothing wrong with the trigger pull. Overall I have nothing but good to say about this gun and I really do believe that this is one of the best starter competive airsoft guns out there, for a real game or skirmish, I hope that if you are looking to get into airsoft that you will chose this fantastic gun to do it.
by travis w. on 2014-06-22 13:21:06
"gun is good mine shot 296 fps and the mag started leaking gas real fast after the second co2 cartage but it has a nice feel and weight it is good for a side arm if you don't want one that is over powered i only give it a 4 because my mag was cheesy but all in all it was a good gun wile it lasted
by Thad P. on 2013-08-28 12:42:27
"This is a great "little" pistol. It is ade of ABS plastic from what I can tell but is pretty well built considering that.

-Hits hard but not so hot that it will be unable to play in most games.
-strong construction, no problems so far
-excellent gas usage, because it is NOT a gbb it saves a lot of gas. (One co2 cartridge will last a few mags)
-pretty accurate, but nothing special. (Hey it's a pistol!)
-polymer mag, can buy extras as well as metal mags (poly mags are very light)
-hop up, but I don't know where yet...

-trigger pull and length are a bit obnoxious.
-non blow back (not a real problem for me but some may dislike it as the packaging does not state this info.)
-mags tend to empty rather quickly (may just be me, 16 round mag)

Overall it's an excellent pistol for a bigginer or a veteran looking for a good co2 pistol for a cheap price.
Don't be discouraged because of the price, it is a great investment!
by Samuel T. on 2013-08-11 19:41:35
"i have this gun and have had it for a while, it looks like it is blowback and there are even cut out lines as if the slide could go back and if u pull hard enough like i did it will break back this isnt too bad tho because now i can lube the insides also my saftey broke off. and read my review on the mag for another major con

-lower half build quality
-internals are metal
-shoots hard
-co2 lasts LONG 20 mag fulls i would say
-slide is not metal
-mag build issues read my review on the mag
-not THAT accurate
-seems like it goes through mags quick and for a 50 dollar gun a mag is half the price of the gun
-mag is not double stack

the gun is reliable itself but it has little problems like the one with the mag and i dont know why it says the slide is metal mine isnt
by Jeremiah J. on 2013-07-26 01:49:55
"This is actually one of my favorite airsoft guns. There are a lot of good qualities to the gun including comfortable grip, good fps, fun to use, fun to duel wield, intimidating, and cheap magazines but there are some drawbacks that bring quality down quite a bit in my opinion. The hammer is for show and plastic but moves, Slide kinda easily comes off, My mags don't leak much but still some.

Overall i give this gun my seal of approval even if it is not top notch.

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