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Umarex H&K Licensed USP Full Size CO2 Gas Non-Blowback Airsoft Pistol - Black

36 Customer Reviews

by Tom K. on 07/21/2011
"This pistol is powerful and accurate. I can't believe the performance for such an inexpensive pistol! If you want realistic full metal GBB guns to lug through the woods, look elsewhere. If you want performance, reliability and knowing you can hit your target- this is your gun. My brother-in-law had to one-up me when I got a Springfield XD-40(real steel) -he got the XDM, but he's practically drooling over this airsoft pistol since he can't find it in stock anywhere. Take that!
by Tony S. on 03/17/2011
"This is my second CO2 gun,and it is now my favorite.
1. fps. This shots at a high fps,which gives me the distance to reach targets at 60+ feet.

2.sights. The sights on this pistol are not adjustable,but they are easy to see and accurate.

3.trigger. This is where this pistol shines compared to my WG Special Combat.Lighter trigger pull.

4.CO2. Being non-blow back and CO2 powered means it shoots hard and works in cold weather,I get 5 or 6 mags (80-100 rounds) per CO2 cartridge.

5.trades. Its is a licenced HK so the trademarks are all over,and it has its own serial number that you can register at

1.magazines. Evike doesn't have mags,I had to contact Umarex for extra mags.

I like CO2 pistols because they shoot harder and they work in cold weather unlike green gas pistols.I like NBB because they are great on gas and without the blow back action I feel they are more accurate.I was able to consistently hit 16x13 inch target from 70 feet in 30 degree weather during a target shootoff with my airsoft team this winter,team members with gas guns couldn't get their guns to work.This pistol is a great buy at a great price.
by Lukas A. on 01/27/2011
"There were no reviews for this gun so I felt like I was taking a chance when I bought it, and I was even more dismayed when I was informed that it was back ordered and could take up to two weeks to get in stock. So I was happily surprised when it arrived just a few short days later and even more excited once I fired it. It's the third CO2 powered pistol I've owned, not the most expensive, but definitely the best performing. It's non-blowback with no moving parts (aside from the trigger/safety/clip release) and it feels great in your hand, nice weight, and a CO2 cartridge will last for a good long while. Holds 16 bb's (it actually holds that many, unlike some guns that claim to hold one amount and actually fit quite a few less) and shoots them straight and hard. I've done some target practice from about 50 feet, which is about the range I'll be using it, at a small cardboard box and hit it 90% of the time, and the other 10% was because of my shaky hand. The best part about this gun and my main reason for purchasing this particular one is the mag release which isn't a button like on most other pistols, it's a lever underneath the trigger-guard and you actually have to mean to press it to release the mag, whereas the other pistols I've owned end up leaving my mags lying around in the dirt because the button accidentally gets pressed when I'm running around with it in the holster. I'm glad I took a chance on this gun, it's a great shooter for a great price, and I really have zero complaints about it. Thanks Evike!
by john s. on 10/13/2010
"Coming from someone who owns this gun, defiantly a great side arm. High fps, range, co2 life, very accurate, and a very solid build. Epically for the price tag you cant go wrong. Trust me, its a buy.

CO2 life

Unique co2 pistol, the co2 goes into the mag. Allows for a better seal, but changing out is a little annoying, and extra mags are hard to find.
Magazine, 15 rds
orange tip is pretty big, over 1/4 inch

by Abraham A. on 03/06/2016
"This gun is great, it shoots well, has very good accuracy and range, but don't try to use it as a sniper. It felt nice in the hand, may be a bit big for smaller hands, but its a reasonable size. I had taken it to the field and had surprised my friends there with its performance. A month later, the mag had lost its o-ring and started spewing gas all over the place, but I had temporarily fixed it by putting Teflon tape on the C02 canister before inserting it in, might get o-rings for it, definitely more mags because this is a great sidearm.

Looks cool

Mags are expensive
Low mag capacity(may or may not be a con for you)
Parts for it

Overall, its a great gun if you need a sidearm on a budget, if you like to tinker inside your guns, this can be difficult to take apart, but its not impossible, and they should really lower the price on their mags, its way too expensive.
by Jayden R. on 03/02/2016
"I have had this gun for about a year now, and i gotta say its a pretty descent pistol since its my first gas pistol. It feels great and shoots pretty far. The only problem though is that the magazine has started to leak out all the co2 as soon as i put the co2 into the mag. You could just buy a new mag here for $24 but i recommend you do that from the start since this has been a problem for everyone else i know that has this pistol.

Pistol grip is amazing
shoots far

Mag leaks co2
Trigger is wobbly
by Dillon M. on 11/20/2015
"First gun I bought from Evike (but not first from the team) it's a good gun unless you have a trigger finger like myself which will cause inaccurate shots and sometimes "faulty" shots (you pull the trigger without letting it reset at its resting state). The hammer seems to be pointless and moves with every shot which I feel should just remain stationary. The mag release is an awkward push down and causes me to usually eject my mag whenever I am running into battle and the pistol is holstered. Besides those details, this plastic little gun is pretty good for its price and makes for good noise making and support rather than accurate shots at any further then 25ft.
- fun basic gun
- good for practice with team/friends
- cheap

- horrific trigger for trigger fingers
- heavy trigger
- awkward/easy to accidentally push on mag release

If you buy it I recommend getting the carbine conversion kit that is sold on here or other retailers, and I reccomend some flip up sights or an actual sight for the conversion kit later on the plastic railing isnt the best to use 24/7
by Jacob M. on 09/07/2015
"This was my first gas pistol and it did well for about a month before the Mag started to explode and leak the Co2 every time no matter what, this is not a deal breaker though because you can get a new metal mag here at Evike for $24 which is a little pricey but it's still less money than buying a gbb USP if your on a budget. Other than the Mag this is a great gun so it's by no means bad quality, I just recommend a new mag. That's the only reason this did not give 5 stars
by Benjamin B. on 06/26/2015
"I got this pistol from a friend when he went off to college. First off, this is a great way to get into airsoft without breaking the bank. The gun shoots extremely accurately for its size and price, and also shoots pretty hard (although it was legal at my CQB field, which has a limit of 350 FPS with .25s). That being said, there are a few cons: First of all, the mag is a pain to reload. If you're going to use this as a primary, it might be a good idea to pick up a few extras. The other big issue is that the CO2 leaks a bit, but that may be because its an old gun and just need a new seal. besides that, I'd say this gun is every bit worth the money!

Shoots hard, but legal

Difficult to reload
Mag leaks CO2
by atticus b. on 04/04/2015
"Got this gun and was really happy. It's so cheap (not always bad). And I found this gun at Walmart. The range and accuracy I can get out of this is really great for a sidearm and it only being 35$. Great sidearm. But I definitely recommend if you get this at buy some aftermarket mags. I dropped mine from about 5 feet and whenever I put the Co2 in it leaks all of it out. Other than that its great.

Great Range
Co2 lasts long
Looks Cool

Mag Broke
Not Blowback
Didn't fit my holster
by Kevin B. on 10/16/2014
"This is a very awesome gun for not a big price. I used to have a Smith and Wesson M&P 40 Co2 pistol, which was great, but the mag was practically the whole weight of the gun, and the gun was almost just the skeleton. This gun is exactly the opposite, which is a good thing. The gun itself is the majority of the weight, and the mag that comes with it is a durable, in-no-way flimsy polymer mag. The only problem I've had is I think the seal broke on the magazine so I can no longer shoot it, but people are saying to tighten the valve on the back, so I will try that to stop the leaking. Back to the gun. It shoots straight and fast with a .2 gram bb with nothing to complain about. I chrono'd it at 325 fps with a .25 gram bb, and about 345-355 with a .2 gram. It mentions integrated hop up, but I'm not sure if it's adjustable. If it is I haven't found where to change it. 4 stars for faulty mag.
by travis w. on 06/22/2014
"gun is good mine shot 296 fps and the mag started leaking gas real fast after the second co2 cartage but it has a nice feel and weight it is good for a side arm if you don't want one that is over powered i only give it a 4 because my mag was cheesy but all in all it was a good gun wile it lasted
by Dan T. on 01/20/2013
"This is a really nice sidearm for those who don't like spring, but don't like blowback.
Strong Polymer
Great FPS
Fun to shoot.
CO2 in the mag lasts for about 15-20 mag-fulls

Non blowback(I like blowback. Evike has one too)
Hard to find mags.
by Robert T. on 01/01/2013
"This is a really nice gun. Obviously not the best, but pretty good. Especially for beginners.
-Sturdy and durable
-Powerful and high FPS
-Working hammer that makes a cool sound when fired
-CO2 lasts long

-Hard to find more mags
-Slide doesn't go back
-You can get it cheaper elsewhere. (Ex. Walmart) I got mine at a hunting/outdoor store called Cabella's for $45

Over all it's a great gun! I have not tried the rail so Idk if it's good or not. I also really like the sights!
by Connor C. on 12/13/2012
"Excellent gun for the price or for your first gas pistol. I've had it for about 7 months now and it shoots fine but it has some defects.

Excellent price
Sturdy abs plastic
Shoots .20s flawlessly
H&K licensed

The fire selector is cheap. Both mine and my friends have broken with very little use but it can be fixed.
The rail requires some adjusting
The mags may leak CO2
(My own opinion) The hammer is useless and annoying

Overall for the price it's definitely worth it.