Reviews: R-Custom Fiberglass Wire Mesh "Falconer" Mask

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Model: MASK-RC-Falconer

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by Gabe L. on 2012-10-31 19:57:56
"This thing is a completely awesome piece. It makes you look like a BAMF. These masks by RLUX are extremely durable, mine has been shot from point blank range with my 450 fps rifle and didn't chip or show harm to itself in anyway.

. Looks increasingly cool as you wear it.
. Extremely comfortable.
. When you pop out of a bush in front of someone they crap themselves.
. Durable as a brick.

. Extremely warm in the summer, or any hot day.
. you lose all peripheral vision, so...
by Angela E. on 2011-07-17 12:10:31
"Well i find this mask rather awesome i like the design and its extremely strong :D Its rather comfy if you can get the straps to a comfortable fit. Everybody has different facial bone structure so it would be wise to do the straps however you want i give this 5 stars to its hard durable and comfy design :)


It may take a while to adjust straps, If you do not adjust the straps to match your facial bone structure it will be extremely unfortable and will probably make you hate the mask.


Comfy, Breatheable, Pads didn't really absorb sweat, cool looking and during confusing games this mask will make everyone realize your on their team. Also THIS IS A BAD*** HELMET :D, if you like predators.
by Tye D. on 2010-12-15 16:47:05
"Ok so I bought this mask and have been playing wit it on and off for the past month. When it comes to face protection its amazing, the only reason i kno i got shot in the face with this on was because i heard the BB hit me. I can run coms with this on, the only issue is your gona need a throat mic, anything else is way to much of a hastle and in my opinion just uncomfortable inside the mask. When it comes to the mask's strength, again, its REALLY Strong! Me and my friend unloaded a hi cap at close range firing our guns at about 420 fps with a verity of BB weights and in all seriousness there is only 1 blemish and thats because the white rubbed off the BB.

The Bad:
Me personally dont think you should use this when your running optics UNLESS you are using a riser. Its significantly harder to look through the mask when looking down iron sights or using optics that aren't raised. Me personally now only use this mask for CQC. Use stockless weapons and so its a little easier to look down the sights. Also it cuts down on Parifial (sorry if i spelled that wrong) vision majorly. So keep that in mind, it is barable but your going to be looking around alot more, which actually isnt all that bad.

Protective! Very protective! Also for some reason it has the magic ability to blend in to surrounding areas, seriously its amazing how many people looked dead at me and didn't know if i was really there, stick to the shadows and darker areas and you wont be seen for the most part.

Hope that gave u some insight!

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)