Reviews: Elite Force Walther Licensed SG9000 Airsoft Co2 High Power 400 FPS 3-Round Burst Shotgun

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Model: SG-2272027
Location: L8-055 VN2-M1 VN3-M3 UN1-T01 IN1-T02 UN4-T02 VN1-T02 V6-T14

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by ben b. on 2015-03-16 22:34:46
"i have had this gun for about half a year and i only experienced one problem that happened today. it was no major issue all that happened was the o ring came out of the place where the co2 connects to the gun. it was an easy fix and no problem at all.
i have used this gun many times and it preforms fairly well for the price you pay. i would recommend if you were building a kit around this gun to carry a few speed loaders.
decent range
tight trishot spread (could be con)
very light
reloading is easy

almost feels cheap, the plastic is VERY light
huge orange tip
co2 is somewhat expensive

besides that the gun is very nice and would recommend to anyone who needs a cqb backup gun
by donna c. on 2015-03-07 10:33:18
"i cannot explain how bad this gun is the co2is expensive if you mess up installing it that's about $8 wasted and the exterior I'd made out of some cheap plastic and it shoots about 15-20 feet please save your money and get something better
by David A. on 2014-11-09 20:24:41
"This is my first gun not powered by a spring or a battery and it is amazing in terms of quality and design. This shotgun is extremely ergonomic and built like no other. The plastic is a hard and stiff polymer similar to the G&G combat machines but is 5x thicker. The plastic doesn't creak and is super sturdy. The only thing I'm somewhat disappointed about is I thought the co2 would have lasted a little longer than it did. I figured that it would last about 1,000 rounds but it barely managed half that. Not to mention in Texas in 70 degree fall temperature, the thing would get real cold between the handguard and the pistol grip due to the released co2. I'm not trigger happy either because it would take me a minute or longer to use up the bb's in the "chamber" or "magazine?" but I guess I'm being biased towards it because im not used to gas operated guns. This shotguns is definitely well worth the asking price. Another side not is the co2 is a bit pricey but to save yourself some money, I would by the 2 pack of 90 gram co2 by JT. Walmart sells it for 10 bucks and it works with the airsoft gun. I hope this was in depth enough and properly informs you to help you make a good purchase.
by Lucas K. on 2014-03-19 16:21:30
"This is a fantastic shotgun. It is built very solidly, don't let the full polymer externals scare you off. Its single shot and tri-shot mode are both great, although the tri-shot is quite tight at close range, unlike alot of other tri-shot airsoft guns. It's heavier than it looks, and dropping it probably won't do it too much harm. However, the CO2 cartridge is tough to get at once installed, and it burns its thirty-round internal magazine capacity in no time, no matter what firing mode you have it on. I find the best solution is to carry a couple speedloaders, although reloading can be a bit of a pain if you're in a tight situation. I stuck a foregrip on mine, and it handles like a dream. the P99-style grip is incredibly comfortable. All in all, if you are interested in a great skirmish shotgun, this is definitely for you.
by Jesse M. on 2014-03-03 00:45:07

Beautiful gun. Functions and does everything you need, and then some.

Can take 88g or 90g CO2 cartridges. Last for ~1000 shots (based on reviews)

Gun is ~22" long. VERY ergonomic. Perfect sidearm.


Reloading can be a pain

Eats ammo fast on 3 round burst mode

Everyone else wants one when you wreck them with it.

CO2 is hard to get at once installed.
by kevin l. on 2014-02-10 16:42:47
"Great Gun.

The semi auto 3 round burst gives you a big advantage over the usual tri shot shotgun. However, the fact that it has one barrel means that the spread is extremely tight at close range. this isn't necessarily a bad thing, it just means that you need to be more accurate to land shots.

The packaging that came with it was awful though. it just came in a box. nothing was holding it down, and there wasn't adequate padding. but luckily nothing happened.
by Mary T. on 2013-02-19 13:33:02
"Didn't actually receive this gun from this site but still writing the review: Gun is a great shotgun, yet that's what it is, a shotgun. Dont beleive that since its a c02 that it will have some crazy range. BBs seem to not shoot as far after every shot on rapid fire, yet thats expected considering many bbs are coming out rapidly at one time. Magazine capacity is low considering in a few seconds on tri-shot mag is gone. Yet this is a great shotgun and I would recommend to anyone interested, i even put a scope and foregrip on it. It seems great for zombie games.
by Thomas H. on 2010-10-09 12:07:48
"Have this Walther - bought it from another site. Its a very solid gun and fun to use. It is unlike a lot of airsoft / BB guns out there.

The 3 shot burst is very cool. The guns fire with a fast FPS. Have not tested the speed but guess is mid300's

Only negatives are - tough to insert the 88gram CO2 into the plastic housing at first. Price of 88 gram CO2 cans are expensive.

Wish it held more ammo - reloading takes some time

Displaying 1 to 8 (of 8 reviews)