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Umarex Walther P99 Co2 Powered Airsoft gas Blowback pistol

21 Customer Reviews

by Colin W. on 05/16/2018
"Great product for the price.

Comes with a metal slide that blows back with an impressive kick, and the co2 lasts long enough for most any game type; barring maybe a milsim where your primary breaks down and you need to use it more. I can get through about 10 magazines (150 shots) before any noticeable drop in performance, but before that happens the gun is pretty accurate (if you can control the recoil lol) and the slide locks back when your mag is empty, which is a nice feature to have included. Overall a great side arm for the price, and I'll be sure to keep it in use for a long time to come. I havent had any problems with it and I would recommend it to anyone wanting a gbb on a budget

Strong blowback
Slide locks
Metal internals and slide
Comfortable to hold

Spare mags are a bit costly at ~$12 (although this isnt much as gbb mags go)
Can be rather inaccurate at long ranges if firing rapidly
Magazines have a cap at the bottom making them a bit tricky to store in a pouch
by Ashley N. on 04/26/2018
"This gun is pretty good. I recommend it.
by Clinton S. on 08/14/2017
"I know I have written two reviews already, but I wanted to give an update on my gun.

After two years, and purchasing a great GBB rifle, this pistol is still my favorite gun I have ever owned, and in a lot of cases, I would choose it over my rifle that I paid $200 for. I have gotten a lot of compliments on this gun, and everyone I have let borrow it, has loved it. I will recommend this gun over and over again to anyone who is new to airsoft, or wants a great gun at a good price. There are plenty of guns out there that are more expensive, and some cheaper, but this one is quality, I promise. I like to keep the slide oiled, and the gasket where the CO2 cartridge hooks into the gun as well. I have had no leaks, though sometimes I hear it leaking slightly but it either goes away, or is so slight that you don't notice. The ONLY problems I have are with the magazines, but even that problem is extremely minor and doesn't have an effect on the gun.

So after two years of owning this gun,

Still efficient with CO2. Haven't seen how many mags I can go through before there is a noticeable decline in range recently, but it doesn't matter much to me at this point. I usually change the CO2 out after maybe 6 mags anyway.
Great value in my opinion. Doesn't have the range like my rifle, but the accuracy makes up for it.
Licensed by Walther.
Looks like a p99 which is awesome.

The bottoms of the magazines come off, but its just cosmetic.
Paint will start to get scratched off, but that's just cosmetic as well.
You haven't bought it yet.
The slide makes a metal clang, which isn't an issue to me, but I guess could be annoying to someone.

Your search for the perfect gas blowback pistol is over. This is the one for you.
by Benjamin J. on 08/08/2017
"I ordered this gun and I was not dissapointed. It is a great gun that works exceptionally well. Overall this gun had a great realistic feel to it and is very effective.
by John M. on 02/18/2017
"I like this gun, it turns heads when fired. Everyone has pretty much nailed the pros and cons. So, I'm gonna give a couple operational issues with the gun.

The Safety is push down to engage firing, but you just slide to engage safe. If you try to push down the safety to safe it, it is difficult and sounds ugly.
It's hard to remove spent CO2 cartridges, even when you back off the tightening screw. Maybe a tab of scotch tape around the cartridge with a courtesy tab would be a help.
The slide is very loose, so when holstering it is necessary to hold it in place.

Still given these minor complaints, I enjoy this gun as a sidearm. Do yourself a favor and buy a few extra magazines when you purchase it.
by Clinton S. on 10/17/2016
"This is my review after owning this gun for 15 months.

The gun still works phenomenally. I would, (and probably will) buy this gun again just so i could have a couple more for other people to use. I only play field, so if that matters to you, there it is. Here are some pros and cons that I have for this gun.

Great feel
Great CO2 consumption
good power
Good range

Magazines arent very durable, primarily the plastic bottoms. they will come off if you're not careful.

Other possible pros and cons might exist, but these are the only ones I have. Definitely worth the money, and I believe this gun will last for several years to come. If you have been looking for a gas blowback, just a CO2 pistol, or a great gun in general, you found it.
by Brandt S. on 12/08/2015
"This is a fantastic gun! I've used it many times and have never had a problem. The blowback function is awesome. Very high quality. I highly recommend this gun.
by Clinton S. on 07/07/2015
"Great gun!

Honestly, this is my first gas blowback pistol and I feel like I made a great choice. Gun feels great in my hands, slide locks back to let you know you're out of ammo, and seems to go for a while on a co2 cartridge. I went through about nine magazines and noticed the slide wasn't coming all the way back so I knew I was out of CO2. If you are looking for a great gun at a great price, this is a good start.

Great feel
Great CO2 consumption
Great range for a short pistol
Gas blowback

None so far!
by Maxton F. on 04/27/2015
"Awesome budget GBB! Goes through 300-400 shots on one canister, and has great kick! It makes a nice "clang!" when shot, which could be bad if you like sneaking around and picking people off.
by Kristen M. on 12/26/2014
"This gun looks very realistic and it has very realistic weight. It is definitely worth its money.

Pros: good c02 consumption, A nice crisp and smooth blowback, realistic weight,
Licencing on the gun is very true to the acutual walther p99.

Cons: stick magazine, And nothing else except you don't own one!
by Steven S. on 09/12/2013
"Just bought this to replace an old green gas M9, and I have to say, I couldn't have picked better! Good, solid feel, uses CO2 like a Prius uses gas, and has great FPS! It does have a stick magazine though. (But you can compensate for this in your mag pouch by sticking a CO2 cylinder in there as well)

Good weight
Metal and poly durability
Good accuracy/FPS
CO2 Efficient
Has definite power
Great price!

Not too good if you're into sneaking around, the action is pretty loud.
by Elizabeth M. on 07/01/2013
"this is one of the best pistols I have ever had!

you can shoot forever on one cartridge of co2
has a nice kick
nice little hole in the bottom of the mag for speed loading
feels great in your hands
easy to use dotted sights

orange tip is hard to get off

that's it! I highly recommend this gun.
by Brennan M. on 08/24/2012
"Just bought this pistol.... LOVE IT. Amazing kick range acusery and power
by Matt M. on 03/27/2012
"this is a really good back up weapon
nice fps
good co2 consumption some times i think it may never run out lol
looks sweet
shoots accurately
nice metal clack when fired
great blowback kick

wobbly but for a gun of this price not bad
stick type clip but again for the price not bad
by jaime r. on 01/08/2012
"Has nice fps
Realistic kick
Also a nice backup gun