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by John G. on 2016-03-26 20:34:52
"Overall the M60 VN is certainly a nice 1:1 example of the original M60. I carried the M60 for 18 mnths during my
tour in Vietnam. It brough back a lot of memories when I received it.
Many had stated it came with maker markings on it as often shown. Mine did not, its seems the latest models wll
not long have this markings.

Only thing in the box was the M60 and Box magazine.
There was NO MANUAL, you will have to download the manual from the Evike websight.
There were NO BB's, Battery or Battery Charger.
There was no correct flash hider for the true M60 as there once was.

This M60 will be used in a military collector display and not used in AS games.
All in all, it is well made, heavy and true to 1:1 build.
by Kyle R. on 2016-02-28 21:10:48
"Out of the Box

Very heavy (could be a con)
Box Mag is massive
Good battery space
Good range
Good Fire Rate (9.6) I wouldn't use a lipo unless you turn the rate of fire to a slower rate
Increases your muscle mass
Everyone runs
Good Price (When on sale)

Mag dose miss-feed in colder temperatures
Piston is polymer (Mine broke getting an upgrade now)
Barrel is a bit loose
Charging handle is huge and gets caught on stuff
Back Problems (First full day I used it)
Its A&K... it will break on you someday (Mine in the first 2 months)
In need of stronger internal parts

Smaller people stay away!


I am giving this four stars because what you get out of the box is a decent gun. I will admit when mine broke, I had been hammering the gun all day. But throughout the day before the piston teeth stripped the gun fired flawlessly. I was very happy with its performance. This is a great support weapon. Great for Vietnam reenactments. I would not recommend this gun for a Juggernaut role, because the charging handle would get caught on stuff when firing from the hip left handed. When using the "PIG" right handed the box mag is cumbersome and gets in the way. But this is the best gun you could possibly get to get the look of Rambo (What I personally do). If you want a support weapon and don't just want a regular old M249, get an M60
by Michael F. on 2015-11-16 18:35:09
"I've owned one for almost 3 years now. I'm honestly not too impressed by its performance out of the box. But, I did have a fairly high level of expectation before it arrived and that was quickly deflated after a couple of games. I ended up polarstarring it not too long after to truly be the monster it should be along with being my favorite weapon in my collection. Have had no issues since.

Out of the Box Review
- Very intimidating look
- Hefty Weight
- 4000 round box mag
- Solid FPS (around 380 - 400 w/ .20's)

- Flimsy parts (bipod, barrel release lever, charging handle, carry handle) most had to be replaced
- Poorly made pieces (loose barrel, bad screws, too much pot metal) nice trip to the hardware store to correct that
- MOSFET isn't even a true MOSFET. Wasn't impressed from the getco (Ended up overriding it)
- A nonexistent hop up (had poor range and was worked on too many times)

Even though I had more to say with Con's than Pro's, I'll still give it a 3.5/5 (round it up to 4) because it still did a decent job before I upgraded it. I'd recommend this gun for someone who has experience working on their own guns or know's someone who does since this isn't a gun for beginners.
by Nicholas Z. on 2015-02-28 14:19:31
"Box came with the gun, box mag, and a handy-dandy barrel cleaning rod. Some videos and other reviews said theirs came with a replacement M60 flash hider, cheapo battery, and wall charger, so I was kinda disappointed mine did not have those. Out of the box the thing was shooting between 425 and 450 with a 9.6 NiMH battery. The bipod is very flimsy, and the barrel does not seat very well. The barrel is supposed to be removable so you can access the MOSFET jumper plug, but it should not wobble back and forth when it is put back in the gun. And the Mother is heavy. Overall I would say it is a fair product.
by Christian G. on 2014-10-07 20:22:08
Nearly full metal
Seems to have a vehicle mount
metal bipod, stays in place mostly firm
Flip up rear sight
Working MOSFET featuring an adjustable ROF
Ambidextrous selector switch
Metal heat shield
Working box mag that doesn't need batteries
Ability to over ride MOSFET with a chip thats included
Rubberized carry handle grips

As my second M60(the first was replaced for a working model thanks to Evike) the platr holding the box mag has simply been removed(it basically fell off) super glue might fix this, but gorilla tape sure didn't...
You can technically house any battery u the box mag, I'm fine with a 9.6 nunchuk battery
The carry handle is very thin and looks like it may not be able to hold the weight, but the actual bar is steel so don't worry
Doesn't include battery
Didn't include any M60 specific flash hider...

A very solid and unique machine gun that's well worth the money!
by Austin R. on 2014-08-05 17:56:43
"This thing is absolutely amazing. Its been compared to a minigun by another player who, unfortunately for him, went up against it.
by Allen R. on 2013-11-10 16:51:59
"Let me start out by staying that this gun is amazing. Right out of the box this thing was shooting 442. I put a m90 in it and its competeing with the polarstars at my local field.

Heavy(im big)
With m90 fast
decent range
Alot of rounds

Fps was really high
Wiggly bi-pod
not the best trigger response

thats it, overall this is one of the best guns ive owned. Well worth 359.
by Kerri E. on 2013-05-17 16:51:11
"This gun is absolutely amazing! I got this for Christmas and it looks great with my Vietnam War gear.
I did have a few problems.
1. The mag broke last week and I have to buy a new one
2. The Barrel/ Receiver is extremely loose and I have no way to fix it
3. The Bipod feel like it will snap during heavy use.
I do love how this looks and everyone is afraid of mine at my local field. I nicknamed mine 'Petunia'
just be funny. I did replace the hex screws in the handle with a small flathead screw and it hasn't been tightened since and works great. Also, Buy a strap for this. This is heavy. I carry this with extra 4000rds of ammo, my Late M1956 Fieldgear and a M1967 Rucksack. The strap helps a lot since my field is a 20 minute walk in the woods and mud. I rate 4/5 since the mag broke after using it for at 5 times.
by Patrick B. on 2013-05-07 13:02:42
"I got this gun about two weeks ago and so far I am impressed. This is my first machine gun and A&K Really outdid themselves here. I have used it in two games and the performance is amazing not to mention intimidating the other players lol. Anyways here`s my list:

Full metal besides the stock and handgrip
Disassembling this gun is not hard at all
Internals can take some abuse
Rate of fire. I use a Matrix 9.6v 4000mah (really recommend)

The barrel has slight wobble but its easily fixed with some electrical tape.
The hop-up is not the greatest but it still works.

Over all I would recommend this to just about anybody who wants to get their first machine gun or to the most experienced players who want to fit that support gunner role!
by Eric R. on 2013-04-28 18:48:01
"I got mine over this last week and finally got to use it yesterday. This thing isnt as heavy as I thought it was going to be at first. But after a 3 hour game of lugging this moster my m-16 and equipment around I was beat. Other than that the gun does not dissapoint. Works well in emplaced positions and rips through underbrush with no problem. Definatly a well made support gun, Keeping multiple peoples heads down will be no problem for this.

1. Rate of fire is good with the stock 9.6 that it comes with. (get a bigger 9.6, somthing like a 4000 or 3800 the stock battery will not make it through a whole game.
2. Weight is realistic
3. Capacity of box mag is amazing. For a 3 hour game and constant firing I reloaded 2 times. Seems pretty good considering the amount of BB's I went through.
4. Range was great. I had no problem lacing guys up from 150-170 feet away.
5. The M-60 also can keep up with continuous fire. Had the trigger pulled for the better part of a half an hour with no problems.

The cons are the same as everyone elses below. Charging handle didnt like to stay in place and the bipods seemed a bit flimsy.

All in all if your looking for a machine gun to add to your airsoft collection, look no further. The A&K M-60 VN is a great gun to get. Especially for the amount of $ spent your getting a great piece of equipment and a great deal.
by Jaromir E. on 2013-04-08 18:29:36
"Soooo. Got mine few days ago and already had it down in field.
Weapon looks truly amazing and all people will be pretty intimidated by the look of it.
The firepower u can lay down with it is also pretty impresive.
Weight and realism of the weapon is truly neat.
Shoots constantly. From time to time takes two BBs at once but it doesnt truly matter in the amount being shot.

All screws constatly getting lose.
Few screws alredy with destroyed thread already from manufacturing.....thas huge minus.

Simply the capacity and two options of loading of the BBs.
Nice look.

Powered by gun battery so better battery needed.
The loading springlike tube is quite....poor quality and need a bit of reinforcement by sturdy tape in order to last for long time.

So overall? Highly depends how u get it from manufacturer.... on scale 1-10 where 10 is best..7.5
by Merril C. on 2013-03-16 10:08:17
"I just received mine, and Im very impressed.
I love the weight and feel.

When I was in the Army, this was my weapon, and the A&K M60 does not disappoint.

I plan on terrorizing my local airsoft field this spring!

The only con I can think of so far is the charging handle feels very weak.
Its not spring loaded, and feels like it could break easily.

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