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A&K M60VN Full Metal Full Size Airsoft AEG Machine Gun

34 Customer Reviews

by zach k. on 03/07/2011
"First off great gun the M60E1 is truly an iconic LMG. This gun fires slow and fast depending on what you have the mosfet chip turned to, if you put a 9.6 in it will fire faster though. This gun fires around 350-360 give or take right around the same as my FN SCAR HEAVY. It is made of full metal except the heavy duty nylon bottom hand guard below the fully metal heat cover also the stock is a heavy duty nylon which will not break on you. The flashider it comes with looks similar to the G&G version of it and it is full metal. The bipod is copied exactly just like the real steal version and looks breathtaking due to it only being $400 and being from A&K which is suprising after the M60E3 model. IT IS NOT HEAVY IT ONLY 16 POUNDS the real steal version is 40 POUNDS and the SEALS didnt complain. The box mag does not work well and what I mean by that is the awkward design of it hanging to the left but the box mag feeds flawlessly carrying around 2500 rounds Overall I recommend this gun to any one who likes big heavy guns if not stick to the FN M249.

Iconic LMG for $400 not $40,000 like the real steal thank god for airsoft
Full metal and very durable
very balanced FPS not like your going to use it for CQB though it is possible
Mosfet is amazing I keep it on a slower rate of fire to preserve munitions
and so on as I listed above.....

Box mag drapes to the left but its wont effect the rating i give the gun because that is the way it was designed.
by Aaron C. on 02/01/2011
"Two days into this gun, started as a 3 star, but with a little work it is a 5 star. It came with a small 8.4 volt NiMh, not enough to turn the motor much. I put in a 9.6 NiMh, works but unable to fully use it's features. Also a 7.4V LiPo kept the ROF low. This disappointed me at 1st, but I built a 12V NiMh, and it came alive. The MOSFET started working well and the ROF was very good. I had to clean the gear box a bit, but not much. I also found chips on the paint, painted over (overspray found on the gear box).

Extremely durable, heavy, and accurate build
Easy to maintain.
Easy to upgrade.
Adjustable MOSFET really works!
Ammo box can fit large batteries
Ammo box auto feed also works well

Cosmetics aren't the best
Needs a bit of work before getting it's full potential
Ammo box auto feed switch is backwards (continuous on auto, auto on continuous)

Overall, I love it. compare the next vendor's cost for this model is $2K, this is absolutely worth it. This might work better with a high speed motor, I believe it is a high torque installed, hence the slower rate of fire with lower voltage batteries, but don't quote me.
by zach k. on 12/04/2010
"Great gun it shoots 380~390 fps and has great rof A&K has really put a lot of effort into this gun after the failures in the MK43 MOD0 it is mostly metal and is very good for the support role on your team im 14 and im 5 ft 9.5" so its not that heavy for me im not going to add that as a con because if you are too small do not get this gun it is HEAVY

Mostly metal except for the polymer stock
very heavy which ads to realism
pretty inexpensive for an M60!!!
Its the regular Vietnam model not the ugly SEAL model
good fps and rof

its not edible really there is nothing wrong with it
by wyatt h. on 10/17/2010
"This LMG is toooooo legit for words. First off, it feels great in your hands, its a little heavy(30 lbs. give or take), it comes with a free full metal m60 style flash hider.

1.adjustable rate of fire
2. huge box mag, 33% bigger than a saw's box mag.
3. Intimidating as H#LL.
4.full freakin' metal.
5.very cheap(monitarily, not quality)
6. barrel is easily removed with the flick of a switch
7.groupings are tight
8. accurate
9. sounds great with a sound amplifer and a 9.6 4000 mAH.

2. the bolt isnt attached to a spring, so when you pull it back, it stays back.
3. my bolt broke off, probably my fault

besides these few faults, this a great gun.
by ben s. on 09/23/2010
"i was wondering if this uses a short type motor like the m249, and if the rate of fire changer is the same for all batteries.
by Kyle R. on 02/28/2016
"Out of the Box

Very heavy (could be a con)
Box Mag is massive
Good battery space
Good range
Good Fire Rate (9.6) I wouldn't use a lipo unless you turn the rate of fire to a slower rate
Increases your muscle mass
Everyone runs
Good Price (When on sale)

Mag dose miss-feed in colder temperatures
Piston is polymer (Mine broke getting an upgrade now)
Barrel is a bit loose
Charging handle is huge and gets caught on stuff
Back Problems (First full day I used it)
Its A&K... it will break on you someday (Mine in the first 2 months)
In need of stronger internal parts

Smaller people stay away!


I am giving this four stars because what you get out of the box is a decent gun. I will admit when mine broke, I had been hammering the gun all day. But throughout the day before the piston teeth stripped the gun fired flawlessly. I was very happy with its performance. This is a great support weapon. Great for Vietnam reenactments. I would not recommend this gun for a Juggernaut role, because the charging handle would get caught on stuff when firing from the hip left handed. When using the "PIG" right handed the box mag is cumbersome and gets in the way. But this is the best gun you could possibly get to get the look of Rambo (What I personally do). If you want a support weapon and don't just want a regular old M249, get an M60
by Michael F. on 11/16/2015
"I've owned one for almost 3 years now. I'm honestly not too impressed by its performance out of the box. But, I did have a fairly high level of expectation before it arrived and that was quickly deflated after a couple of games. I ended up polarstarring it not too long after to truly be the monster it should be along with being my favorite weapon in my collection. Have had no issues since.

Out of the Box Review
- Very intimidating look
- Hefty Weight
- 4000 round box mag
- Solid FPS (around 380 - 400 w/ .20's)

- Flimsy parts (bipod, barrel release lever, charging handle, carry handle) most had to be replaced
- Poorly made pieces (loose barrel, bad screws, too much pot metal) nice trip to the hardware store to correct that
- MOSFET isn't even a true MOSFET. Wasn't impressed from the getco (Ended up overriding it)
- A nonexistent hop up (had poor range and was worked on too many times)

Even though I had more to say with Con's than Pro's, I'll still give it a 3.5/5 (round it up to 4) because it still did a decent job before I upgraded it. I'd recommend this gun for someone who has experience working on their own guns or know's someone who does since this isn't a gun for beginners.
by Kerri E. on 05/17/2013
"This gun is absolutely amazing! I got this for Christmas and it looks great with my Vietnam War gear.
I did have a few problems.
1. The mag broke last week and I have to buy a new one
2. The Barrel/ Receiver is extremely loose and I have no way to fix it
3. The Bipod feel like it will snap during heavy use.
I do love how this looks and everyone is afraid of mine at my local field. I nicknamed mine 'Petunia'
just be funny. I did replace the hex screws in the handle with a small flathead screw and it hasn't been tightened since and works great. Also, Buy a strap for this. This is heavy. I carry this with extra 4000rds of ammo, my Late M1956 Fieldgear and a M1967 Rucksack. The strap helps a lot since my field is a 20 minute walk in the woods and mud. I rate 4/5 since the mag broke after using it for at 5 times.
by Jaromir E. on 04/08/2013
"Soooo. Got mine few days ago and already had it down in field.
Weapon looks truly amazing and all people will be pretty intimidated by the look of it.
The firepower u can lay down with it is also pretty impresive.
Weight and realism of the weapon is truly neat.
Shoots constantly. From time to time takes two BBs at once but it doesnt truly matter in the amount being shot.

All screws constatly getting lose.
Few screws alredy with destroyed thread already from manufacturing.....thas huge minus.

Simply the capacity and two options of loading of the BBs.
Nice look.

Powered by gun battery so better battery needed.
The loading springlike tube is quite....poor quality and need a bit of reinforcement by sturdy tape in order to last for long time.

So overall? Highly depends how u get it from manufacturer.... on scale 1-10 where 10 is best..7.5
by james t. on 01/13/2013
"If your lookin for a LMG for your team this guy is a fairly good choice. Its big, heavy and made of a lot of metal. It has a nice WOW affect when you pull it out of your car at the field. But as we all know looks can sometimes be decieving. This gun is a lot of fun but if you want to run and gun with a big gun get a 249.

Metal construction
Realistic look and feel
Makes you look like Rambo
Doubles as a weight set
Good price
Free battery (good for a loaner battery or backup batt)
Big METAL tip included in box

Lose screws, tighten all screws when you get it.
Box mag hangs by a strap on the side and can be broken very easy.
20+ pounds loaded with bb's and battery
ROF adjustment does not work very well, but you can disable it with a supplied jumper
Range is not as far as you would think
Double fires and short fires fairly often
by Richard W. on 09/11/2012
"I love this gun!!! it's so realistic, except that the feed tray opens differently.the RS version had two square button things, and this model has a latch.(my dad used this with the army rangers in the late 80's.Think he had a tear in his eye from remembering the times he had with this.)It's a Accurate replica of an M60A1. the box, however, has that plastic tube outer cover, that will come off if the box jiggles too much, which it will do. then, try not to crimp it shut trying to take it off, since It won't feed the gun and you'll have to McGuyver the box or buy a new box.

3000 rounds
Bipod and shoulder rest built in
auto winding mag hookup to the gun in addition to the battery plug-in.
Really heavy (no wonder my dad has bad knees, parachuting with this monster.)
plastic mag lip
Nothing else I can think of.
by ken l. on 03/15/2012
"Love it-

4/5 stars.
(only because its not as accurate as it good be, but a 35 dollar barrel is no complaint, would recommend buying a matrix barrel ASAP will shoot accurate at 100 -150 feet no problems.

It has real steel weight to it unloaded, and the real steel m60 does not weigh 40lbs.. not even loaded..IDK where you got your facts from lol, I've held and fired the real steel at plenty of gun shows. and Navy SEALs use MK43's and MK46 LMG's the only place i've ever seen this used in any armed force world wide is, Vietnam police, Germany, Norway, and by Taliban..

REAL to AIRSOFT weight(real first)
Weight: 18LB, 17.5LB
Loaded weight:(RS w/100round box) 25LB, AEG(w/battery&full3000rnds) 23lbs

A quick con, dont fiddle with the charging handle gently drag it back then slide forward do not slam rack it is held on by a small latch system that will fall off. you should only pull it back when you are going to open the gun anyways. if you do however like doing this and your a complete full super glue it LOL... -derp face-

by Susan O. on 12/11/2010
"Sam here! Pretty good gun! Heres what I have to say..

- Heavy weight. Full metal. Realistic!
- ROF can be changed by the nob on the front under the bipod.
- BIG magazine capacity!
- GREAT with 9.6 volt battery. Recommended!
- All the parts to a real life M60 are included on this rifle! Very detailed!
- Quiet, yet powerful!
- Great FPS, and accuracy is AMAZING!

- DO NOT trust the carrying handle. Very cheaply made and can bend when you twist it!
- Magazine jams quite a bit.
- Battery can be a tight fit in the magazine holder.
- The switch for the box mag. is towards the gun. Put a piece of electrical tape over it because when you put your battery in, it will switch it to "off". Very big hassle to go back in and switch it back.
- WIres are sometimes to long depending on wire length of your battery.
- Recommend buying TWO batteries. Because the motor used for gun and motor used for box mag. uses lots of juice!!!
- DO NOT run with this gun! You will fall on it like my friend did and crap it right in half! Meant for walking/camping!

4 out of 5 for cons! But a very nice gun! NOT for starters!
by Joel F. on 12/04/2010
"This gun is amazing!!! I heard on other reviews it didn't come with a battery and so i bought 2 batteries for it, and what do u know, it came with a 9.6V AND a charger... This is definitely better than any M249 I have ever fired but it can get to be a little cumbersome at times.

-Came with a battery and charger
-Solid as a rock, wouldn't suggest dropping it though
-Carrying handle is strong enough to walk around with
-3500 Round mag!!!
-1000 Rds and no misfires like the m249 counterparts
-Very nice bi-pod and Vietnam style flash-hider included
-Adjustable ROF
-Some plastic parts
-Not righty friendly
-A little heavy but not a problem for me
-A little big but not a problem for me
-No trades except for a small sticker that reads "Made In China" lol

Over all, this guns Pros greatly out-way the Cons to it (which are minor if anything). This thing is so badass that if it weren't heavy and huge, you couldn't feel like Rambo with it.
by Titus K. on 07/27/2017
"I got the m60, brand new, opened it up the day it got here, hooked up a fully charged battry, loaded it, pulled the trigger, and it jammed, unjammed it, reconnected the may, it shot a whopping three shots and jammed again. I don't know what the heck is wrong with it, but this is very dissapointing. Looked around for a solution, most say send it back.