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Adaptive Combat Rifle System Airsoft AEG by A&K - Black

43 Customer Reviews

by benjamin r. on 12/25/2014
"Just got this gun for Christmas and it is fairly amazing. It's a beautiful gun and it feels great. I'm super pleased with it but here's what I wasn't super pleased about:

-Hopup system was broke right outa the box (might be just mine but it's something to think about)
-Rear sight is horrendous. It doesn't stay down when it snaps in and it's hard to see through.
-Magazine you get is iffy on feeding but eh whatever. Buy some extras and you'll be set.

Other than those 3 things I am really happy with it. It looks sick and is fairly accurate even with a dysfunctional hopup. I give it a 4 due to the hopup and rear sight but that's nothing to not buy the gun over. Other reviews complain about the rate of fire but if you buy a 9.6v it shoots like a dream. However I don't do a lot of full auto so that's just my opinion. I plan on getting some upgrades for it so if you're thinking about buying the Masada just stop and do it. You won't forget it!!
by David C. on 11/15/2012
"This gun is really nice and it feels great in your hands. When you shoot it doesn't sound as loud as some other guns. I've had this for almost a year and it worked up to the point where the mag release broke.

Great feel
Good FPS
good range

A little heavy if your not used to the style of the weapon
Mag release breaks
by logan f. on 09/11/2012
"Pretty good gun. I like the feel of it because it's polymer. My friend has the $480 one and it's good but the electronic trigger on it breaks easily and it's hard to find parts for it. So if you were thinking of buying the pts version or the g&p version, you are just better of buying this one and customizing the crap out of it.

Great feel
Good fps for all kinds of gameplay
Replacement parts

Mag release breaks
And sometimes A loose barrel (crazyncman has a video on how to fix it)
by Ryan Y. on 04/15/2012
"it seems like i am the only person who did not get the metal flash-hider :(
overall this gun is great, it shoots well and packs some punch.

-all the same materials used in the making of the real steel rifle
-not to heavy but not to light
-high rate of fire and fps with a 9.6v battery
-not too expensive on evike (other sites have this for over $350)
-lots of rail space for sights
-looks awesome with a bravo 551 replica
-looks awesome with an M203

-barrel wobble (can be easily fixed by putting some duct tape between the barrel and the gray peice that locks the barrel into the receiver)
-the battery is a bitch to get in (be careful what battery you choose, i have the Intellect 9.6V Small Type 1600mAh Airsoft Battery Pack (Butterfly Configuration) and it works great)

overall this is a great gun for a not too bad price that performs well and is a great primary weapon. 4 stars because i didn't get the metal flash-hider that everybody else did :(
by Allen K. on 03/13/2012
"I just got this gun today. I am yet to shoot it, but i have a feeling that with the high fire rate it will shoot great. This gun is perfect for someone who wants an out of the ordinary weapon to see at battles(like me).

Pretty good weight
Sturdy ABS
Comes with a Metal Flash hider you can attatch
You can put an M4/M16 Carry handle on it!!!!!(It kinda looks cool because you can carry it and have a sight.

When i got mine, The pin for the lower handguard did not go in correctly. In fact it wouldnt go in at all, To fix, just simply lift up the handguard, and keep pushing it down, not to slam it but if you do it just hard enough, the holes will align and in goes your pin.

Plastic Flash hider is glued on even though you get a metal one that comes with it.
The plastic flash hider is held in by a pin you can barely see and really strong glue, but i blasted it with a hairdryer and then twisted it off.

Overall i would give this weapon a 3/5 because of the pin problem and the Flash hider, but the Pin was probably just on my model, so i will be fair and give it a 4/5 rating.
by Tien N. on 02/10/2012
"I got this gun the other day. It feels really good even though it's mostly high impact ABS. Metal M4 mags fit well and over all it feels good even with an ACOG mounted. The only reason I knocked it down a notch is mine only shoots at 330 fps average out of the box. If you get one and want to use a QD sling mount on the middle or rear position you'll need to either dremil the edges to fit or get a QD sling mount that fits.
by Sam R. on 05/23/2011
"Buying this gun is undoubtedly one of the best choices you can make for purchasing an AEG. This gun is fast, powerful and accurate. Only con is that the slixe will want to mess with your mind, meaning it works fine but after a few cocks it will begin to really wear down. Use lube and dissasembe gun to make the bolt cover smaller, other than that perfect gun. 9/10 evike!
by Akmal K. on 03/25/2011
"my friend got me this for my birthday and i can say this is one of the sickest looking guns ive ever owned, i've had it now for like 4 months and totally dominated the battlefield.

good range
very powerful
full metal top rail retractable stock! (just found that out)
accurate (sorta)
lots of metal
i feel like im in modern warfare 2

no bottom rails
not too accurate, needs tighbore barrel (probably just me)
gets heavy after a bit
a little long

I totally reccomend this gun to eveyone, preferably to older people because of its weight. Oh and guys, please stop asking questions, just email the sight. these are for reviews not questions
by Gino S. on 10/04/2010
"I bought this Gun and i have to say that its got a lot of bang for your buck. and i would really recommend it despite the chance that you may be called a call of duty fanboy,which doesn't matter to me.

-made from aluminum and some composite
-feels really comfortable
-great performance(punched through 4 layers of cardboard,and can shoot accurate around150 ft)
-its a masada that doesnt cost as much as others.

-mag feels like it isn't held in place tight and might fall out, but hasn't(i even held the gun upside down by the mag)
-doesn't have any trademarks other than the holo sticker.
-lever to remove the barrel broke on mine but u don't need it to remove the assembly

overall its an amazing gun that i would suggest to anyone who wants a unique gun that can hold its own.
by Marcus H. on 09/23/2010
"Does this airsoft aeg come with a battery and/or charger? PLEASE ANSWER EVIKE!
by jon c. on 12/11/2013
"this gun is very good with just default factory settings however, a month after i got mine stuff in my gearbox started to break, i dont know if i got the ugly duck out of the bunch but the parts are not of the highest quality from what i have seen. still a good gun if you dont mind getting your gun upgraded/fixed
by Derek B. on 01/31/2012
"I had many problems with this gun. I did a lot of research on it before I bought it, and a lot of the problems, I never heard of before, so don't like this review change your mind on the gun, I think I just got unlucky.

The problems I had were when I would shoot on full auto, it would shoot semi-auto for like every other trigger pull. The selector switch was still on full auto, it would just shoot on semi. The other major problem was that the screw on the motor plate would always loosen by itself, and destroy my gears.

*Pretty good range, even better accuracy
*Feels great
*Metal lower receiver
*The plastic felt AMAZING

*The flip up sight they give you wiggles around alot
*Battery is a b1tch to get in
*The screw on the grip plate would loosen, causing my motor to have a loose connection with the gears
*With the selector switch at full auto, it would still shoot on semi.

I gave it 3 stars because my first AEG, which was $120, lasted way longer than this. I was always having to do work on the gearbox for multiple reasons. But I would reccomend this gun if you are very, very familiar with AEGS.
by Aaron S. on 02/28/2011
"This gun is okay, but not 100% great. Looks awesome, nice quality polymer fiberglass outer body. About 60 % of this gun is all metal. It does not come with a battery, so you need to provide your own. The barrel does not have threads, so you cant change it out for a smaller barrel. Flash hider can be changed out, just be sure to use a wrench to get it off, cause its glued on. I agree the FPS is not great, and the ROF is kinda bad, even with a 9.6v battery. Speaking of battery, its near impossible to get the thing in, cause the front handguard comes off and you gotta get the battery in there and after put the hanguard back on. All in all 3 of 5 star rating.

-Looks Awesome
-Hi cap pmag included (everyone loves a PMAG)
-Metal orange flashhider included
-Feels good and is very light
-Nice quality iron sights
-The tip of the barrel is threaded so flash hiders can be switched out

-FPS is about 320-330. I expected more form a 300 dollar gun.
-ROF is pretty bad. Never use an 8.4v on this thing. Always use a 9.6 or 10.8v to raise the ROF to its fullest.
-Battery is near impossible to get in
-Barrel does not have threads, and cannot be changed out for a small one.
-Flash hider is glued on, need a wrench to get it off.