Reviews: AIM Reinforced Tappet Plate for V.2 / M4 / M16 / MP5 / G3 Series Airsoft AEG Gearbox


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Model: TP-AIM-GB-09-13
Location: S5-138 SO-363

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by linza w. on 2014-05-27 07:16:35
"Although the description says it's made of polycarbonate it's actually a glass-fiber reinforced polymer, similar to SHS. Which btw, this is much better than polycarb. Because polycarb tends to be brittle and not great for high-speed setups. Just had to clear that up, this is a much better material than polycarbonate.
Onto the review: This tappet plate is definitely one of my favorites on the entire air soft market, this and the ASG/Lonex are the only two that I haven't managed to snap. Very good construction, doesn't deform or wear down easily, and has plenty of flex and would be extremely hard to snap. Also it helped fix some feeding problems I was having with the gun. The setup I am running this tappet plate in, is quite high-stress. Definitely one of the best tappet plates you can buy.

Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)