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by Zach C. on 2015-09-05 14:07:15
"It sucks, the internals are great but first game all the iron sights were gone. Second to third game bipod broke off. The charging handle is now gone. 6/10 would only buy for decoration on the wall because that's what its obviously meant for
by Joseph R. on 2015-05-16 16:55:59
"Issues but very nice.. I ordered the cyma for $50 cheaper and was sent the ECHO 1!
First issue bi-pod broke out of box, had to send back and wait 2 weeks. Got it back and its a dream to be modded! also the stock battery is dead, gave me flashing red on both my chargers.

The battery stock is VERY SMALL!
I bought Tenergy 9.6V 1600mAh that are flat batteries and they work ONLY if you use a shotgun/rifle recoil pad you can get these at any store that sell guns for $20 or online. Just slip the cover over the buttstock (remove the plate) and it works, tuck in the wires!

shoots to 150 feet on .25 but you can shoot higher and hit a bit father. Out of the box it was 410 but on a fully charged battery I was hitting 415-420 almost couldn't play! Break this gun in with a few 1000's bbs.

I can only recommend .25 or .23,.. .25 are dead on at 100 feet, not moved by wind. .23 are nice too, they only change the fps by 20 on this gun I noticed they shot at 385-395 compared to 405-418.
.20 just fly all over at 100 feet ++ not recommend to use those.

Recommend upgraded barrel 6.03, stock barrel doesn't even come all the way to the end, you can go father if you want or not depends on what you like.

I never messed with the hop-up, I was hitting people through twigs and leafs on .25. Maybe upgrade the hop-up also for a monster gun. Probably need to change the spring to lower the fps so its legal for your field if you upgrade the barrel and hop-up.

Magazines that have worked for me, stock magazine is nice but so hard to carry and CANNOT be used with bi-pod easy, you have to lift the gun up no fun.

King arms no wind micap worked I have a few of these, and the MAG micap brownish color here on evike worked nicely. I bought a matrix hicap 600 round magazine but it jammed in my mag well do not use that on this gun.

This gun just eats ammo, everyone looks at you and says nice gun, you can support us. Find some nice hi-caps that work and use .23-.25 and go to town! Compared to my M4, i ran through 3 mid-caps in 10 minutes. Its because you have the longer range and go for hits. Only buy a few mid-caps for this, you will want hi-caps after you start going through ammo and so much reloading, with the weight of the gun and the filling up of your dump pouch.
by perry c. on 2015-04-06 15:21:01
"Got it and not even less than an hour, started having issues. My front sight popped off due to a loose flash hider, The second is that my bipod just popped off for not reason but one of the main things is that it's made out of pot metal ( the Worst kind)
by Caleb C. on 2014-10-08 19:48:40
"First off, I'll summarize. 4 out of 5 stars. Nice externals, very nice internals. Effective hop-up, good range & accuracy. Grand in scale.

Now, the outside is nice; featuring steel receivers, trigger, trigger guard, mag release, bipod and gas block. The handguard and buttstock are wood. The piece that connects the receiver and stock together is nice, beefier than most. While it isn't made of steel, it is decently thick and has supports. However, the bottom screw hole on my exact gun was stripped out, so the stock is wobbly as the screw will not tighten all the way. This does not effect performance.
The upper half of the handguard is a little loose, but this doesn't effect performance either; it just rattles a bit.

The barrel itself is aluminum, and the front sight & flash hider are a cheap pot metal. The front sight was already missing a small piece, and both the hider and sight are loose. (I expect them to shatter completely sometime soon)

The internals are pleasant. It has a high-torque motor for quick fire rates if you like that sort of thing. The hopup is very effective, with small adjustments making big changes in range/accuracy. The hopup is metal, as well. I can't seem to remember the mm of the gearbox.
The accuracy is nice up to 100ft, but the grouping at such a range isn't terribly consistent.

Also, my shipping label listed this as 6.5lbs, and my own scale listed it at 9.5lbs.
But it you were to ask me, I would say that it is even heavier. I really do not recommend this for small people or children. I, myself, am small in stature and it is a tad tiring wielding it.

Now for the real meat of the review, the things I don't like:
Front sight and flash hider are made with dirt-cheap metal. They will break quickly.

The charging handle has a small arm on the bottom to keep in on track. It in fact does not do its job, comes off the track, and makes the movement of the bolt... not-so smooth. But it does not interfere with usage, just kinda makes it grind and scrape.

The battery goes in the stock. The isn't much room at all. Either use an 8.4v brick, or a peq battery because, with the rather rigid wires, it isn't the easiest to fit either inside. Or use woodworking tools and carve yourself some more space!

The battery cover attaches with two screws. Quick battery changes ain't in your future.

This gun is heavy as sin.

The big ol' banana mag gets in the way when using the bipod. It's fine while you are firing, but if you try to rest the gun down, the mag gets in the way and the whole gun tilts.

By hey, at least you look like a baller holding this with a cigar hanging from your mouth.

So that's what I have to say about this piece. You may take my review with a grain of salt; I haven't game-tested this yet, so I have no idea how it stands to abuse.
Thanks for reading, though.
by Daniel W. on 2014-08-02 21:28:09
"I've had one of these for a few months now, and have made a few observations about this particular RPK.

First, on initial chrono, bone stock, my Redstar was running 410 FPS with .20g bbs. The stock 9.6v battery is more than sufficient to run the gun, however if you plan on buying an upgraded battery you'll need to get yourself a PEQ box battery, due to the weird shape of the stock/battery compartment.

The stock hopup chamber is metal, and the stock bucking/nub combo is OK. You can definitely reach out and touch someone with this rifle. That being said, it's not terribly consistent in the groupings.

I recently upgraded my Redstar with a Madbull Fishbone bucking and Madbull 500mm tightbore. This has bumped the FPS considerably into the 450 FPS range, from around 440 to 455 FPS, in addition to making this thing a tack driver. I've read online that it's possible to run up to a 590mm tightbore in this weapon without having to use a boreup kit, however I am unsure of this personally.

OK, so now on to the cons of this weapon;
In my first real OP with the gun, I managed to break the front sight, lose the rear leaf sight, and break the front sight post sleeve that goes around the outer barrel. Those parts are made of pot metal, not a decent steel like the rest of the weapon. However this is mitigated by the gun having the ability to use an AK side rail mount, though the optic will sit quite high off the receiver.

The front end is a bit wobbly after use, most likely because unlike regular AKs, there's just one pin through the trunion holding the front end and receiver together. It's not really a pain to take apart, and it make accessing the inner barrel and hopup almost a breeze.


Come with a 9.6v battery from the factory.
Easy to disassemble and upgrade the inner barrel and get into the gearbox.
Drum mag makes this gun beast.

Doesn't seem to like using regular AK mags until you've broken it in.
Stock and front end may start to wobble on you a bit.
Factory barrel and hop bucking/nub doesn't give the best groupings.
Front sight assembly is pot metal, and will probably crack/break. (This can be fixed with creative use of JB Weld and hope)
by scott A. on 2014-04-30 12:50:25
"so ive had mine for about halve a year now, it worked fantastically until about a month ago, the metal that is used for the sight isnt very good and my sight split in halve around the barrel and it is very difficult to find a new one, now the charging handle looks like its going to come off. but the major down side to having the front sight broken id that you cant use your bipod without it. although if you think about it its not to terrible because you have a long barreled ak!:D besides that the range and FPS are really nice and the quality for the most part is really nice!
by Joshua S. on 2013-05-06 17:28:42
"The Echo 1 RPK is a beast of a BB gun. This is a versatile LMG or assault rifle, and easy fits both styles of player. The accuracy, fps and distance this gun has fresh out of the box is quite pleasing to an experienced airsofter. You will not regret buying this fine piece that Echo 1 has produced. It is lighter than your average LMG and the hook points are perfectly placed. This would get three thumbs up if possible. Oh yeah and I forgot to mention you can use a decent amount of AK type magazines for this gun as well! With that said the only con I would say is that the lever for the semi, auto and safety has the nut loosening from time to time, so keep tabs on that and you shouldn't have an issue at all.
by cyndi p. on 2013-02-19 14:36:35
"this gun is alsome i got it a week ago and the only con that it had was that the fuse was blown but that was a easy fix you can get them chep at any atto shop. other than that its a great gun and i like everything about.

great fps
great rps
full steal body
real wood
not as hevy as an m249 or a m60
great range
very accurate

bad fuse
the back sight came off but it pops back in place.
by Dan C. on 2013-01-30 19:09:16
"Great gun overall. Solid externals, even better internals. Mine shot 470 FPS out of the box. Put an m100 spring in this bad boy and it is shooting 380FPS. The ROF with the lower spring is about 15ish. Only problem I ever had was during a game the motor mount came loose and I had to go screw it back in (the screw in the bottom of the pistol grip for those who don't know). has the proper beefed up RPK reciever. Trademarks look cool I'm not going to be a whiner and say that it sucks because the caliber is wrong. Its an airsoft gun. Only real Con is the bipod IS pot metal, rear sight is super wobbley, and it is VERY finicky with magazines.


Steel Body
about 10 pounds (compare it to a 15 pound M249 or 20 pound M60)
Realistic beefed up reciever (just like the real thing)
Great FPS
Amazing Internals
Wood is solid as a rock
Range is anywhere from 1-200ft EASILY
Hopup is metal


Pot metal bipod
Rear sight is wobbley
Very picky with magazines. Will take most AK-74 magazines
Incompatible with most drum magazines. Either don't fit or too wobbley for reliable feeding.
by John S. on 2012-12-19 17:55:25
"This is a sweet gun. With a 650mm 6.03 JBU barrell it is shooting 420 fps with .20 bbs. The bipod is rugged as well as the rest of the gun. The battery compartment in the stock is definately a tight fit. I purchased from Evike an Echo1 11.1v lipoly battery (Lipo-E1-Lipo02) as well as a Firefox 7.4v lipoly battery (BAT-Lipo74V-002) for use. Both batteries fit, with the Echo1 battery just barely fitting, but it does. I also purchased the Matrix 3000 round drum (CMAG-SC-AK-1) and this thing rocks. The drum mag has no trouble keeping up with the rate of fire when using the 11.1 lipoly. The 800 round magazine that comes with the gun will shoot approximately 1/3 of the mag before it has to be round fully again.

What really sold me on purchasing was watching the demo video on Echo1's website. If you are on the fence about purchasing, watch the video and it will solidify why you should get it.

The only con about the RPK so far is the rear sight assembly just fell out during play on the very first day, and the piece that goes under the rear sight was lost. We were able to back track and find the actual rear sight. I contacted Echo1 and they are sending a replacement part no questions asked. That is customer service!
by Hinde R. on 2012-09-18 17:07:22
"This gun is sweet! I bought it with a high-torque motor, steel high-torque gears, an m150, and an NcStar rail system. Bottom line, with my optic, I'm the best SAW gunner for my county team. The power is unreal. The build is full-steel, and if very solid. The bi-pod is seemingly high quality, and the ROF is insane with a 9.6v. I can shoot up to around 150 feet with accuracy and power. Also, as a pointer, the gun is very light-weight (I think like 12.5 lbs loaded), so if you want a secondary, go for it.The gun is killer. BUY THIS GUN.

-Power (out of the box it's insane, with upgrades it MURDERS)
-Accuracy/ Range (great out-of-the-box; 150 feet accuracy)
-Solid build (ALL STEEL)
-Light weight; I can rifle this gun
-Sweet looks, make everyone jealous! ;D

-Battery space. The gun takes a small-type, despite labels, and even then, you have to cram. It isn't a problem unless you're switching batteries mid-game, which you shouldn't need to do. Other than that...
literally none. I know some people say "NONE" because they're so in-love with their weapon, but I can't find any flaws. It has $450 quality, and doesn't even need upgrades. This gun is awesome, and with a new set of gears + a new motor, you'll never lose a match. EVER.

BUY THIS GUN. Whether you're a SAW or assault, this gun is the way to go. Disappointment isn't possible.
by John B. on 2011-12-13 17:46:24
"SOOOOOOO russian. The essential lmg. light weight, and very powerful. I recommend a CYMA 2500 rnd drum mag and a 3 point sling. Much like the real steel.

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