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Bobster Ballistics ANSI Z87 / Anti-Fog Alpha Interchangeable Ballistic Goggle - Black

4 Customer Reviews

by Marc E. on 11/01/2012
"first off i love these goggles. since the day i got them till now i am not what so ever regretting buying these. there so comfortable and so well made it soared right beyond my expectations just opening the box. and when i say there comfortable i mean to the point that i watched a vidio on a 24hr airsoft comp and the guy slept in them well i ended up in a 24hr event with my team and i tried it.... and i slept threw a strobe light my friends put in front of me to be funny (thanks for getting us shot at team lol) i will stay my ground 100% that these are the best i have ever had and if for some reason i need another par of goggles i will not choose any other but these period.
amazing comfort
the extras that come with it
the quality is above and beyond
there are no cons!!!!!!!!!!!!

ya right!! NON aaaaatttt allllllllllllllll

im telling you now if your looking for good goggles and u can afford these scroundge up the money you will be MORE THAN SATISFIED GUARANTEED
by jody t. on 06/08/2012
"First off these goggles are amazing, No joke. They come with 2 lenses smoked, and clear there both really cool you can switch them out very easy (seconds). Sometimes in dark fields I switch it to my clear lenses and maybe there sometimes there is a field with a lot of light so I put my smoked lenses.
They come with a case, then goggles, a smooth lens cover case with your clear lenses inside. The smoked lenses comes ready with the goggles in it. There are some vent holes, a adjustable strap that you can make tighter or looser for whatever size head you have. Very tough will not break tested it with a 500 fps gun point blank just made a 1 dot.

Nice looks
Comes with 2 lenses
Easy straps to adjust
Very durable
Will not break easy

1 of my straps broke cause you can take it off from the side ( But that was my fault for FU*KING with it )

But I fixed it with some handy dandy super GLUE and stays perfect now LOL

But I really recommend this for experienced people or not cause these goggles are a beast
5 out of 5
by Geoff W. on 07/09/2011
"To start off with, these goggles are amazing. It comes with two lenses, smoke and clear. The smoke lens is my personal favorite, it is just dark enough that others can't see through them unless they shine a light directly on them, but light enough that you can still see in a dimly lit room. The thick polycarbonate lens feels rock solid, I have absolutely no fear of a bb penetrating the lens, it rarely fogs, it only fogs when I'm sweating hard, hot and I'm standing still, and there is no breeze. That said, the moment I start to move again, the fog starts to clear up. They fit perfectly with a helmet. Additionally, if you find yourself in a well lit room, but need to get some sleep, you can leave the protective sleeve on the goggles and put them on for instant dark, as these goggles are quite comfortable and the sleeve is quite soft. Well worth the price.
by Matthew H. on 04/12/2015
"I bought these goggles thinking that they would be good and yes they are. But if you are to drop these hard enough or if someone steps on them then they will break.

Feels comfortable
Headband is stretchy
should fit almost all

break easy
made of cheap feeling plastic
fog pretty easy

Overall not worth the price, get flak jack goggles the military uses them and they are ventilated and work well with a turbo fan.