Reviews: Magpul PTS Licensed Limited Edition Adaptive Combat Rifle ACR Airsoft AEG (Black)


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Model: AEG-PTS603BK

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by Kevin M. on 2012-07-25 10:26:41
"This gun is so awesome I've had this for 2 years now and no problem. Once in a while lub ur mag
by mike b. on 2011-03-13 18:50:51
"an amazing gun, so many great qualities about it.

perfect fps
high rate of fire
sturdy material
great feel
awesome look
it's an ACR, what else can you ask for?

cons: none besides the price as far as I know.
by Sami E. on 2010-12-24 20:58:53

Because if you do... I wont be as special.
Seriously. The more people get this gun, the less better than everyone i become.
And you don't want that, do you?
This is literally the best AEG i have ever used.

by Aldrich D. on 2010-10-15 16:12:09
"LOLOLOLOLOL I just got the gun last week and didn't write a review because I was having too much fun with it

great accuracy
perfect fps
extremely light
sounds great
easy to remove hand guard I replaced it with a RIS rail
very nice design
very accurate to the real firearm
easy to sprint with

plastic flash hider
not easy to go prone
by soap m. on 2010-09-17 08:14:22
"this is the ultimate weapon!!! ultra cool, ultra COD, this is the beast of beasts. I have this in black.
by Romulo F. on 2010-09-09 10:10:35
"I just got this gun 3 weeks ago and made some changes before I took it to the field at Mr. Paintball last Sunday. Originally, out the box the Masada shot at 350fps using 8.4v but since everything is so easy to change. I changed the stock barrel with 407mm 6.03 Permi, Guarder SP110 and 7.4 Lipo. The gun is shooting at 405fps steady. This gun is gonna be great with all the parts coming out for it so buy it as soon as you can. It's worth every penny.
by Romulo F. on 2010-09-06 21:46:22
"This gun awesome, I just took it to the field at Mr Paintball this Sunday at Escondido. It's so easy to change out the barrel and the spring. The stock spring only shoots 350fps so I put in a 110 spring that boost it up to 380fps. Taking out the barrel is easy and it's spring loaded so it pops right out. I put 407mm 6.03 permi for better accuracy and instead of 9.6 I just used a 7.4 lipo and it worked great the whole day. If you use 11.1 lipo it will shoot harder but I'm sure the gun will break down a lot quicker.

Displaying 1 to 7 (of 7 reviews)