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Evike Custom G&G Blowback Full Length Carbine Combat Machine Airsoft AEG with CRANE Stock ("Type B" RIS / Black)

6 Customer Reviews

by jordan j. on 12/05/2011
"This gun is AMAZING!!!!
1) the look of the gun is incredible!!!!!!
2) blowback is also incredible
3) I'm using .20s and it's nearly pin point accurate from 100feet.
4) even though it's plastic, it's not a wallie world plastic, it's a real strong plastic, which adds to the lightness of the gun.
** I recommend this gun to everyone, I deff don't regret it
by Reed H. on 10/16/2011
"My friend has this gun and he let m use it at a big game and let me tell you, it is AWESOME!! The gun itself is made out of high quality plastic, or polymer but dont let that stop you! It is a really solid feeling gun and the best part is.... RIS RAILS!!!! My friend installed a madbull 6.01 mm tightbore barrel and it now is really accurate and has great range. The blowback looks awesome and is a very cool feature. It is best in my opinion to put a 1600 mAh 9.6 v battery in it to get the best rate of fire for this gun. I love this gun so much that i ordered it!!!!!

1. Good fps
2. Great range and accuracy
3. Solid feeling doesnt wobble
5. Looks awesome
6. Durable. Like another review said it can be "dropped over five times" My friend has actually thrown it on concrete, fallen on it, and dropped it like 10 times and there is not a dent.

1. Plastic body no biggie though
2.I was running full speed tripped and fell on the gun and the end of the stock popped off. Easy fix and i was running really fast and fell hard so it isnt a problem if you dont fall like i did.

Overall: A VERY good buy! If you want a gun that isnt super expensive but performs really well LOOK NO FURTHER!! It is an awesome gun!!!!
by Kathy L. on 07/31/2011
"Okay, I ordered this gun around December 2010, and after putting about 15k rounds through it, let me tell you, it shoots just like the day I got it!


VERY HIGH Quality Polymer Body
ACCURATE! - I get 3" Groupings at 100 Feet!
Perfect FPS(For me)
Easy Battery access!
Nice Trades(G&G Trades)
450 Rd. Extended Hi-Cap
Looks Smexy
High ROF with 9.6v .... Around 12-15/s
Perfect weight!
DURABLE - Dropped over 5 times!


Putting on a silencer is terribly difficult due to cemented Flash hider
My front sight fell off, due to the cement wearing down. IT's an easy fix though!
My dust cover fell off, but its an easy fix too(My fault for dropping it)


9/10 !


If you are looking to get a high quality gun in the $200~ range,
GET THIS GUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Ian F. on 05/06/2011
"This is a fantastic weapon for anyone looking for a less expensive, very realistic M-4 platform. Two of my fellow airsofters both own this weapon and it has proven reliable and consistent. I often find myself dodging bbs flying over 200 feet from the muzzle of this gun. The sound from the blow back is crisp and has you dodging behind the closest bush.

M-4s are known for being upgradeable due to the massive amount of after market upgrades out there, but this gun can truly be upgraded for any job. Just about every part on this gun can be changed to fit your style.

It shoots very consistently in the upper 300fps range and with proper hop up adjustments can hit accurately at far distances. G&G is known for putting out great stuff and this is an example of that.

My reviews are to help, and if i managed to help you in this review please say so in your review, thanks.
by Philip B. on 03/24/2011
"So I got this gun a few weeks ago. My first impressions were pretty good, the gun is an excellent weight and feels really solid. One thing that bothered me was that there was no back sight or carrying handle. But that isen't too big of a deal because I have a Acog sight on it. It also comes with a 6.04 tightbore already installed but I put a 6.03 in it, not too much of an upgrade but it helps. The flash hider is full metal and realistic but I also have a Zombie Killer stubby silencer on mine. If you get the 9.6v 1600Mah crane stock battery then it will shoot at a perfect rate of fire, the fps seems to be around 360-370. One other thing that didn't impress me was when you use the full auto you can press the trigger down just for a second and it will shoot a full auto burst for about 2 seconds even if you are not holding down the trigger, which kinda sucks but its not as bad as you would think.

Overall I still give it 5/5 stars even with the few drawbacks.
by Thad S. on 02/01/2011
"~A M.A.T.S. Team Review~

I got this gun a while ago, and I love it! ROF is decent with a 9.6v 1600mAh Intellect, (best battery to use with this gun) If you want a higher ROF get a matrix high speed motor. Accuracy is great especially with .25 bb's, not sure what kind of inner barrel is on it but it also has insane range! FPS is very high (405-410) and not suited for CQB. To upgrade this gun I plan to get a full stock with a higher capacity 9.6v battery and a burst wizard, if you want a sniper m4 get a longer tight bore barrel and a outer barrel extension or mock silencer, bi-pod, and carry handle scope. Blowback action on this gun is also a nice touch, doesn't add kick like gbb would but it looks sweet. Also the 450 round mag it comes with is really long and annoying, I recommend 80-130 round mid caps. The gun also came with no rear sights in any form, I had to buy a rear sight/carry handle separate.

P.S. WARNING! When separating the upper receiver from the lower one, DON'T LOSE THE CHARGING HANDLE SPRING!! If your not careful the charging handle will fall and spring will come loose. (It has a tenancy to vanish)

Good ROF
Great accuracy
Amazing range
Great FPS (about 405-410)
Blowback Action

Front sight seems fixed or cemented on
Flash Hider is cemented on (keep your orange tip and stay above the law!)
Comes without rear sights
Awkwardly long high-cap mag
In extremely cold weather free float RIS comes loose a bit. (why I was playing airsoft in below zero weather I don't know)