Reviews: Evike Custom G&G Blowback Full Length Carbine Combat Machine Airsoft AEG (M1 RIS / Black)


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Model: CG-C03-104
Location: A1-018

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by Laura P. on 2012-03-08 22:06:47
"This is a vary good gun vary good range but it is a little hevey but that really dose not mater. The mag dose not feed vary well but it just might me mine so i would not worry to much about that. the ralls on it are vary nice. there is one done side to this grate gun it dose not come with a battery which it seas but it is smaller print. but i really like this gun.
by Chris A. on 2011-08-02 19:43:35
"This rifle is amazing. It is just inside the fps limit for many indoor arenas, but can perform outdoors as well. Its body is made of a metal upper receiver and a very sturdy plastic lower receiver. The rails, outer barrel, etc. are all metal. However, because this m4 is blowback, there are a few extra bits and pieces to keep track of when disassembling it, and you must have the stock gearbox shell to keep the blowback feature. If it breaks, it is a pain to find a replacement. It also does not have a battery, but that means you have an excuse to buy a good one:)
by Brandon S. on 2011-05-07 05:14:51
"this gun is amazing i got it about a month ago it has seen its share of wars and did really well.
great price
good range
good fps
good acuracy

the ris system needs to be tightend every now and then

Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 reviews)