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Matrix Custom "Zombie Killer-16" CQB Full Metal M4 Airsoft AEG Rifle

14 Customer Reviews

by jj c. on 03/09/2013
"feels good full metal shoots shot range at first but adjust the hop-up fits pmags fast with a 9.6 super fast with a 11.1 lipo but get a mosfet shoot nice might double feed but it will most likely fix it self put it on full auto

full metal
good rof
fits lots of mags
zombie killer trades
shoots good range


by Gabriel M. on 07/19/2012
"This is a great gun, when I got this gun, it came with the zombie killer markings but the writing above the trigger says sr-15,
Nice Feel
Nice Aim/Shooting
Real gun weight feeling
Rails are not sharp cause the sand it
Good fps
Nothing wobbly
Came With Black Performance Tip

Fat Type Battery stock sharp edge (Note: Watch Out When Putting Hand In The Stock)
Different Orange Style Tip Then Shown Above

Both Pro/Con
Wrong and Right Writing
by Cindy B. on 06/12/2012
"This gun is awesome. The reviews set me off before, I was a little scared I would get a "Dud", but I ordered anyway and all I have to say is THIS GUN IS FREAKING NICE! Full metal design except for the pistol grip and crane stock. The pistol grip is awesome and feels nice and the stock is wobbly. Now to the Pros and Cons

Nice Pistol grip
Nice for CQB
Rails are exactly the right size, not to big, not to small.
Good FPS and RPM
Mags are wobbly in the magwel(not to bad to me but some people are real bad on that)
Wobbly Stock
by Eric A. on 05/23/2012
"I have had the gun for about 5 days now and have run about 1500 bbs through it with a 7.4 lipo with almost no problems. It chronographed at 401 fps consistently with a 7.4 lipo and fired at 11.5 bbs a second. Over all I give it a 9 out of ten.

-Full metal
-ambidextrous mag release
-cqb barrel
-flip up sights
-picatinny rails
-realistic weight and feel
-came with a metal flash hider
-They included a gun bag in the order free of charge

-buffer tube wobbles slightly
-ambidextrous safety switch
by Thomas F. on 12/27/2011
"I bought this gun around the beginning of December, and just recieved it as a Christmas present. I pulled it out of the box and noticed that it was about 8 pounds and felt extremely solid. Only thing that wobbled was the buffer tube and crane stock, but that was easy enough to fix. (pull crane stock off and tighten screw at base of tube) i also used some adhesive velcro on the inside of the crane stock to stop that from rattling and now its solid as a rock all around. Went to the gridcode (local field) the tuesday after christmas with a 9.6 and lit people up. shoots about 380 (i wasnt chronoed at the field... idk why) and has a very nice rate of fire (id guess about 16-17 bpm). hop up was easy to adjust and works great for cqb, but im going to get a tbb just for the increased grouping at longer ranges so i can use it for field. (although its fine already)
i didnt have as bad of luck as the guy below me
its extremely sturdy
very upgreadable
lots of rail space
monolithic top rail
good fps
sweet rate of fire (would be crazy with a li-po)
looks sexy as hell with a mock supressor
comes with a metal black flashider
echo 1 midcaps and pmags don't wobble
looks sweet with an eotech or aimpoint replica

grip hurts your finger after a while, but a file and some sandpaper can fix that
screws to keep bottom urx section on may get in the way of attachments(i was fine)
front sight is a pain to get up when you first get it
mine did not come with trade marks
king arms mags wobble, but you cannot make the wobble noise without putting your hand on the mag and shaking

The cons are very minimal and can be fixed very easily. I would recommend this gun to anybody in the middle between novice and expert, although if your tech savvy i would recommend upgrading off of this base gun
get a mock supressor and longer inner barrell and youll be set.
replace the motor with a matrix high speed and youll be pushin about 20 bps
with a motor and a lipo youre lookin at the low 20's, which is great for putting about $300 into a gun
by sam j. on 11/05/2011
I got the AEG SR-16 from an the Evike Box of Super Awesomeness "GET OUT AND AIRSOFT!" Edition (thursday), which was about one hundred fifty bucks, came with 6 magazines, 9.6v 1100mAh battery and some basic starter stuff.
After one skirmish, I have to say I'm impressed so far.

Well built body and internals, most of the AEG feels very sturdy*
Metal spring guide, non-bearing.
Hard spring, pushes at 400fps with 0.20g's, and just over 350 with 0.25g's.
Comes with a pretty decent air seal set, and barrel**
Looks pretty sick with an EOTech or ACOG replica.
Comes with a black metal flash hider replacement.

**Barrel is not as advertised, inner barrel measured to be about 278mm, not 363mm.
Need 110mm barrel extension/mock silencer to cover a 363mm upgrade.
Orange tip glued on, required hot water soak + Locking Pliers + brute force (with extreme caution)to remove.
ACM high-cap mags are kind of hard to cram in the magwell.

Other Thoughts:
Guarder 363mm 6.02 barrel has a weird hop up nub cutout theoretically should work but it doesn't agree with the hopup and bucking position.
Silicon hop-up nub is very soft.

*Stock always wobbles a little bit.
No sling mounts anywhere.
No side rail covers

Pretty compact gun good for starters looking to get into airsoft.
Very reliable backup gun for me (until i get my M14 DMR working properly).
by Philip Z. on 09/22/2011
"This is the best gun I've ever owned. When I first got it I was surprised who short it was, it is built for CQC/mid Field. but the accuracy is GREAT. The stock wobbled a little bit so I had to tighten it up a bit with the screw inside the stock tube.

Pros: every thing

Cons: a little heavy
by Paul B. on 05/19/2011
"I love this gun! Shoots accurately straight out of the box.

Pros- CQB style, light weight (5-6 lbs), Comes with URX RIS, nice flip up iron sights, full metal except for the stock grip and trigger,

Cons- Not much of a con but be careful when you pull the bolt back and release because it may chip one of the hop-up gears.

Overall this is my favorite rifle because it simply beasts anyone you're going against
by tyler s. on 05/04/2011
"I am buying this gun Today and been watching reviews and every one of them has been amazing! so excited for this gun, olny thing bad is ppl say there is common wobbly probs but i know how to fix it, i hope its going to be a great gun!!
by Alex B. on 10/20/2010
"Love it!

Lots of detail
Use m4 mag

Con: None
by Tristan D. on 03/08/2012
"I don't know how Steven W. is only shooting 260 fps? It sounds like you may have gotten a dud. Out of the box this gun rips, shooting around 380-390 fps using a 9.6 1600mAh. Accuracy could be better, but thats why they make tight bore barrels. I would definitely recommend upgrading the hopup unit, and the inner barrel. After using this gun for about 3 months now my fps has decreased to around 350 fps, but unfortunately it's dropped in accuracy as well. Definitely if you're looking at this gun, give the G&P M4 a look..worth the extra cash.

-Out of the box accurate and high fps
-full metal build, realistic weight
-good rof, not too fast, not too slow
-really easy to take the entire gun apart

-rails are sharp, get rail covers OR gloves! or both ;)
-needs a tightbore to be effective
-orange tip is a pain to get off
-pmags DO NOT feed right with this gun, you have to hold the mag into the magwell.
by elizabeth z. on 12/07/2010
"great gun it is amazing yes it is not a licenced gun of a top line AEG but it gets the job done

pro-full metal, good ROF, good price, high fps,

cons-very heavy, battery not so good, not very good for shooting for more than an hour(because of the battery)

conclusion-great for the price easily upgradeble if you have a lot of red dots and PEQ boxes and grips i advise putting them on the gun because not very good with out but it makes a lot heaver
by Steven W. on 12/30/2011
Short barrel, good for CQB
Ambidextrous controls. If you’re a lefty, this is a great thing.
All metal body and hop up

Very slow rate of fire. Even with a 9.6 volt, its rate of fire is slow
Very low FPS. 260 fps with .20 matrix BB’s, but consistent through several test firings, so this will help with accuracy.
No markings or engravings. The pictures on the website show some branding. Not on my AEG.

I will probably tear the gearbox down and make sure I am not fighting a lot of grease or something else that is negatively effecting the performance, but my initial reaction is that the AEG will need some work and if you’re not the type of person that would be ready to tear it down, it might not be worth your time.
by Jacob B. on 12/04/2011
"I bought this gun a couple of months ago, it shoots great, but honestly, its VERY poorly made. From the moment i took it out of the box, a piece broke off. After that i noticed an extremely large crack running from the handle to the top rail. A couple days later the gun broke clean in two. I fixed it with some JB weld, it it worked fine again. After that i noticed the rail was a little wobbly, so I unscrewed the RIS rail andput an o-ring in. After i tryed many times to screw it back on, it very quickly stripped it. Then once i got it back on and put the smaller screwes back in, I noticed the holes for the smaller screws werent even drilled in right! Now one of the screws has to be shaved down because it wont go in all the way. I wouldnt recomend buying this.