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KWA KMP9 New Version Railed Gas Blowback Airsoft Submachine Gun (NS2 System) (Color: Black)

15 Customer Reviews

by Thomas M. on 05/25/2016
"This gun is awesome!! I've had this gun for about a half a year and have had only one problem, which was actually my fault. The problem was I forgot to re-lube the gun after a day of play and then went on to play again without proper lubrication. This caused the nozzle seal to dry up and break apart, which I think also lead to one of the nozzle springs to break and the other to warp. BUT REMEMBER- this was my fault. Moral of the story is to remember to always take care of your stuff. I use this gun as a primary, and as a secondary for when I'm sniping. As for power, I use Propane as it is cheaper, and I use .25g BBs, but I think some .28g or .30g would really make this gun shine.
-Loud (Definitely the loudest GBB out there. It will turn heads.)
-The Rate of FIre is insane, and it seems more insane because of how loud this thing is.
-Accurate to around 100-120ft
-Great for CQB as it is compact and easy to maneuver
-Full auto and Semi (It has a 2-stage trigger for a safety)
-I honestly haven't found anything to be a con!
Overall, the coolest GBB out there. It literally addicting to shoot. 5/5 all day, everyday. KWA- Engineered to Outperform
by Jameson W. on 04/23/2013
"I have had the kmp9r for three or so weeks and I play once or twice a week yet have had no issues with it. MY kmp9r shoots 310 with 0.25g bbs and is accurate to 50ft which works fine for ME since I play at a cqb field. As long as you apply some silicon spray before and after your day of fun. It it very loud which I like and has a fun kick that isn't bad enough to hurt MY aim. On my first day the left rear sight protecter was shot off and Evike is sending me a replacement which I really like b/c I want to play while I wait for the part.
Shoots at a great speed for indoor
Is loud
Accurate for indoor
Great feel
Good hop up control

Cons (bringing them up now):
Need a flat head screw driver and needle nose pliers if you don't want to destroy your fingers
Not accurate for field
Can't use the iron sights with a mask (I use the dye i4) but can be avoided when using a sight

As I see it the pros kill the cons like I kill the enemy teem when using the kwa kmp9r. (The standard kmp9 is just as good)
by Dawson K. on 01/11/2013
"Great gun and definitely the best GBB Ive ever used. Very accurate (150 ft +) very powerful (350 FPS with .25 g) solid build with solid polymer externals and steel/aluminum internals. All around great gun that I use for field/MOUT. great gas consistency and great at low temps. Ive used it at 5C (about 40F) with only a 40~50 FPS drop which is not that bad and still very usable. really the only problems ive had are due to mags, and nothing a quick cleaning couldnt fix.
great FPS
Great accuracy for size/barrel length
good weight
great externals and internals
Great solid internals
easy to disassemble and work on.
great cycle rate

a few feeding problems with mags due to being dirty
a few screw loosening over time
FPS is a little high for field is the United States

I definitely recommend this gun to anyone who wants a great gun, whether a primary or secondary.
by Mixcoatl O. on 11/27/2012
"Love it! Really awesome ROF. Also really loud, sends little kinds running. It's a must have.
by Marcus H. on 08/26/2012
"OK OK OK The gun is amazing, all around nice. Looks 99 % like the real deal!!!!!
So Pros and cons.....

High ROF
Great accuracy in CQB
Good side arm in the field

mag is a gas hog
Mags are a bit expensive
Need internal work for some CQB play
by Tyler F. on 01/27/2012
"This is the second gun i purchased from Evike, it is EXTREAMLY good. Some people say its bad in the comments, they were unlucky. Mine did come with a loose buffer plate, took it to KWA and they fixed it and lubed it and gave me tons of free .25 gram bbs. Take this to a field and scare the HECK out of people! This makes a great sidearm for my CM.032 M14. And my Ak74 and M4. When i need to get up close, this thing is the NIGHTMARE of your enemies. You will laugh as grown men scream and run from your sub machine gun! Definetally do not bring this gun to a desert, you dont want dust in the mag. The loudness and ROF of this gun will make you the envy of your friends, and change the battle. To sum up:

Decent accuracy
Small (and foldable... Well duh)
Still Epic
Ummm.. did i mention its EPIC!?!
Makes people want to be on your side.. or never see you in the game
EPICOSITY 100000/10
Gas consumption is NOT A PROBLEMOH!

Mag runs out pretty fast.. unless you shoot one shot to make the whole enemy team flee
should have a mask/glasses while firing, air shoots out the back
Mine came with a loose buffer plate, fixed fast
Definettaly not a sniper rifle.. in case you havent noticed
Biggest con: Its so awesome that it took a long time to read this WHOLE REVIEW!

16 stars out of 5. THANKS FOR MAKING MY FRIENDS HATE ME! And love me.. either one, depends on whose side they are on xD
by andy o. on 12/30/2011
"All I can say is wow,this gun is amazing

Pros:full auto is beast
Great kick
Awesome handling
by Laurence G. on 11/16/2011
"My friend has this gun and it kicks @$$. We have a CQB field 20min away and whenever we play everyone always wants to try out his gun. Unfortunately i can't say the same outside CQB. we played in the woods once and He tried using his gun and got wrecked. so if you plan on buying this gun so here are the pros and cons

great FPS for CQB about 360
Great RPM around 1200 and Mac Bundy I'm not trying to be a dick you got your rps and rpm messed up
great feel
very durable - my friend always throws it around
its very loud which makes it intimidating
decent accuracy for size
Compact (obviously)

Run out of ammo fast (not really a con cause the reason you run out is because of the high RPM
Mags are somewhat expensive
Bad accuracy after around 100ft

Overall great CQB gun and Good Backup for snipers (9/10)
by Chad M. on 04/01/2011
"I got this Gas blow back smg a month ago and have skirmished with it 3 times.

I operate as a designated marksman in my fire team. Since I use a low capacity/low rate of fire semi auto rifle as a primary, I needed a pistol for a backup. I chose to instead use this submachine gun. I removed the stock and the picatinny rails and It barely fit in a thigh rig I had on hand. I moved it up to a hip configuration and that worked best.

When the situation finally arived where I needed a backup the reaction was quick and profound!
The enemy had me pinned down with a very tricked out M4 AEG and had the upper hand. When he heard this thing rattling off he was literally scared by the noise and volume of fire I brought down on him. This gun does a psychological effect on the enemy!

With the stock extended and a vertical grip installed, this gun handles excellently. It is very compact, and very light. It can also lay down a serious volume of fire in an instant!

The only real downfall of this weapon system is the magazine capacity. At over 11 rounds per second the 48 round magazine empties quickly. You will have to be very strategic about how and when you engage the enemy as reloads are frequent. Someone really should make a 100 round magazine to round out this package.

The gas efficency of the magazine however is extremely good. I commonly get 3 to 4 reloads per propane charge.

To summarize

-High rate of fire (1200+ RPM/ 11+ rd per sec)
-Super loud report shocks unfamiliar enemies
-Very Gas Effiecient
-Good accuracy at pistol/smg range
-Excellent handling in pisol or smg configuration

-Accuracy at mid-long range is poor
-Magazines are expensive
-Can be difficult to secure to a thigh or hip rig due to magazine length

Mac Bundy out-
by tommy m. on 11/09/2010
"I've had this gun for about a month now, and it is probably the best of all my gas guns including my tokyo mauri and my automatic barretta m9. But, this gun has more accuracy than my bolt action sniper rifle, in fact, once i got this gun, i took my scope off my sniper and put it on this gun and used it as my sniper.

Great FPS(360)
Great RPS(about 25)
Amazing accuracy
Extremely reliable
Great for CQB and long range combat
Blowback is very smooth
Very loud and intimidating
RIS so you can mount just about anything(i mounted my grenade launcher)

So far i havent found even a slight problem

Overall this is an amazing gun for CQB or long range, but, i would definatley buy a cheap red dot sight or something, because the sights that come on it aren't the best, but it'll work if you don't want to buy a scope. But this is still an amazing gun and it will change the outcome of the game for sure.
by Raeden G. on 09/13/2010
"this thing feels and looks amazing. i am not at all regretting spending 215 on this. and its so loud. the dogs around my neighborhood started freaking out. At 100 feet its pretty accurate, and you can still feel it, though it doesnt hurt that bad, but still its only about a foot long. SO overall if you want an awesome gbb, by this, you will absolutely not regret it
by Raeden G. on 09/01/2010
"This thing is off the hook. 325 fps, 20 bbps for only 215. Kwa is known for its awesomeness, durability, and gas consumption, and this gun does not disappoint me. The sound is close to a 22. pistol, and it will scare the crap out of anyone thinking of poking their nose around the corner. Also if youre not on a tight budget get the KSC Mp-9 magazine, because they work with it, and you will go through this mag in about 2 seconds. This thing gets a 6/5 hands down no questions.
by Jacob V. on 01/04/2017
"Well I've had this gun for a while now. I wanted to have it long enough to learn it strengths and weaknesses and here it is. You pay for the quality.

Fire rate
Gas efficiency (retry good for the rate of fire)
Accuracy great for size
No wobble in the gun accept maybe the stock but only a tiny bit
Mags fit super tight maybe I con for some
Decent weight for an air soft smg
Has attachment space

Selector switch there is no defined click when in full or semi
Rate of fire be prepared to buy more mags for this thing
Hard to take apart If your not familiar with the platform
by Ian M. on 09/27/2016
"If you want a stupid fast, loud,accurate and just plain awesome machine pistol/smg this gun is made for you!! I was going to buy a Mac 11 but that didn't turn out so well, so I was searching for a good machine pistol/smg. I will say that the gun isn't cheep, but no KWA is. The mag are in my opinion a little over priced. fifty dollars for a mag is a bit much, though it is a well made mags and 48 rounds isn't bad.
One of the cons are that the first gun I received was bad, it blew a seal in the gun after about five mags. Con 2 was that the mag that came with the gun didn't like to go to slide lock when empty. Evike was go about replacing it and the new one has had no problems so far. I must have gotten a bad first one for the new one has not disappointed. The MP9 is a fun gun to tactical out put a front handle, red dot sight and a single point sling on mine and it looks pretty bad! One last thing, you can take the flip stock off and make a real mean pistol out of it! That's all for this gun.
by Chris M. on 03/10/2013
"This gun is fantastic!!!! The weight is very nice and the fps is perfect for cqb and outdoor play. It is also loud which may or may not be a con for some people. One of my favorite features is the cycle rate of the fulll auto!!