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by Logan L. on 2015-03-25 22:42:09
"Although I haven't used this machine pistol more than a couple of times over the past 18 months, its few uses have been enough to strike fear into the hearts of the opposition. The KMP9 has a distinct noise that can be identified by any player with a keen ear.

The KMP9 is actually perfect to a fault. Its powerful NS2 gas system sends hailstorms of BBs flying at an enemy at roughly 400 fps. That is impressive, considering its inner barrel length of 140 mm. The externals are just as amazing as the internals; the entire receiver is made of what seems to be nylon fiber or something of the like, and rail space is provided on top and on the right side, perfect for optics and flashlights. Plus, the full-size magazine carries 48 rounds, while spare 48- and 20-round magazines are available for purchase on

On the downside, spare magazines and the fps-reducing bolt assembly are very expensive. Typically, these items cost roughly fifty dollars. Then, for someone who has never bothered the KMP9's internals before, it can be a bit of a headache to disassemble the gun; the fps-reducing bolt assembly isn't really a drop-in piece, since it takes several minutes to disassemble the gun to install the piece. Aside from that moment of difficulty, the gun performs well, and its loud roar and insane rate of fire will continue to terrorize the enemy teams for years to come.

- Durable, quality internals and externals
- 48-round magazine
- Adequate rail space for optics, laser sights, and flashlights
- Foregrip
- High rate of fire
- Loud

- Expensive accessories and parts
- The fps-reducing bolt assembly takes some effort to install, but it's well worth it.
by Joshua A. on 2015-02-07 11:25:39
"Pretty good gun. Kept it for 4 months before i got rid of it because i got bored but it was a nice gun while i had it. Never jammed or has any issues while i owned it. Fairly accurate for its size. Very light and point able. Fast ROF and FPS with a loud report.
Pros: Light, high ROF, small, loud, and reliable.
Cons: FPS to high for cqb, pain to disassemble, mags are expensive, and not easy to clean.
by Steve B. on 2013-08-02 18:56:55
"I have had this gun for a couple of days now and I can honestly say it is AMAZING!

gas efficient
high ROF
small and maneuverable

Too loud (if you play CQB)
by jaime g. on 2013-08-01 21:02:38
"Gun is good for how long it worked.I had it working for 3 months and the bolt carrier cracked and broke it, I use high grade .25 bbs and lubed after every game.My friend bought the same gun because he liked it alot and it broke in 5 months for him in several areas where i cant remember. i own 3 WE gbb now and they lasted me several years and worked great.This gun is good you just have to know how to replace broken parts and lube well.

looks so beautiful
light weight
large capacity mags
gas efficiency
iron sights
folding stock
370 fps with .2s

it will break
alot of care needed
lube it often
Swiss cheese internals
defiantly not a beginner gun i sold mine for half the price for a 40 replacement part because i was to young to under stand what was wrong at the time.
by Brooks D. on 2013-03-02 16:34:55
"I bought this in April 2012, and at first I wasn't able to get all of the BB's out in one gas load, but then I realized I wasn't putting the gas in upside down, and when I did it worked better. I was able to get about 2 mags worth of BB's out in 1 about 8-10 second gas load. It's got an INSANE rate of fire, and is accurate for about 50 feet.

Intimidatingly loud
Great rate of fire
Maneuverable & Compact
Not too gas guzzling

Stinks (but that's the propane's fault)
Too loud for concealment
by jody t. on 2013-02-24 23:18:30
"This is a pretty bad ass sub machine gun!

Decent accuracy
Shoots pretty fast for a gas gun
Mag is really gas efficient
Good range
Some what easy to take apart and maintain

When I shoot full auto the bb's go everywhere and not very far but this gun rocks on semi
Hop up is not that easy to adjust

And thats all. All in all 4 stars out of 5
by Thedude 1. on 2012-11-11 16:29:05
"This gun is awesome! The KWA MP9 is one of the best airsoft guns I have purchased. For the power and the price, this gun is totally worth it.
by Glenn T. on 2012-08-16 23:01:51
"Guns very good i gotta say got it today and i loved it but since its my first gas gun the mag got a leak cause i cocked it without the mag in you suppose to put the mag in then cock the gun and that will prevent leaking like what i did also gotta say that its very loud added a noveske and it echos the walls of the cqb field

Mag expensive
hard recoil
super strong wont break
accurate gas efficent

Shoots high for cqb fields
by Roger L. on 2012-07-24 14:49:03
"Got this gun not too long ago and I have to say wow. It's very powerful, loud, and on full auto it scares people. I just installed the low power bolt because my field with its fps rules wouldn't allow me to use it within 15 ft. Soon I'll be getting a threaded adapter and a sound amp so when I'm in buildings it will be really loud. IMPORTANT NOTICE: I have checked a lot of reviews and a lot of magazine problems are due to people putting the mag in before making sure the bolt is locked back. So just lock the bolt back before you put in the mag and along with proper maintenance this gun will last. This gun is really meant for close quarters so don't be expecting to get long range hits.

Great for cqb

No warning about the mags
May need low power bolt if your field has strict fps rules.
by Mason R. on 2012-05-25 16:10:21
"Great product. Go kwa

High fps
High rof

Faulty disconnector (stretch it out to fix)
Low mag cap
Expensive mags
Mags break if you let the follower go and the mag is empty
by Benjamin M. on 2012-04-05 17:03:52
"I bought this gun from airsplat recently, and am very satisfied! The build is extremely nice, I dont feel like this will ever break. Not to mention great FPS! A little hot for CQB, but there is a low fps slide available for this gun. Without adjusting the hopup out of the box, this gun was incredibly accurate. And the ROF is incredible. And after cleaning the mags, it cycles a whole clip very cleanly with no sputters. But before you buy, know that spare mags are EXTREMELY hard to find, almost no site has them, and when firing full auto, you will run out of bb's in about 2.5 seconds.

Good FPS
Accurate out of the box (can find a balance between range and fps when playing with hopup)
Solid plastic construction
AMAZING ROF = 20 rps
quality mag, conserves gas quite well, and holds a lot of rounds for a GBB
Plenty of rail space
Folding stock

Terribly hard to find extra magazines
Ugly orange tip
Mags dont feed well at first, I fixed this by cleaning it and using heavier BB's (.25)
Gas blows in your face when looking down sights (only a minor nuisance)
Not really anything else.
by Alex B. on 2012-02-17 16:37:42
"This gun kicks butt! It is a great CQB weapon and a good field side-arm for it's high rate of fire, the perfect side-arm to compliment any snipers.

High power and rate of fire.
good construction with very little wobbling.
takes a good amount of abuse, we throw it around.
very loud and intimidating.
great accuracy.

Not for long range
Not 500 rounds in magazine capacity
Not $10

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