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KWA KMP9 Gas Blowback Airsoft Submachine Gun (Color: Black w/ Grip)

54 Customer Reviews

by Dow C. on 12/15/2017
"I got this gun at grabsomefun and I shot it a bit. And a valve broke. I took it back to grabsomefun they swaped it out for the one on display. I shot 3-4 mags and I pulled the charging handle broke. It was probably becuase I didnít realize you had to squeeze the charging handle for it go back and the charging handle was probably pulled a couple thousand times in the store. I then I took it back and they fixed it I shot 20-30 mags and it was fine , but then it started dumping bbs out the barrel. My dad fixed the hop up. It was too tight. Thanks to the gas making it freeze. Then the mag got stuck, so I took it to grabsomefun and they fixed it. Now it is fine. To make your gun last longer, make sure your bort is back before you put the mag in. This gun was good when it worked. I would recommend it to non beginners. For the noobs get an Airsoft Electic Gun or AEG.
by Ethan G. on 05/25/2017
"Absolutely love this gun! It shoots accurately and yes it's loud but if you buy the power up suppressor it take away quite a bit of noise. Only problem with that is it shoots at 426 fps with .28 bbs when using the suppressor. Biggest flaw is that it chews through the nozzle springs like candy (gun will work with out them but it slows down the rate of fire quite a bit). Has a good feel to it and if you have ever taken a gas gun apart this one is moderately hard to take apart unlike the mp7 (mp7 by kwa is the worst gbb to take a apart, I traded the it for the mp9). Runs through gas quickly so I hpa tapped the mags and is one of my favorite guns by far.
by Landon M. on 05/07/2017
"I recently bought this gun from a friend in pretty much brand new condition and I'll have to saw it was one of my best purchases I've made in airsoft. The gun kicks hard, is loud, lightweight, sleek, and overall just a kick a#% gun. If you are looking for a good Smg look no further. Just be warned the magazines are expensive but it is well worth it.
by Kevin D. on 01/23/2017
Small Platform that packs a massive punch
Folding stock with Divet to lock it into place
24 rounds per second, capable of mag dumping the 48 round mags in two seconds flat
Loudest GBB on the market? (When picking it up for the first time in Evike store the Rep who helped me jokingly called the KMP9 "The Buzzsaw" but that totally holds true as this thing is quite possibly the loudest GBB on the market or at least in the top 5!
I use this gun for outdoor play on a large scale field. I like using the gun with the Angry Gun Mock Suppresor which has a inner barrel inside of it. My fields limit is 450 fps at 75 foot engagement and this thing chronos with the suppresor at around 435 fps with .25 gram bb's. Without the Suppresor this gun shoots around 350 fps with .25 gram bb's

Can't be used for indoor without modification you must buy the Flute valve to lower the Fps for indoor play as this gun will shoot 400 fps with .20's when most indoor field limits are 350 fps.
Vertical foregrips interfere with folding stock (This was posted on the review above mine) not entirely true as I have had multiple grips on this gun. If your going to put a Vert grip on this gun make sure the screw to tighten down the grip is facing left and it will allow for the stock to be folded!

Lightweight platform that feels incredibly solid
Its KWA a company regarded as having some of the best GBB's on the market
For all you CSGO fans out there this is a 1:1 replica if your into video game weapons!
Loud as a Volcano arguing with itself which to some would be a pro and to some may be a con. For me its a Pro because many people ask about this gun and it turns heads all the time, even after 5 months of owning it.

In Conclusion: If you are looking to get into the Gas blowback market and are looking for a lightweight lethal platform this is the gun to get. I would honestly place this gun (in my opinion) at the top of the list of GBB's for the price nothing will compete. If you want to take this gun to the next level purchase the Angry Gun Mock Silencer this attachment simply screws onto the gun and immediately gives a 80-100 fps increase because of the extended inner barrel length. I have gotten over 150-200 foot shots in combination with .25 bb's and the silencer. Lastly, if you happen to do just indoor play or want to have the option of switching between outdoor fps and indoor fps just buy the Flute valve and your set to inner change bolts.
by Thomas M. on 05/25/2016
"This gun is awesome!! I've had this gun for about a half a year and have had only one problem, which was actually my fault. The problem was I forgot to re-lube the gun after a day of play and then went on to play again without proper lubrication. This caused the nozzle seal to dry up and break apart, which I think also lead to one of the nozzle springs to break and the other to warp. BUT REMEMBER- this was my fault. Moral of the story is to remember to always take care of your stuff. I use this gun as a primary, and as a secondary for when I'm sniping. As for power, I use Propane as it is cheaper, and I use .25g BBs, but I think some .28g or .30g would really make this gun shine.
-Loud (Definitely the loudest GBB out there. It will turn heads.)
-The Rate of FIre is insane, and it seems more insane because of how loud this thing is.
-Accurate to around 100-120ft
-Great for CQB as it is compact and easy to maneuver
-Full auto and Semi (It has a 2-stage trigger for a safety)
-I honestly haven't found anything to be a con!
Overall, the coolest GBB out there. It literally addicting to shoot. 5/5 all day, everyday. KWA- Engineered to Outperform
by Robert V. on 11/27/2015
"First off this gun is amazing looking! Kwa did a fantastic job with this one. The gun is very ergonomic, everything from the safety to the fire selector is within a 2 inch distance from one another which means it is very easy for you to switch to semi and full auto mid fire fight. The only thing that I know of that is difficult about this gun is the disassembly. This gun is extremely difficult to take down and maintain. Now on to the actual review:
1. The rate of fire is insane! (48 rd mag dump in 3 seconds)
2. Extremely accurate when hop up is broken in.
3. Kwa NS2 system. The only other system that comes close to this quality is my ghk g5.
4. Plenty of aftermarket parts from Kwa, Ksc, Angel Custom, Wii tech, etc.
5. 20 and 48 Rd mags are available.
6. Very ergonomic, and M4/AR style charging handle.
7. Price is reasonable for the quality you are paying for.
8. CQB and field ready.
9. Swappable bolts for indoor and outdoor gameplay
1. Price of magazines $35-$52 each.
2. Difficult disassembly.

Other than that I highly recommend this gun to anyone who is looking for a fun and effective gun for cqb or field play.
by Conner W. on 07/30/2015
"i absolutely love this gun works perfectly when i stack the mags perfectly now i was wondering what gram of ammo to use
by Christian T. on 05/13/2015
"This is the Manny Pacquiao of the airsoft world. Even though it's small in stature, it hits like a dump truck while putting on quite a show. Had mine for years now and it's the best gun I own.

. Phenominal accuracy and power for it's size.
. Legendary KWA reliablity
. Aftermarket upgrades are available. Rare since its a KWA.
. This gun will make your ears ring while its instilling fear in the enemy. The satisfying crackling pop it makes is perfect.

. Shoots too fast for indoor fields without a CQB Bolt or Flute valve installed.
. Hard to aim with if you use a full face mask.
. Mags are expensive.
. Orange tip is obnoxious (there are threaded adapters that fit over it though)

Overall, this gun is straight up force multiplier. You will be feared after fielding this monster. I haven't had any problems with my gun yet and I'm glad I got it!
by Stoll S. on 05/04/2015
"Amazing gun. Had 0 problems with it, and I love using it. The only main issue is that there are no holsters for it. Shoots very hard and is extremely loud and intimidating. Buy this gun, you won't be disappointed.
Extremely loud
Durable construction
Shoots very fast
Quite accurate, esp. for a smg.

Shoots too hot for some cqb fields.
Can't find any holsters for it.
Extra mags are expensive (but worth it)
by Logan L. on 03/25/2015
"Although I haven't used this machine pistol more than a couple of times over the past 18 months, its few uses have been enough to strike fear into the hearts of the opposition. The KMP9 has a distinct noise that can be identified by any player with a keen ear.

The KMP9 is actually perfect to a fault. Its powerful NS2 gas system sends hailstorms of BBs flying at an enemy at roughly 400 fps. That is impressive, considering its inner barrel length of 140 mm. The externals are just as amazing as the internals; the entire receiver is made of what seems to be nylon fiber or something of the like, and rail space is provided on top and on the right side, perfect for optics and flashlights. Plus, the full-size magazine carries 48 rounds, while spare 48- and 20-round magazines are available for purchase on

On the downside, spare magazines and the fps-reducing bolt assembly are very expensive. Typically, these items cost roughly fifty dollars. Then, for someone who has never bothered the KMP9's internals before, it can be a bit of a headache to disassemble the gun; the fps-reducing bolt assembly isn't really a drop-in piece, since it takes several minutes to disassemble the gun to install the piece. Aside from that moment of difficulty, the gun performs well, and its loud roar and insane rate of fire will continue to terrorize the enemy teams for years to come.

- Durable, quality internals and externals
- 48-round magazine
- Adequate rail space for optics, laser sights, and flashlights
- Foregrip
- High rate of fire
- Loud

- Expensive accessories and parts
- The fps-reducing bolt assembly takes some effort to install, but it's well worth it.
by Lucas A. on 07/22/2014
"Amazing gun! I just bought this today, and I have to say that I heard it in the range at evike and thought it was a polar star! it shoots fast and sounds amazing! hopefully no one mistakes it as a real gun and calls the police (its louder than my reaL-steel rifle!)

very sturdy
integrated grip
loudness (pro or con)
good weight
Very gas efficient! ( I went through 5 mags without refilling it!)

Small sights! (i suggest the aim sports operator rds, as i need one!)
loudness (pro or con)
mags are expensive, and the release button is easy to press by accident

Very good, if you consider it, buy it! Amazing first gun, and my mom and sister have both shot it, and they need to learn to use guns properly :|
by Dillon B. on 05/23/2014
"WOW, just wow. This gun is way better than i expected it to be, got it in last week, played about 10 rounds with it at my local CQB field and it performed amazingly.

-Strong build, doesnt feel like it is going to break.
-with low power bolt it shoots around 290 with .20 bbs (perfect for cqb fields)
-Accurate, this thing is very accurate for having a such a short inner barrel
-Havent had problems with cool down on mag dumps yet
-With a REAPS bucking this thing is really accurate
-Very loud (could be a con for some)

-Sights are VERY small and short, and with any mask on you will have trouble seeing through them
-Mags are quite expensive

OVERALL this gun is absolutely amazing, accurate, fast shooting, compact, light and perfect for CQB. I have used it several times and not on problem has come up, this is by far the best GBB SMG i have ever had the chance to use, i would choose it over the MP7 any day. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a gbb smg or just a smg in general, i love it.
by Max B. on 02/26/2014
"One of the best GBB SMGs out there. KWA outdid themselves on this gun. The accuracy, rate of fire, build quality are outstanding. I absolutely love this gun. It shoots around 24 + or - rps, almost a fast as the MAC-11, but far more accurate and more gas efficient. If you install the REAPS or Maple Leaf bucking, it can be as accurate as an AEG. And this gun is SO loud! The muzzle acts an amplifier. Your ears will start to ring after shooting this gun for a while!
The only downsides to this gun are the horrendous orange tip, but you can replace that for $20, the expensive mag prices (the problems with GBBs), and the EXTREMELY complicated internals (the hardest GBB to work on I have seen)
Note: if you are not fairly skilled with internals, you may have to have someone service your KMP9 for you.

Pros: relatively cheap price, good mags, excellent quality, amazing ROF, accurate, great kick, great gas efficiency, lightweight, scary to be shot at with!

Cons: mags are expensive ($40 each!), orange tip, complicated internals

If you are thinking of getting the MP7 or the KMP9, go for the KMP9. It's more complicated, but you have more options with it, and it is far more versatile. And it sounds cooler!
by Noah K. on 09/07/2013
Cool sound

Might be hot for indoor fields
Vertical foregrips interfere with folding stock

Lightweight (some may like it, others may prefer something heavier)
Loud (sound may scare the hell out of your opponents, but that's not so good for stealth)

All in all, the pros outweigh the cons. This is likely to be the best GBB I've ever bought.
by Steve B. on 08/02/2013
"I have had this gun for a couple of days now and I can honestly say it is AMAZING!

gas efficient
high ROF
small and maneuverable

Too loud (if you play CQB)