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KWA KMP9 New Version Gas Blowback Airsoft Submachine Gun (NS2 System) (Color: Black)

29 Customer Reviews

by James F. on 12/26/2010
"This is a very nice GBB. You will not be dissapointed for purchasing it. The ROF and FPS are quite consistant shot-for shot, but can vary depending on external temperature, so don't be surprised if a review says "400 FPS" and yours chronos at 350 FPS. It is very loud for an airsoft gun due to its built in sound amplifier. The bolt is smooth and the charging handle operation needs improvement, but is satisfactory nonetheless. KWA's NS2 gas system is truly miraculous since there is hardly any cooldown at all and it guzzles less gas than other GBBs all while increasing performance. The accuracy and range is greater than that of any sotck AEG or bolt-action on the market.

Also, there is absolutely nothing wrong with using propane in this GBB. Just make sure you lube the magazines every so often and your mags and hop-up should have no problems.

excellent performance all-around

Like all KWA airsoft guns, the metal components feel cheap even though they are decent magnesium alloy. Alluminum and steel will always feel better.
requires some maitenence for increased longevity - see below

NOTE: This GBB is made for .25g bbs and performance will suffer while using any bbs under that weight. The bolt also needs some maitenence before prolonged use. Check out KWA's forums and there is a topic on how to deal with it.
by Shirl S. on 12/14/2010
"This gun is freakin awesome! It empties the mag in like 2 seconds. Shoots very accuratly with .25s and green gas. Do not use propane with this gun. I would recommend this gun to anyone.




small mag
eats gas
price (but its because its blowback and u are paying for quality)
by Nick W. on 12/12/2010
"This gun is so awesome!!!!!! Just got it yesterday from the store its self and haven't been able to put it down since. Let me tell you a few things about the gun.
perfect for cqb
high rate of fire
very accurate
loves gas
small mag

I got this gun to serve as secondary for my sniper,but it works perfectly as a primary on its own.I defenetly recomend this gun to anybody!
by william R. on 09/29/2010
"Do not read the guy below me because he said that he had it for two months this gun was only on the website for five days when he wrote the review so he is lieing. don't be stupid and put propane in your gun it will break. the gun has a high ROF ~20bbs and shoots hard ~390-410 fps.


loves gas
small mag
by Wyatt K. on 07/04/2015
"I bought the KWA MP9 with one goal in mind: Run a high-speed loadout with minimal gear so as to literally outrun the enemy and show the uppity Milsim guys that a $300 loadout can keep up just fine with a $1500 loadout. I hate to admit it, but that is not a very Operator thing to do. On to the gun. In the few months I have had it, this gun has done what I hoped it would and more. If you are looking for a great SMG, look no further. The MP7 is a great alternative, but its body is neither graceful nor lightweight. The MP9 feels like an extension of the body, everything is fluid, there are no sharp edges, and it weighs less than my USP tactical. If the hop-up is just right, you will have no trouble reaching out to AEG range. Be warned, however, that the mags are expensive and when you run dry of BB's, not even the speed loader can save you unless you packed the awkwardly-shaped can of Green gas or Propane. As any air softer would say- Why not buy more mags? If you want to carry even a mediocre number of ready mags for your MP9, you will spend the gun's price on the glorified paperweights. You have been warned.

Super loud, I have gotten many, many comments, good and bad, on the noise.
Very lightweight, easy to acquire targets and move the weapon quickly.
Balanced, due to magazine being placed in grip.
Due to short barrel, I don't have to worry about muzzle-sweeping my friendlies.
Unbelievably reliable.

Due to loudness, my position is pinpointed easily.
Feels like a toy without mag.
Accuracy is, as one would expect, not the greatest.
Mags are expensive.
O-ring in bottom of magazine will fall out. Bware.

Overall, 8.5 out of 10 due to mags and somewhat cheap feeling. I would recommend to someone just beginning to use a GBB weapon as a primary. I am only replacing it due to a shifting play style (with a VFC 416) and a need for more accuracy and firepower. Buy it for plinking or a fun secondary if you feel handguns are too mainstream.
by Joshua A. on 02/07/2015
"Pretty good gun. Kept it for 4 months before i got rid of it because i got bored but it was a nice gun while i had it. Never jammed or has any issues while i owned it. Fairly accurate for its size. Very light and point able. Fast ROF and FPS with a loud report.
Pros: Light, high ROF, small, loud, and reliable.
Cons: FPS to high for cqb, pain to disassemble, mags are expensive, and not easy to clean.
by Togald N. on 10/07/2013
"This is overall a great gun! You can shoot around 45 meters with it in stock config, mine chronoes at 1,2 Joules (~110 m/s, 360 FPS) which is a little weak for woodland and a little strong for CQB, but install an NPAS and get a mock silencer with barrel extension and you should be good for woodland.

FUN to shoot!
~12-15 RPS depending on lubrication

The stock FPS
To disassemble the trigger box, you have to bend the plastic to get it out. It is doomed to break sooner or later, and could have been done better. Done it 3-4 times with mine, still without problems, so it's good enough.
by Brooks D. on 03/02/2013
"I bought this in April 2012, and at first I wasn't able to get all of the BB's out in one gas load, but then I realized I wasn't putting the gas in upside down, and when I did it worked better. I was able to get about 2 mags worth of BB's out in 1 about 8-10 second gas load. It's got an INSANE rate of fire, and is accurate for about 50 feet.

Intimidatingly loud
Great rate of fire
Maneuverable & Compact
Not too gas guzzling

Stinks (but that's the propane's fault)
Too loud for concealment
by jody t. on 02/24/2013
"This is a pretty bad ass sub machine gun!

Decent accuracy
Shoots pretty fast for a gas gun
Mag is really gas efficient
Good range
Some what easy to take apart and maintain

When I shoot full auto the bb's go everywhere and not very far but this gun rocks on semi
Hop up is not that easy to adjust

And thats all. All in all 4 stars out of 5
by Mason R. on 05/25/2012
"Great product. Go kwa

High fps
High rof

Faulty disconnector (stretch it out to fix)
Low mag cap
Expensive mags
Mags break if you let the follower go and the mag is empty
by Raeden G. on 06/09/2011
"This gun is AWESOME. Very loud, very light, very powerful, HIGH r.o.f. The body is very strong. The stock has almost no wobble. Just dont try and use propane with it. The mags wouldnt fill when i was trying propane, and they worked like a charm after using green gas. The mags are made of a soft metal though, or they are just too heavy for the material. But i dropped one onto concrete from about 1 foot, and dented like it was cheese. Its what it looks like now. If you like the look, and compactness, you love it more once you get it for the power. Ive had it since Sept, 23, 2010.
by jaime g. on 08/01/2013
"Gun is good for how long it worked.I had it working for 3 months and the bolt carrier cracked and broke it, I use high grade .25 bbs and lubed after every game.My friend bought the same gun because he liked it alot and it broke in 5 months for him in several areas where i cant remember. i own 3 WE gbb now and they lasted me several years and worked great.This gun is good you just have to know how to replace broken parts and lube well.

looks so beautiful
light weight
large capacity mags
gas efficiency
iron sights
folding stock
370 fps with .2s

it will break
alot of care needed
lube it often
Swiss cheese internals
defiantly not a beginner gun i sold mine for half the price for a 40 replacement part because i was to young to under stand what was wrong at the time.
by Ryan A. on 09/28/2010

i got this gun 2 months ago and it really was a great gun when i was using .25 gram bbs and king arms green gas then i ran out of .25 and green gas so i used propane and .20 and after a while of shooting the gun would not shoot so i looked and the bolt did not fully cycle so i took it appart and it was 1 out of 2 springs broke so i called kwa and they said they did not have parts yet so they sent me a pair of springs but they got mangled to and then i noticed it was a littel longer and it was from a different gun so now i should wait for the parts to come out and it is very loud it sounds like a 22 lr it is a very huge fear factor high fps (350-400)great for cqb
by Tylor G. on 11/16/2011
"wow thats all i have to say about this gun. it is so disappointing.

high fps
breaks easy
breaks easy
it broke in 2 matches
after a while also trigger gets worn so you cant pull the trigger sometimes
mags suck
you literally have to double stack the mag correctly to actually make it fire.
seriously go with the mp7 or something else i sold my G&G for this gun expecting something a little better glad i am getting refund.
KWA i just want to say please fix this gun get back to me and i will buy it cause i love SMG GBB. besides mp7