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KWA KMP9 Gas Blowback Airsoft Submachine Gun (Color: Black w/ Grip)

54 Customer Reviews

by Jeff K. on 06/05/2013
"I got this gun a couple days ago and have put about 1500 rounds through it with zero issues. Fantastic gun for the price, the externals are decent and the internals are fantastic. Dis assembly is a little hard but once you get the hang of it, its not too bad. It shoots right at 400 fps with cyclic rate of around 20 bb's per second. It is extremely accurate and very, very consistent. I highly recommend this gun to anyone who wants a compact package of awesome.
by Jameson W. on 04/23/2013
"I have had the kmp9r for three or so weeks and I play once or twice a week yet have had no issues with it. MY kmp9r shoots 310 with 0.25g bbs and is accurate to 50ft which works fine for ME since I play at a cqb field. As long as you apply some silicon spray before and after your day of fun. It it very loud which I like and has a fun kick that isn't bad enough to hurt MY aim. On my first day the left rear sight protecter was shot off and Evike is sending me a replacement which I really like b/c I want to play while I wait for the part.
Shoots at a great speed for indoor
Is loud
Accurate for indoor
Great feel
Good hop up control

Cons (bringing them up now):
Need a flat head screw driver and needle nose pliers if you don't want to destroy your fingers
Not accurate for field
Can't use the iron sights with a mask (I use the dye i4) but can be avoided when using a sight

As I see it the pros kill the cons like I kill the enemy teem when using the kwa kmp9r. (The standard kmp9 is just as good)
by Dawson K. on 01/11/2013
"Great gun and definitely the best GBB Ive ever used. Very accurate (150 ft +) very powerful (350 FPS with .25 g) solid build with solid polymer externals and steel/aluminum internals. All around great gun that I use for field/MOUT. great gas consistency and great at low temps. Ive used it at 5C (about 40F) with only a 40~50 FPS drop which is not that bad and still very usable. really the only problems ive had are due to mags, and nothing a quick cleaning couldnt fix.
great FPS
Great accuracy for size/barrel length
good weight
great externals and internals
Great solid internals
easy to disassemble and work on.
great cycle rate

a few feeding problems with mags due to being dirty
a few screw loosening over time
FPS is a little high for field is the United States

I definitely recommend this gun to anyone who wants a great gun, whether a primary or secondary.
by Mixcoatl O. on 11/27/2012
"Love it! Really awesome ROF. Also really loud, sends little kinds running. It's a must have.
by Thedude 1. on 11/11/2012
"This gun is awesome! The KWA MP9 is one of the best airsoft guns I have purchased. For the power and the price, this gun is totally worth it.
by John C. on 11/02/2012
"If your thinking of buying this gun and stop thinking and just buy it. It shoots a little to hot for cqb (400 w/ .2) I tried installing a flute valve and my bolt broke so just go the easier way and buy a low power bolt so unless your a gun pro dont install it because in the long run it will be the best for you.

Great weight for the gun
Great look
Amazing sound when shoots(Pro or Con)
Gas efficient

I didnt find any
by Marcus H. on 08/26/2012
"OK OK OK The gun is amazing, all around nice. Looks 99 % like the real deal!!!!!
So Pros and cons.....

High ROF
Great accuracy in CQB
Good side arm in the field

mag is a gas hog
Mags are a bit expensive
Need internal work for some CQB play
by Kyler R. on 08/22/2012
out of all eletric guns, gas guns, smgs, anything. you can drop it on the ground, out of a window, through glass windows, pools, water, lake ,pond its like a lifeproof case for an iphone! it can do everything a real gun can do if more.

-very accurate, like most gas guns are consistently accurate also
-good rof
-very upgradable(if you know how to do it, be careful)
-folding stock(comes in handy around corners
-lightweight never get tired running with it.

-distance isnt too great but its a CQB weapon anyways
-big orange tip, not removable
-expensive gun
-expensive mags
-gas usage is expensive
by Glenn T. on 08/16/2012
"Guns very good i gotta say got it today and i loved it but since its my first gas gun the mag got a leak cause i cocked it without the mag in you suppose to put the mag in then cock the gun and that will prevent leaking like what i did also gotta say that its very loud added a noveske and it echos the walls of the cqb field

Mag expensive
hard recoil
super strong wont break
accurate gas efficent

Shoots high for cqb fields
by Roger L. on 07/24/2012
"Got this gun not too long ago and I have to say wow. It's very powerful, loud, and on full auto it scares people. I just installed the low power bolt because my field with its fps rules wouldn't allow me to use it within 15 ft. Soon I'll be getting a threaded adapter and a sound amp so when I'm in buildings it will be really loud. IMPORTANT NOTICE: I have checked a lot of reviews and a lot of magazine problems are due to people putting the mag in before making sure the bolt is locked back. So just lock the bolt back before you put in the mag and along with proper maintenance this gun will last. This gun is really meant for close quarters so don't be expecting to get long range hits.

Great for cqb

No warning about the mags
May need low power bolt if your field has strict fps rules.
by Benjamin M. on 04/05/2012
"I bought this gun from airsplat recently, and am very satisfied! The build is extremely nice, I dont feel like this will ever break. Not to mention great FPS! A little hot for CQB, but there is a low fps slide available for this gun. Without adjusting the hopup out of the box, this gun was incredibly accurate. And the ROF is incredible. And after cleaning the mags, it cycles a whole clip very cleanly with no sputters. But before you buy, know that spare mags are EXTREMELY hard to find, almost no site has them, and when firing full auto, you will run out of bb's in about 2.5 seconds.

Good FPS
Accurate out of the box (can find a balance between range and fps when playing with hopup)
Solid plastic construction
AMAZING ROF = 20 rps
quality mag, conserves gas quite well, and holds a lot of rounds for a GBB
Plenty of rail space
Folding stock

Terribly hard to find extra magazines
Ugly orange tip
Mags dont feed well at first, I fixed this by cleaning it and using heavier BB's (.25)
Gas blows in your face when looking down sights (only a minor nuisance)
Not really anything else.
by Alex B. on 02/17/2012
"This gun kicks butt! It is a great CQB weapon and a good field side-arm for it's high rate of fire, the perfect side-arm to compliment any snipers.

High power and rate of fire.
good construction with very little wobbling.
takes a good amount of abuse, we throw it around.
very loud and intimidating.
great accuracy.

Not for long range
Not 500 rounds in magazine capacity
Not $10
by Tyler F. on 01/27/2012
"This is the second gun i purchased from Evike, it is EXTREAMLY good. Some people say its bad in the comments, they were unlucky. Mine did come with a loose buffer plate, took it to KWA and they fixed it and lubed it and gave me tons of free .25 gram bbs. Take this to a field and scare the HECK out of people! This makes a great sidearm for my CM.032 M14. And my Ak74 and M4. When i need to get up close, this thing is the NIGHTMARE of your enemies. You will laugh as grown men scream and run from your sub machine gun! Definetally do not bring this gun to a desert, you dont want dust in the mag. The loudness and ROF of this gun will make you the envy of your friends, and change the battle. To sum up:

Decent accuracy
Small (and foldable... Well duh)
Still Epic
Ummm.. did i mention its EPIC!?!
Makes people want to be on your side.. or never see you in the game
EPICOSITY 100000/10
Gas consumption is NOT A PROBLEMOH!

Mag runs out pretty fast.. unless you shoot one shot to make the whole enemy team flee
should have a mask/glasses while firing, air shoots out the back
Mine came with a loose buffer plate, fixed fast
Definettaly not a sniper rifle.. in case you havent noticed
Biggest con: Its so awesome that it took a long time to read this WHOLE REVIEW!

16 stars out of 5. THANKS FOR MAKING MY FRIENDS HATE ME! And love me.. either one, depends on whose side they are on xD
by Jarrod C. on 01/03/2012
"This is a beast! I have two and I love to dualweild these monsters. At cqb arenas I just get by with the fps limit and no one wants to be on the business end of this gun. It has a crazy ROF it dumps the mag in 2 seconds so I advise buying extra mags.
But other than that this gun has a very sturdy construction and I doubt will break anytime soon as long as you do normal maintenance.

Amazing ROF
Great FPS
Sturdy bulid

A little heavy
Not a fan of the iron sights.
by andy o. on 12/30/2011
"All I can say is wow,this gun is amazing

Pros:full auto is beast
Great kick
Awesome handling