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WELL MB04 APS Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle - ~490 FPS (Package: Add 3-9x40 Scope + Bipod)

26 Customer Reviews

by MIGUEL G. on 10/01/2010
"Got this gun yesterday,and right out of the box this thing eas awsome.I assembled it and Shot with .25g bbs it was accurate right out of the box and i was sliceing through cans like butter from i say 50ft no problem.This gun is worth the money great wieght and sturdy material comes with scope bi pod everything u need.

_hop up a lil hard to get to.

+great fps i say average atleast 480
+sturdy material not plastcy hefty wight
+Extremly accurate and even more with fixed hop up
+when u hit ur target they wont bother going after you again
by Denise T. on 09/23/2010
"This is a utg mk96 with a different stock. The mags are exactlly the same the internals and function is the same and it even takes after market PDI type parts for the APS type 96 so you can install new triggers and rebuild the cylinder and so on. this not just another sniper to use till it brakes same quality as tmcompatible vsr10s and can be upgraded to compete with any upgraded vsr10. Note i am not saying it is vsr10 compatible i am saying the upgrade parts are out there for it this is a mk96 internally and magazine wise.
by Tien N. on 09/15/2010
"I have the non-adjustable stock version of this gun and it rocks. This gun is compatable with the UTG L96, so if you want to upgrade or get replacement internal parts the UTG L96 is the way to go. Out of the box this gun shoots around 450FPS with .20g and with .28g around 400FPS. It's easy to get the hop up and scope dialed in. The Bi-pod is great if you have time to deploy it and it does add quite a bit of additional wieght. The sling attachment points are a little tough to get used to but with time and a good sling, no the one that comes with it, you can rock as a sniper.
by Jeremy H. on 09/12/2010
"i would recomend this gun to ne1, ive been playing airsoft for about 4 years probably and this is my second sniper, 1st pro sniper. the only thing i dnt like about it is tht u have to ajust the scope and the hop-up to get to shoot more accurate.
overall, GREAT GUN!!
by Malik O. on 08/29/2010
"I have had this gun for about 4 months now, and i love it. it's mean and accurate. i hit a "friend" of mine at 70 meters!!! thats an hell of a long shot. and the best thing is that he didn't know that it could go that far, so it came as an surprise for him.


-it's effective up to 70 meters
-it's reliable
-it's accurate
-it's mean
-tri-pod is included


-it's a little to heavy for comfort (at 4,4 kg)
-the trigger cover has an habit of breaking.
by Nik P. on 04/18/2017
"This is a great gun for the price. I have had it for 2 years, and it is still rocking. It never had the 500 fps that it said, but it was rocking a solid 430 almost every time I chrono'd it.
-durable, which is why it weighs 10 lbs
-accurate (i was able to hit targets from over 150 ft away!)
-mags are easy to take out, but sometimes get stuck
-adjustable cheek pad

-hop up is REALLY hard to get to and change. You need screwdriver that is skinny in order to stick it in the mag compartment to get to the hop up.
-a little heavy, even for a sniper rifle. It is this heavy because of the material, which is EXTREMELY durable.

All in all, I would reccomend this gun if you are new to sniper rifles. If you have some experience, I would reccomend a VSR-10 of either Tokyo Marui, or Snow Wolf. Both of these are nice, durable, and parts are cheap and easy to find. For this gun, I still have not found a great tuning kit.
by Mike P. on 09/15/2012
"Great gun over all had it four years and six months ago hop up and piston went upgraded spring but parts took over six months to get from multiple websites also a pain to put in a $200 dollar gun is now a $600 with upgrades and fixed parts
Bottom line shoots hard, fast reload, mags are easily come by and very accurate( shot the O in COKE from 175 ft away)
by jason p. on 03/10/2011
"I got this gun last year and love it its got a nice fell to it a good range and I havent hade any problems with it however the scope I got with mine is junk and doesnt adjust properly but even with that said its worth the money and everyone who sees it whats one a good adition to my arsenal
by Denton H. on 03/23/2014
"This gun shoots well and the scope that comes with it is amazing. The body is amazing since it is full metal however the internals are plastic.

looks amazing
great accuracy once scope is adjusted
great gun if you get a metal gearbox for it
shoots farther than most aegs

gearbox was plastic and due to the high fps broke in like 500 shots
adjusting the scope can be a pain
fps might be 500 with .12s but with .3s only 360 and .28s 380 (need heavy bbs for accuracy)
by Ryan G. on 10/29/2010
"+500 fps
+mine was shotting 75 yards
+easy to make a gun cover for

- it broke after 1 year of moderate use and it was well taken care of
- my friend had an l96 with the same internals and his has the same problem
- the sling sucks
by Ryan C. on 01/19/2014
"This is a decent sniper when it works, and I'm having trouble getting it to actually work for a full game. I've used many snipers and this one is worst one I've ever used. It jams constantly and is a pain to unjam. It also shoots only 380-450 fps after I removed the air restrictor, well under the advertised 450-530. The bb's fly straight for about 80 ft before dropping, which isn't terribly bad. The reason that this gun even gets 2 stars is because of the externals. The scope is very clear and easy to sight in. The bipod broke after my first game, but that was my fault, not the bipod's. The gun is comfortable and well weighted. The bolt is also pretty easy to pull back for a sniper. Despite the awesome externals, you need to be able to shoot the gun reliably to be a good sniper and this gun is EXTREMELY far from reliable. I would not recommend this gun to anyone because the jamming is just that bad.

Bolt Pull

Lower FPS than advertised

Do not buy this gun unless you plan on changing out all of the internals to fix the jamming issue.