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Matrix Storm Polycarb Devil Airsoft AEG Piston (High Speed / High Power / Li-poly)

6 Customer Reviews

by Elie H. on 03/29/2012
"To all who are reading reviews of the guys below me, this piston is infact EXCELLENT.

The reason why they are saying it breaks is because it is a hard polycarb piston (meant for high fps)

when a piston has no flexibility, a high speed (rof) can wear it down very quickly. That being said, this piston does what it is meant to do, pull back rediculous spring on semi auto guns.

Just so all of you know, there are pistons that will not work for all guns. For high speed, go ahead and get yourself a nylon piston (very flexible) and for really high fps (550+) get this one.

I know from experience by running a m170 on this with a gr25. very nice piston and holds up well when others wouldve shreded.
by Richard R. on 12/22/2010
"just got this piston off a friend for $15 and i felt like taking it for a test drive with my hammer. actually survived it! i didn't go all out tho, but i wouldn't think it would have minded. then instead of a vise, i used a pair of channel lock pliers. it was actually really hard to do, but it did bend into the oval, and remarkably, it took its same shape. (i went a little hog wild tough, and it took a few minuets to fully reshape.) overall, very good piece. i will be updating in 10k rounds to see how it took to my gearbox. and till then, ta ta for now.
by Zachery W. on 12/17/2010
"I have one of these pistons and it's amazing! The build quality is fantastic and the steel teeth are insanely strong. I used the pressure clamp at the shop and this thing can take some major stress!
I can see this piston being used in a 550 FPS or maybe higher AEG (of course to have such a high FPS many other upgrades must be done to withstand such stress)
by Daniel M. on 09/28/2016
"I used it for 2 games in a high stress build. M150 spring shortstroked piston shooting about 400 fps at about 50 rps. It didn't last unfortunately the back broke out and pulled the teeth strip out. In a regular build it might have worked good though
by Reginald M. on 02/04/2012
"Installed this in my gearbox, adjusted AOE to perfection and after about 200 shots the small bit of polycarbonate that holds the metal teeth rack forward broke causing the teeth to slide out of the piston, rendering it useless.

I don't recommend purchasing this piston.
by Allen H. on 12/13/2011
"I've been tech-ing AEG's since 2000 and although I don't know everything, I know my way around gearboxes. I'm not sure about the last 2 reviews, but the piston I received looked nice cool when I got it. After installation, my gearbox ran excellent (Modify Torus 8MM Gearbox, Guarder Bore-UP kit, Systema Steel Gears, Systema M120 Spring, shimmed, etc...). After about 200 shots the gearbox locked up. I opened it up and guess what, the piston broke into 3 pieces.

I'm not sure about the video above showing a guy hitting it with a hammer but after my piston broke I decided to whack the piston I had with a hammer and it blew up into even more pieces.