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WE-Tech Metal 1911 Desert Warrior Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol

12 Customer Reviews

by Grant W. on 02/24/2017
"This was my first airsoft hang gun and let me just say one thing. I love it! I bought it last summer and have only used propane, the only issue is the deap mag fill but it can be taken care of. One thing of notice i have seen recently is it shotting in bursts or just full auto. I have absolutely no issues with that i just wish i knew how to control it. This gun have fantastic weight and feel. I would absolutely recommend this gun for any airsofter.
by Michael M. on 08/26/2016
"Hard kicking gun, kicks like a .32ACP. Has a lot of range if you get the hop up right and the metal isn't as cheap as a cyma or something. It is rather loud so I wouldn't recommend it for backyard play if you live close to neighbors. They'll probably call the cops reporting real gunshots this thing is so loud. Good for field or cqb, too loud for backyard play
by Chris B. on 01/15/2014
"This was a great buy, and it was well worth it!
I purchased this gun around halloween 2013 along with the holy cow deal, and I don't regret it one bit. Here are the pros and the cons:
-It's a 1911, 'nuff said
-nice rail
-full metal
-awesome recoil
-barrel is threaded
-pretty hefty for a sidearm (could be a con)
-holy cow deal gets a $3 extra mag
-it has cool MEU style mags with bumper pads on the bottom

-weak spring, I recomend buying a stronger one
-mags are unable to fill w/o gas canister extention (not a problem if you use propane)
-this thing shakes drop-leg holsters like nobody's buisness

All in all, it is worth the price
by Christian B. on 12/01/2013
"Great gun! Although it has major issues with adapted propane gas. Just use pre-made green gas and its like a charm.
by shawn k. on 10/24/2013
"this pistol is great if feels amazing almost like the real gun full metal i have not shot it yet mainly because the well to put the gas in is to deep for a standard green gas valve so before you purchase this buy either a propane adaptar of a green gas valve extension to gas up the mag.
by jordan r. on 01/25/2013
"first thing i want to say is Evike is great!
when i first got this gun(2 years ago) i got one of the mags that didn't work well. Evike fixed the problem fast and got me a new mag. when i finally got to shooting this pistol, i noticed that is was very gas eficient.
i was getting about 3-4 mags out of one fill with propane. this is a great gun for cqb or if your using it as a secondary on a field. easy 5 out of 5
by Gabriel Y. on 08/10/2011
"Before I get to my review of the gun, I would like to first comment about Evike's amazing service. I ordered this gun late Monday night, and it was at my door Wednesday at noon. That's with the free shipping!!! I was blown away at how quickly they processed my order. That is by far the best I've seen!

I bought a few items at the same time, including the "Holy Cow" $3 mag for it. That cheap mag was the really awesome chrome one! I was soooo excited to see that! Everything else I ordered with the gun came nicely packed.

The gun itself is in a beautiful box. Comes with two black magazines (plus the "Holy Cow" $3 chrome one, which is nicer), one of the mags that came with it has a rubber plate on the bottom, the other two didn't.

The gun feels amazing in my hands and fired super accurately out of the box. Perfect shot at 40ish feet.

The recoil is crazy aggressive! It's more powerful then my .22LR that I have, and almost as powerful as my 9mm (though it was 90 degrees out).

I only have two complaints about this gun: The safety sucks... My doesn't stay on safe. It might just need to be tightened, but I haven't had the opportunity to try that yet. And my other complaint is that the port to inject the propane in is super deep. My adapter worked fine, but it was close... Some other propane adapters might not work, so be for warned.

All in all, this is a fantastic gun for the price! If you're looking for a sick lookin' side arm that is a classy-classic at the same time, DO NOT look any further! Buy this gun now!

Thank you Evike for an amazing gun! I look forward to my future purchases with you. :D
by Cory B. on 10/14/2015
"Pretty fun gas gun! Good kick and good construction.

2 downsides.

1. Gas can run out kinda quickly after about 2 mags

2. While its advertised as having a threaded tip, it comes with the gun separately, meaning you gotta crack off the plastic one.
by Chris N. on 07/22/2012
"This gun is a pretty decent handgun. This was my second gbb and when i first got it it shot like a dream. Considering WE is one of the top brands in airsoft today, i wouldnt recommend using this gun in action for more than a year.
-Great kick
-Easy to field strip and clean
-Full Metal (The sound of charging the weapon is music to my ears)
-Decent Night sights
-Realistic Feel
-ITS A 1911
-Mags have a couple plastic parts tht break
-Gas capacity wears down after a couple months
-With every gas gun, it doesnt perform very well in cold temps
-Internals may screw up depending on amout of use for sometime
But overall, if you're looking for your first gbb, look no further.
by Garrett B. on 04/14/2012
"Its a good gun but it takes a lot of propane gas.But,when its takes a lot of propane its FPS is amazing.Over all,this pistol is rely good.Its worth 105$ dollars. (BUY IT)
by Diane W. on 08/27/2011
"over all a great working and looking pistol. most people get the 4.3 version, i was going but it went out of stock, but i am not disappointed AT ALL with this pistol. nice kick, FULL metal, good fps for CQB, fast recoil. overall it's a great working gun.

good cqb fps.
nice kick
full metal
holy cow deal gave an extra mag
feels great in hands
comes with threaded tip

after shooting it a bit the hop up turns down, so you have to fix the hop up every game or so, not too big of a deal.
bb's might jam some times, not often though, and it's a easy fix by removing the top receiver and shaking them out.
by Ryan W. on 08/10/2011
"Great gun! I am very happy with the WE Desert Warrior, I am also more happier that I upgraded it with better internals and externals such as the matrix featherweight blowback housing, and the madbull black python exteneded barrel. Out of the box it performed great, until I ran out of bb's and reached for some black crosman .25's, lets just say USE HIGH QUALITY BB'S! This gun has now become my project and I will be very satisfied when the parts arrive.

Pros-Crisp, strong, recoil
-Threaded tip
-Easy to upgrade and modify(as of all the 1911 family)
-Mags are a good weight
-Nice look and feel to the gun

Cons-After about a week or so firing the gun the slide started jamming and it took force to rack it which should not happen. After carefully looking at it I noticed the piston head was not fitting in the loading nozzle. Solution-BUY A TUNE UP KIT. Its much easier and easy to install. The parts are reinforced and have a very nice red finish on them (its the cqb master tune up kit for just $35)

-Black paint chips off after use which kinda bothers me, might just replace the parts with new ones.

Overall a very nice gun, it was maybe my bad luck of choosing liquid wrench silicone which led to the gun jamming, I've learned my lesson and buying Pforce silicone off evike. I can see this gun giving many years of use in the CQB feild, especially with upgraded parts.