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by Richard A. on 2016-05-18 05:58:52
"Received this pistol yesterday and it looks as good as it does in the pictures. Ill be using it on my first game this weekend hopefully and will report back then.
by HENRY S. on 2016-04-09 00:14:10
"So I've pistol about a year now, and I'm a bit torn on it and here's why:

Out of the box, this was an amazing gun. Beautifully made, sturdy, heavy, and comfortable. It was very smooth firing, a very light trigger and had some great accuracy for its price. The blowback was exceptional as well. That was week one.

So I took it to the field, had a great game day. Thing performed like a champ. No jams, no gas wasted, I managed all 28 or so shots without having to regas. Definitely proved itself in cqb with a great response time. Shot around 350 average FPS, which is typical for a pistol of its class but still, it seemed to carry that a good amount further than I expected.

After that day, things went downhill. So, after maybe, 4 times on the field, my first mag failed. No biggie, that happens. So I slap in the other and continue on. Next game starts, I go indoors, and fire about 5 shots and then its out of gas. I figure "I must've bot filled it up right. Hm." Slap in my third mag and go further in the building. Same thing happens. So I head back, try all my mags after a good regassing, and it still does it. 4-5 shots, and the splitters out. I replaced the o-rings thinking they were the problem. Nope. Same issue.

Now, the pistol is great. Beautiful. Worth every penny. It's the mags that get you. These mags are made horribly. The fact that I've had three break in under a year is appalling. I'd honestly suggest you buy another pistol from WE, maybe a 1911, or if you're set on an M9, maybe try KWA. These mags are the biggest downfall of this amazing gun. And I know I'm not alone in this. Multiple reviews state this.

Overall summary:

Great FPS and range for its price
Solidly built, has taken some nicks here and there and there's nothing it cosmetic damage
Accuracy is great for indoor play, outdoors the wind will take control, but it's rare to even use a pistol outdoors much.
Blowback is done right. Looks, feels, and gasses smoothly. Doesn't waste an atom of green gas.
Magazine capacity is SO good. 28 can't be beaten in my mind.
Very comfortable to hold.
Heavy, in a good way.

Magazines are horrendous
Safety doesn't engage completely, you can cycle the action almost completely even with it on.
The right side safe/fire selector fell off the slide. I'll blame my own clutsyness on that. It was 7 months in.
If your the type who doesn't lube often, this gun is a little sticky after a while. I know this cause I was broke for a while and figured lube wasn't too important.
Trigger reset spring is weak. When the slide doesn't reset the hammer after being out of ammo, it sometimes doesn't reset the trigger all the way forward. Not too big an issue, but minor details bug OCD people like me.

In the end, this pistol is worth the price, it'll serve you well and save your butt when it's on the line, but it's magazines are its absolute downfall. Beware them fellow airsofters. Hope this review helps.
by Lucidious W. on 2015-07-28 11:18:16
"Beautiful weapon, I'm very pleased with this purchase, it shoots strong, good kick, always ready to fire. The problem, the magazine is great for a few gas fills, but then it leaks, and so did the other mag I purchased for this.

Great kick
Conserves gas
Easy to aim

Mags are terrible

would give a 5 star but I can't stand the mag problem
by Annette F. on 2014-04-14 09:32:54
"it is a amazing gun it came with just clip and gun in box no gas or cleaning rod but i dont care it is super high quality heavy so your aim is steady use 25 or 30 bbs for accuracy i have had it for 4 months still going strong people keep saying the berrel is wiggly it is supposed to be like that so it dosent break a tree that dosent bend with the wind will snap so if it didnt wiggle it would break the berrel and it only slides back and forth not side to side
heavy strong vary powerfull and accurate
super durrable everything about it
the black on the little parts wears off after a while but i dont care
by Caden N. on 2014-02-12 17:21:39
"Very nice airsoft gun, I have had it for about 3 days, I have put it through 4 clips and it runs like a champ.
by Joshua H. on 2014-01-02 22:59:14
"This was my first airsoft gun and I was very pleased with its performance out of the box.

Nice weight
Threaded barrel tip
Decent gas consumption
Metal outer barrel (unlike most M9 models)
Comfortable wrap-around grip made of full rubber
Stiff safety

I had a small problem with the mags not feeding (just disassemble and lube port)
by Travis R. on 2013-12-12 15:10:37
"really reallly nice gun if you have any doughts about this being a "cheepy m9" dont it's awesome! sweet kick but not enough to mess up your shot too
by Andrew P. on 2013-08-11 02:09:55
"This pistol its excellent! I've owned it for about 4 months now and I must say, I am impressed with its performance and build quality for the price. Do be cautious with disassembly, however, because I kind of screwed up the side catch spring. Also, the mag started leaking after a couple months, as most WE Tech mags in my experience do, so just order some $5 o rings with it and you'll be set. One more thing, I sliced off the frontstrap and backstrap of the grips, not because they were no good, buy because I wanted to take advantage of the exquisite grip teeth on the frame metal.

ADJUSTABLE HOPUP (remove outer barrel, rear top of inner barrel has a small allen screw)
Realism level is quite high
Finish had hardly worn down
Kicks like a mule (nothing like my KWC Desert Eagle though!)
Highly accurate, complementary sights
Easily and realistically stripped down to service
Mag release was too low profile, so I switched it to lefty configuration
Threads, which I'm told are weak...haven't tested them. They look solid.

Mag wobbles (simple electrical tape on the inside of the grip fix)
Leaky mag (simple O-Ring fix)
No Beretta trades...but what can you expect, its a solid perfomer!

All in all, I'm very satisfied with this pistol. Almost wish I had the black, but it adds diversity to my arsenal of pistols. This gun just requires a little good old elbow grease and troubleshooting and it rock ..and rolls!
by jake b. on 2013-05-31 17:58:21
"This gun is amazing im able to hit targets from across most cqb maps!

great accuracy
feels real
threaded barrel

no power stroking
slide release and other parts coming loose MAKE SURE YOU DONT LOSE THEM

Although the gun has cons i still love it the slide release comming loose is just long wear that took me over 3 months of play to do buy this gun you wont regret it.
by Sergio L. on 2013-04-09 07:14:57
"This gun is amazing! I have it a month ago and I am very happy. It has good weight, as real. Has firepower, tested with BB's 0.25g = 345 fps.

The pin that holds the blowback when no BB's, can go out and lose!


345 fps with 0.25g BB's (popane)
full details
very real


the pin.
by Sebastian A. on 2013-03-18 18:23:59
"This gun IS AWESOME!!!!! 100% Reliable, you can go toe to toe against AEGS with the extended clips.
-Tan Camo
-Full Metal
-Good Weight
-14 MM Adaptor
-Comfy Grips
-Case it comes with

-Safty screw some times get loose
-And that is it.

In summary a good handgun.
by Brian M. on 2013-02-22 12:32:45
"I have no problems with this weapon at all. Very good quality doesnt chip easily at at all. The mag is very nice and holds 27 rounds. With my .23s it shoots a consistant 330 fps.

Full metal
Real weight
Great fps
Nice paint
Excelent full metal mag
Comes with a 14mm adaptor
Very nice groupings at 75ft
Fits nicely in all soft pistol holsters
Rubber grips r very comfortable

None at all i had no problems like the ones above.

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