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WE-Tech M9A1 Full Metal Gas Blowback Pistol - Desert

31 Customer Reviews

by ethan w. on 02/24/2012
"super great gun. all metal. inner barrel is very pretty (shiny blue) i like it a lot more than the hi capas and i like it more then my old taruas m9. same mags which is nice. the metal orange tip is glued to the inner threading of the outer barrel. solution is to take slide apart. very heavy weight pistol also, feels very real
by angelo c. on 12/10/2011
"it looks amazing,feel amazing and it shoots amazing. what else can i say its amazing
by aj r. on 11/29/2011
"Great gun, I just got back from shooting my frends and now im buying one for my self.
accrute (i shot a 4 inch group from 25 feet)
nice iron sights
good weight (3 pounds-guess)
nice USMC detal on grip
FULL metal 100%(not grips, but thats expected)
avalible mags including high caps

none that ive noticed
by wyatt t. on 06/27/2011
"This gun is great. truly full metal from top to bottom. accurate from 35 to 40 feet which is very good for pistol. (bb's stay in tight group shooting at fast rate) because if you think about its not ment to be a sniper or high power aeg, although it is a high power pistol. the grip truly is rubber and very comfortabe, heavy realistic weight about 3 pounds. Get this gun
by nicholas h. on 05/08/2011
"I ordered this gun almost a month ago and so far i have no complaints. The quality of this pistol is amazing, i have dropped it, filled the barrel full of dirt picked it up and it still shot.
This gun did come with a manual and a hard plastic case. If your looking for a decent priced gbb pistol i highly recommend you purchase this one.
by mark h. on 01/18/2011
"Coolest GBB M9 ever!
This gun is great. It has heavy, sturdy build quality, and feels very satisfying. The slide comes off really easily for maintenance, and goes on and off like a dream. The magazine is really heavy and sturdy, and has great quality valves. The hand grip feels great, and the MARINES insignia looks awesome. The tactical rail fits large lights, and the gun feels quite snug in your hands. The only complaint I have is that it doesn't fit in my fitted M9 holster, just the fault of the rail.
If you're looking for a great tactical M9, this is your gun.
by Natalya H. on 09/24/2010
"i just got this gun yesterday... it is amazing and makes you want to sleep with it. the paint is not cheap and I'm sure its here to stay... the gun is FULL metal. From the frame to every single detail. i love the way the mag slides out and the snap* when it goes in. it is EXTREMELY realistic. even though it says 2 pounds I'm gonna say 3-4. it has a nice feel and everything. i got the tan one because i got a tan M4
_222&products_id=27778) I'd get it if you looking for a tan M4. I recommend WE-tech out of all pistol companies. it might be a little more pricey but hey... you get what you pay for. i guess the only downer would be that for this pistol you gotta know what your doing because it DOESN'T come with a manual, so this isn't a starter gas pistol but then again go to youtube! :)
by Jens S. on 02/20/2017
"Got it on black friday for 3/4 the price. Great gun with realistic action and a nice kick to it. Just clean and oil it after each use and you're golden. Used it for about 4 months until it slid it out of my cheap holster at Ironhorse 2.. also lost one mag prior.. and an extended mag, too.
It will fire all the BBs and still have some gas in the mag. There is a mode between Safe and Fire but it doesn't seem to do anything at all.
My only complaint is that the HOPUP UNIT SUCKS ***. The adjustment screw (which is located at the very core of the barrel assembly) behaves as follows:
- Max. hop: BB will take off to space after trvelling 5ft
- Min. hop: BB will take off to space after travelling 20ft
I shot a teammate in the d1ck at ironhorse and he dropped to his knee so 4/5
by Anthony T. on 01/13/2013
"This gun is a great sidearm
Great Blowback
315 fps with .25g
USMC emblems
thick rubber grip
quick disassembly

Black paint wears off pretty quickly
barrel is loose
by Charley O. on 12/26/2012
"love this gun sooo much love the color the hard kick but my mag came broken and i needed to fix it and the slide lock was a little wobbly

hard kick
good fps

mag came broken
Slide relese is wobbly

All in all great gun
by salvatore s. on 10/09/2012
"I love this gun.. but I think if I had a lil more money I would of got the upgrade version..
this gun Fps was crazy high for a pistol. 350 out of box but the accuracy is way off..

great rubber hand grip.
kick back great. (some times)

barrel is way to loose.
kick back is so strong that it locks up the safety.

Over all there are some good and bad thing with this gun.. I really should of save a lil more money and got the upgrade version with the silencer.. this gun is 100 save 50 more dollars and you can get the other one.
by kelley d. on 04/10/2012
"Overall this gun is vary solid I've had it for about 10 months and it's been just amazing. It has a great finish and the kick is sweet. Plus the weight feels super nice not to heavy not to light. The reason I give 4 stars is because my mag broke with a gas leak(probably my fault).

Realistic weight
Great finish
Awesome fps(about 330-355 out of the box)
Kick feels absolutely amazing
Insanely accurate
Comes with extra grips
Plus a threaded adaptor
I really like the marine symbol on the grip

Orange tip is SUPER hard to get off
Magazine broke(probably my fault)
That's all.

Get this gun you will be very pleased. It's absolutely fantastic!!!
by Alex C. on 03/28/2012
"I just got this piece in thei mail the other day, and I must say I love it. I was a bit worried about the threaded tip though, after all the reviews on youtube with people talking about the tip flying off after shooting alone. Pleased to say that hasnt happened to mine, however Im using propane if that makes any difference from green and red gas. Ive put at least 5 mags through it while i was bored and it functions great, but dont try dropping the hammer fully for holster storage with the mag in, you are going to end up burning most or all the gas in your mag.

OVERALL I really dig this gun, the kick is rather nice considering the weight of the slide. But if your looking for harder kick go with a thiner slide construction, or a thinner pistol like the 1911.
by cameron s. on 01/09/2012
"ok the blowback is just wonderful, full meatal including the lower part no plastic on this gun. the only bad thing is that the blowback nocked off my right safty off. other than that great
by HENRY S. on 04/09/2016
"So I've pistol about a year now, and I'm a bit torn on it and here's why:

Out of the box, this was an amazing gun. Beautifully made, sturdy, heavy, and comfortable. It was very smooth firing, a very light trigger and had some great accuracy for its price. The blowback was exceptional as well. That was week one.

So I took it to the field, had a great game day. Thing performed like a champ. No jams, no gas wasted, I managed all 28 or so shots without having to regas. Definitely proved itself in cqb with a great response time. Shot around 350 average FPS, which is typical for a pistol of its class but still, it seemed to carry that a good amount further than I expected.

After that day, things went downhill. So, after maybe, 4 times on the field, my first mag failed. No biggie, that happens. So I slap in the other and continue on. Next game starts, I go indoors, and fire about 5 shots and then its out of gas. I figure "I must've bot filled it up right. Hm." Slap in my third mag and go further in the building. Same thing happens. So I head back, try all my mags after a good regassing, and it still does it. 4-5 shots, and the splitters out. I replaced the o-rings thinking they were the problem. Nope. Same issue.

Now, the pistol is great. Beautiful. Worth every penny. It's the mags that get you. These mags are made horribly. The fact that I've had three break in under a year is appalling. I'd honestly suggest you buy another pistol from WE, maybe a 1911, or if you're set on an M9, maybe try KWA. These mags are the biggest downfall of this amazing gun. And I know I'm not alone in this. Multiple reviews state this.

Overall summary:

Great FPS and range for its price
Solidly built, has taken some nicks here and there and there's nothing it cosmetic damage
Accuracy is great for indoor play, outdoors the wind will take control, but it's rare to even use a pistol outdoors much.
Blowback is done right. Looks, feels, and gasses smoothly. Doesn't waste an atom of green gas.
Magazine capacity is SO good. 28 can't be beaten in my mind.
Very comfortable to hold.
Heavy, in a good way.

Magazines are horrendous
Safety doesn't engage completely, you can cycle the action almost completely even with it on.
The right side safe/fire selector fell off the slide. I'll blame my own clutsyness on that. It was 7 months in.
If your the type who doesn't lube often, this gun is a little sticky after a while. I know this cause I was broke for a while and figured lube wasn't too important.
Trigger reset spring is weak. When the slide doesn't reset the hammer after being out of ammo, it sometimes doesn't reset the trigger all the way forward. Not too big an issue, but minor details bug OCD people like me.

In the end, this pistol is worth the price, it'll serve you well and save your butt when it's on the line, but it's magazines are its absolute downfall. Beware them fellow airsofters. Hope this review helps.