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KWA Full Metal M1911 NS2 PTP w/ Railed Frame Airsoft Gas Blowback - MKII (Color: Tan)

21 Customer Reviews

by matthew p. on 10/15/2017
"great gun had it for a month and preforms better then half of my pistols
by Rob K. on 09/10/2016
"Bought this about 3 months ago and it's great hasn't let me down yet has great consistency and accuracy along with power. Yeah its a little pricey but still worth it. I'd recommend the blade tech dropleg holster for it. It's really easy to use and you will never worry about losing a mag or the gun
by Tobin J. on 08/19/2016
"This was my first Airsoft purchase and the first shooter I used in an actual game vs guys with the big shooters. I was amazed at the accuracy and the realistic feel and action of it. KWA wasn't blowing smoke when they labeled it as a trainer. It held its own and was incredibly fun! That being said, I must disclose that I'm an army veteran and former police officer so the training is there.

Pros as I see them:
*Hyper accurate within CQB range
*Fun to shoot
*Realistic weight & action

Cons as I see them:
*21 rounds a magazine so no spray and pray like the big boys
*At least 2 back up magazines are needed if this is your primary shooter
*You've gotta make each shot count
by Robert P. on 02/26/2016
"Great gun super accurate mag holds a perfect amount of bbs without making the grip too wide it feels great and it's probably the best sidearm on the market right now if you have the money BUY NOW if you can
by Tim G. on 04/27/2015
"KWA Mark2 what great gun so well made. Feels great in your hand, fires perfect. Pricey but soooo worth it.
by Claire K. on 01/27/2015
"Great gun, this was my first green gas gun, and I love it. Before I had a Elite Force 1911 Tac and It was good but not great. I'm not really a fan of co2. I sold it and baught this. LOVE IT! I give it a 5/5 for overall performance. Also, Some other review of this gun says it does not have extra mags. But they do have extra mags. Which i love.
by Sven M. on 02/27/2014
"Great gun. Looks and feels like the real thing.

BEWARE: There are no extra magazines available. Have been looking for over a year. So.... if you lose it, makes for a great paperweight.............
by Christopher B. on 03/30/2013
"This was my first sidearm and my i say, it is worth every penny. Love it. Great looking and functioning. Do not dry fire or it will be a big pain if it breaks.
Pros: weight
Decent fps
Great on gas
Overall amazing
Cons: none that I can think of
by John C. on 05/27/2012
"Let me just start out with this gun is the best gun i had ever had.Its very reliable and acurate.Its shoots 350 fps and its great for cqb. If you drop the mag there is padding at the bottom to absorb the fall.

-great Fps
-great for cqb
-mags are pretty cheap (for a gas gun)
-great range for a pistol
-feels like a real pistol
-mag dosent hold alot of bbs
-orange tip anoys me
by david z. on 01/03/2012
"This is an awesome piece of kwa! It is full metal, except for the grips. I used this thing in an indoor park and i couldn't be any happier, this thing RIPS! The only con is the magazine because of the 13 rounds.
by clayton f. on 12/21/2011
"i aquired this gun from a teammate of mine and all i can say is this gun makes me smile.
excellent sidearm for any occasion and it has very good gas efficiency and excellent range for a pistol

great range
good accuracy
realistic weight
awesome blowback
nice kick to the blowback
not a gas hog

by Tyler B. on 12/16/2011
"The KWA 1911 Mk series are the best 1911 GBB pistols that you can buy. I happened to purchase the Mkll in it's sexiest color...
To start, this pistol matches it's real firearm counterpart like no other 1911 GBB on the market today. It weighs exactly like a real 1911 with a loaded magazine (about 2 pounds), and is a 1:1 scaled ratio. It's metal parts feel like they are made of the upmost quality, and the rest of the pistol's external features will blow you away, albeit the polymer outer barrel which I'd recommend purchasing for the utmost realism ($20 here on evike).
I could ramble on and on about this pistol externally but it shines most in it's performance, which is what really matters when it all boils down to it. This pistol's range and accuracy make it a match, even against AEGs. It can easily knock a target at 50 feet. The accuracy is unhindered by a solid but crisp blow-back feature that is also easy on the gas consumption. Perhaps this is because of KWA's exclusive NS2 system, which delivers more shots per gas refill while still maintaining an above-average fps and blow-back slide speed. To sum it up, this pistol satisfies your demand without failure, even with weeds caught in between the hammer (my own experience lol).
I am not easily impressed with airsoft guns but I have to give this pistol a 10/10 and a %100 recommendation. Just give it a restraining holster like a serpa so no one steals this masterpiece from you.
by Colin D. on 10/06/2011
"This gun is the best GBB pistol i have ever had. very easy to accurate and long distances, i use .20g bb's and i can hit a 6" plate at 30 yards every time. the only thing that i have to complain about is the single stack mag. although not a bad thing considering this is a backup weapon the worst thing is spare mags are $30 each. i use propane in this gun and it works very well .but just remember to USE SILICON OIL. i would recommend a serpa holster.

gas efficient
real life weight
smooth trigger pull and blow back

single stack mags
mags are $30
propane smells bad (but works great)
by James R. on 02/28/2011
"I recently acquired this model and have to say that I am VERY impressed for several reasons:

- This pistol is tight - similar to my real steel 1911's
- accuracy is good
- nice and loud with full action blowback
- weight is good - the weights in the grips add to the realism
- three-dot sights make for easy target acquisition
- front rail accepted M3-style light with ZERO problems.
- takedown is simple and realistic - in keeping with the real steel model
- shoots 0.2g bbs at 340fps or better for initial shots
- trigger is crisp, breaks cleanly, and allows for VERY quick follow-ups

- mags are heavy - not really a complaint, but I carry six due to them being single-stack
- mags are also expensive ($30 best price at the moment)
- NS2 system is supposed to be very gas efficient - I can get approx 20 shots from a properly filled mag - I would expect two mags from a good fill - again, not a real complaint, just a note

Overall I love the gun - no worries on the outer barrel or any other parts so far. Have run three times for hours on end with zero issues.
by Timothy G. on 02/06/2011
"This gun is exelent

ALOT of metal parts
safety on both sides
good on gas
able to use propain
nice kick
realy smooth blowback acrion (aslong as you keep it lubed)
realistic field striping
comes with a field striping tool just like the real 1911

14 rnd mag
mags cost $30

This gun is a great secondary for any body who wants a realy realistic m1911 or a
semi expirianced - pro

it has a relay good range and a realy decent rof (basicaly as fast as you can pull the trigger it can fire) it is realy worth the money. KWA is byfar one of the best gas blowback manufacturers.