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WE-Tech Full Metal M9 Heavy Weight Airsoft GBB Professional Training Pistol (Color: Silver)

36 Customer Reviews

by Ian M. on 01/11/2018
"Iíve had this gun for a time now and it has done me much good. The gun is full metal feels great to hold with or without gloves and is real nice over all. I plan to get another one of these. Now to pros and cons.
Full metal
Good trigger response
Good kick
Double action
Grips are real nice

Mags a some what unreliable
Meh gas consumption
Mags brake easy too

Over all a really good gun I recommend to new players to Professional players.
by Matthew K. on 08/03/2017
"Solid gun. Had it for a almost a month now and have put easily 5000 rounds through it.
by Brandon V. on 05/12/2017
"Just got this today and after taking it apart and examining for manufacturer damage and checking all screws were tightened, I didnt find anything wrong. Good quality control from WE. Shot a few magazines worth to get a feel and it was not accuracte past 20 I checked the adjustable hop-up (you have to field strip to get to it and have a really small flat head screwdriver to adjust) and adjusted it completely off. Gun shoots just much better now even past 40 feet. Not going to be sniping with it as it is a pistol. I also swapped out the WE handgrips with actual real steel Beretta hand grips and they fit great with slight modding needed.

Full metal
Co2 ready
Good finish on metal
Able to accept real steel Beretta grips

Can't find any. Hop-up a pain to get to? Not an issue...hop-up isn't really needed. At least for the one I have.

Overall 5/5 rating. Get this gun, and get this from Evike!
by Ryan J. on 05/18/2016
"Glorious M9. I got this as my first gbb and sidearm. Gun is accurate out to 100feet and fires very quickly. I did not find my self wanting in the rof department. The only difficulty was the orange tip which I've left in and covered with electrical tape. Gun shoots about 350fps. Highly recommended. Gun has a great weight and seems durable. I've only used propane and after adding silicon I've found no issues with the gun using propane. I bought this and 2 extra mags for the price of just a gun from competitors!
by Nathan d. on 01/18/2016
"This M9 is a great pistol. The blow back is nice and feels realistic. Full metal feels great in your hands. Keep this pistol clean and lubricated for the best life and performance-- It plays a huge role in the performance of this pistol.

- Good recoil
- Full Metal
- Comes pre-upgraded ( Actually makes a difference, quality parts)
- Easy Field Stripping

- The magazine's rubber Orings fall out of the gas nozzle if you are rough with putting gas in, always check to see if the Oring is in there and in place

by ermelo p. on 10/02/2015
"I just bought this gun today, so far its performed very well. I shot probably 30 mags at the range before leaving evike and it was a lot of fun.
Realistic Weight
Realistic Fieldstrip
Good Blowback
Pretty accurate
Threaded Barrel (make sure that the adaptor is included)
No rails (can be a pro for some people)
Wobble on the barrel (not much of a big deal)
by Phyllis P. on 03/17/2015
"This gun is amazing, it has perfect weight, nice fps- around 340-345 with .20g making it apt for most indoor CBQ fields, and is quite accurate considering it is a handgun. If you are questioning getting this gun, stop reading this review and get it!
by Alex R. on 03/12/2015
"I've had this pistol for a little more than a year now and I have had 0 problems from it. I went through and polished EVERYTHING to make it more shiny about 8 months ago and its still beautiful. Average accuracy, gas consumption and power but AWESOME when it comes to looks, realistic feel/recoil and durability. Two things to note however is do not attach a huge rifle suppressor to this pistol the weight will pull the threaded orange bit right out. Also, do not Call of Duty Sleight of Hand the magazines, if you push them into the magwell too hard the two pins holding the base plate on will bend and cause a gas leak problem, easily remedied by plumbers tape around the gasket but even easier to avoid in the first place. 3/3 of my mags had this problem so please heed this warning.

Overall: great sidearm or primary CQC gun with enough mags.
by Anthony P. on 01/15/2015
"I've had this gun for about 6 months now and its held up pretty well.
Full Metal construction so its really durable
Shoots far ( when the hop-up is adjusted )
Durable internally ( nothing has broke on me)
The hop-up the older style so it doesn't use "normal" gbb pistol buckings
When you put it in a holster is sags quite a bit since it is full metal
by Chris W. on 11/05/2014
"You will love this gun. It is SEXY!!!

-Relatively accurate
-realistic features (slide stops when out of ammo)
-Very high rof. (hard to say with a semi auto gun, but the trigger is very short and it is similar to an auto gbb when you click fast enough)
-Looks cool and feels awesome
-Mags are awesome. One of the mags was underwater for 2 days and I picked it up, sprayed wd-40 on it and it still works

-gas hog
by Adam G. on 11/05/2014
"This is overall a good gun for your money. It is all metal which is really good. It is a little heavy and has a nice feel to it. I feel like I'm shooting a real Beretta. You can buy a threaded barrel for it so you can put on a silencer. The spare mags are a little expensive. The mag that came with it broke so I had to buy another one, but other than that it's really a good gun.
by Adam G. on 11/05/2014
"This Gun is all metal which is Great! It's pretty powerful. You can buy a barrel extension for 30 bucks that is threaded so you can attach a silencer. The silencer does not really do anything though. The gun is quiet enough. I've had mine for a year. The spare mags are great but they go for 30 bucks each. It's a very affordable good gun.
by Zach S. on 11/05/2014
"Very nice gun for $100, bought this to replace my HFC M190 which broke. I have to say I like this gun better, the HFC had better grips and a railed frame but this gun is built better and i have had no problems with it so far. My chrono says this gun shoots 330 FPS with .2g BB's and around 310 with .25g BB's. Magazine holds 25 rounds, doesn't leak. The silver finish is nice, compared to the average joe black M9. Its quite accurate, can easily hit a man sized target at 50 feet. I'm using green gas for now but will be switching over to propane, keep the gun lubed and it will last a long time. Adjustable hop-up is a bonus to, my HFC was an adjusted hop-up you couldn't adjust. The blowback is strong and never misfeeds unless its low on gas. Another thing people, always store your mags with green gas cause if you dont and then go to put green gas in it, the valves will be all leaky. The barrel is also pretty nice, I measured it at .238 inches which converts to 6.045mm inner barrel which isn't to bad, that's pretty much a tight bore barrel. I may machine a new one at 6.025mm since I have access to a machine shop and lathe. All in all, 5/5 great gun and for only $100!
by Zach S. on 11/05/2014
"Just got this gun the other day, I chronographed it at right around 300 FPS average. The gun has a good heavy feel to it and the silver finish is a nice touch to, something different then the every day average joe black M9 that a lot of people have, everything works fine, adjustable hop up comes in handy. I would recommend lubing the slide up before using because it comes dry.
by Alex N. on 10/26/2014
"Had it for quite a while, and only recently shot it. From other reviews that I've seen there's quite a few things they've said I don't have wrong, so I guess I got lucky.
- It's perfect, 1:1 scale.
- Threaded barrel, so you can apply flash hiders, suppressors, compensators, etc.
- Trigger feels great and comfortable, along with the grip.
- Hammer works pretty well, although I wish I could use it double action instead of just single action.
- Kicks back and blows back really nice.
- Easy-to-access internals and the like.
- Great magazine.
- Slide lock and release.

- Wobbly barrel, but I'm sure it's intended.
- When filled with Gas, cannot put the hammer back into the original spot; instead it fires off.
- Personally I don't like the aesthetic of the thread, it feels very far out of the gun and made it look less appealing, but one can stand for it.
- At ~40 feet you need to aim LOW to hit something. This is a gun meant for CQC, not long-range. If it had an adjustable hop-up, it would help conserve for it.

All-in-all, it's a pretty good pistol for a beginner or experienced CQC player, but I wouldn't recommend it if you're going to be sniping across the battlefield. If you are going to attempt long-range shooting, I'd try it out with some heavier BBs, instead of plastic 9mm's.