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Matrix 1x50 Military Style Illuminated Red / Green Dot Sight Scope w/ QD Weaver Base & Flip-Up Lens Caps

13 Customer Reviews

by Sean M. on 06/15/2016

This optic is perfect. It is constructed very well and the brightness/on/off wheel turns nicely and stays in place very easily. The lens caps and be removed so they are out of the way and it attaches to your rail with no hassle. As with most optics in this price range and being used outdoors, you may encounter some difficulty seeing the reticle, but for the most part you should be fine. I highly recommend this optic.
by Amy R. on 03/02/2015
"great red dot, but i couldnt get it ajusted perfectly, the dials will only go so far, so i had to aim high,

overall i like it, but it got shot out my first time using it, so make sure to order a sight defender if you get this

but very good sight for the money
by Eddie C. on 03/24/2012
"I bought this a while ago for my G&G GR15 and it works great. I would deffinatly recomend it for feild use but if you do alot of CQB like me you want a scope protector because its a big scope and it has a bigger chance of being shot out.
Red and Green dot
Long battery life

Really big ( can also be a pro it depends on person )
When i got it the dot was WAY OFF so I had to fix it
by linda h. on 11/28/2011
"This is an excellent Matrix Red/Green dot sight. I recieved this item for my 13th birthday in March. It has a tight fit on my AEG M4 20mm rail. The Red dot and green dot is perfect for dim arenas.

Pros: Easy to attach to rail.
Metal structure.

Cons: Only con is that the lens caps come loose ever once in a while not much of a problems you may just take them off.

Overall It is such an excellent Matrix scope. Go Matrix and Evike!
by Lisa T. on 08/15/2011
"I Bought this sight for my Sig 552 Commando and I love it! It fits perfectly, It's adustable, and it looks awesome.

1. Good battery life
2. Red and Green sights
3. adustable

1. Lens covers can be tricky to flip open without them sliding off
2. Trying to change the sights can be difficult while playing

Overall a great buy that I would recommend to anyone!! :D
by Jacob S. on 07/17/2011
"I bought this red dot scope along with a rail mounting system for my echo1 ak47. This sight works very well if you are used to the open sights of the ak. Also since it's so large it works very well if your eyesight isn't the greatest. The best part is, because it's large, you don't miss a lot of action around the scope like you do with smaller red dots since you get an enormous view. Here are a few Pros and cons for this sight:

1. Big! (can see a lot of action through the site)
2. Many power settings
3. easy to sight in (just takes a flat head screw driver to adjust)
4. attaches easily to weaver rail
5. takes a common 2032 button battery

Cons: (I only found 3 that aren't so bad)

1. Can't easily adjust for windage on the field
2. Most power settings are really weak in broad daylight. (I only end up using the most powerful setting, but again i have bad eyesight)
3. The covers... They are great for protecting the sight, but they get annoying to take on and off all the time. You could leave them off, but then you run the risk of someone bumping the lens in between games. Especially when you get to play with boneheads all day who are 12 year old's trapped in 20+ year old's bodies...

Overall this sight is beautiful. I would recommend it for anyone who is looking for a sturdy inexpensive red dot scope.
by Ben E. on 07/17/2011
"This is a very good sight I have it on my 10/22 rifle. It is really easy to sight in and and depending on the light levels you can adjust the intensity of the dot so that that dot doesn't block out your target. Once I got a scope for my 10/22 rifle I put it on my m16 airsoft rifle and it works perfect. Since it has a large reticle is so large you can see where the bbs are flying and adjust your gun and sights accordingly. I would say this is the best red dot to get if you want one, it works just as good as the $100+ ones.
by Krobin H. on 07/17/2011
"This Red Dot Scope is the very best scope you can get on the market. This scope is so good that i even Use it for mr Remington.

10 out 10
by Max B. on 12/20/2016
"I have this and have had it for wow almost 2 years(and it works good). Putting this review up to warn that if you overtighten the mounting screws they will snap.
by Isaac G. on 06/02/2015
"This is a great sight, It just came in today. I love the large look it gives, and the field of view is enhanced because of it. It does have a tad bit of glare indoors, and if there's a light source behind you and you're in the shade or indoors, it will give a quite distracting glare. but for the price this is possibly one of the best sights on the market today, and I definitely do not regret a penny spent on it.

looks amazing(I have a compact m4 build)
double color dot with 5 brightness levels each
great field of view
very accurate in close to mid range

slight glare(hardly noticeable unless there is a light source behind you)
the big one:
the sight I received came with two lens protectors which were both several millimeters smaller than the diameter of the outside of the sight, and it appears that they have been cut so that it would fit over the ends, which means that they are not as snug as they should be, and it really does not look good. I don't know if it was mine that came with this issue or others, or if it has been done to all.
But other than that, it was worth it and I am happy to have purchased it.
by ira a. on 06/15/2014

Works great/ good price


Had to custom shim the rails to adjust dot and the lens-caps were broken upon arrival.
by Craig C. on 12/28/2011
"I got this sight for my M4 stubby, and so far, it's great.

-entirely metal
-quick acquisition
-huge field of view
-sturdy/fits snug
-easy attach/detach
-The lens coating is such that there is barely any darkening when you look through.
-long battery life
-bright and clear dot

-The laser projector is on the right side, so the dot warps as you move your eye to the left. I believe it should be on the top, although I can see why that wouldn't work.
-The dial is a little tough to turn. this could also be a pro, since to me it's only a minor inconvenience.
-At night you can see the projector despite the lens coating.

-The sight itself has a slightly different appearance than in the pictures. These differences are: The mount's thumb screws are on the left, and the dial has no colored numbers.
-This is a pretty large sight, so I wouldn't put it on something too horribly small.
-You can actually use the front of the sight to aim around corners. If you look, you can see that the projector, when sighted in, actually points out where the gun is pointing.
-I never use the green dot; it takes up more battery life and at times is harder to see, and see past.

I definitely recommend this sight due to its quality and price.
by Timothy C. on 06/26/2015
"I received a dud. My up/down and left/right adjustment do not function. Be aware if you buy this yours may be just like mine. A dust collector. If it worked I'm sure I would like it alot.