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Umarex Licensed H&K G36C Commando Airsoft AEG Manufactured by Ares

8 Customer Reviews

by Justin M. on 06/16/2012
"I got myself an Ares G36 2 Years ago and it has been incredibly reliable. It's very intuitive to use, and to break down. It's easily a gun for anyone, regardless of your level or field of play.

*Extremely durable polymer body
*Realistic weight
*Breaking the gun down is simple, as is reassembling it
*Very accurate at up to 100 feet
*Extremely durable gearbox
*Can easily handle a 7.4v LiPo battery (mine has been running with a 7.4 for a year and a half now with no problems)
*Blowback is definately a plus and gives the gun a semi-realistic feel.
*Spring tension release button. DEFINITE PLUS!
*The Stock Spring very durable and very reliable.
*The entire platform is easily customized, and has alot of options that it's compatible with both interally and externally.

*Hop-up. It's difficult to wind, and not the most reliable from stock. I highly recommend replacing it with the 1-peice alluminum hopup by Matrix/CNC found here:
*Clockwise threading, so you will need a thread adapter to use most Mock Suppressors
*Fire Selector plate is deceptively fragile. Definitely handle with the utmost care when disassembling the gun/ gearbox. It's one of the few parts that are not TM compatible.
*Blowback can be slightly difficult to disable.
*Flash Hider is very difficult to remove.
*Does not fit 9.6v NiMH batteries easily. I Definitely recommend a 7.4v Mini-LiPo battery for thsi gun instead.
by Mason K. on 04/23/2012
"Overall a great gun built strong on the inside and out and I would definitely recommend this gun to beginners and advanced players. Plus the G36C is the most bad ash looking gun out there!

spring system
great rof ~20 bps w/ lipo
good accuracy
nice functional blow back and spring tension release button
nylon fiber gives it a great weight and feel

Motor is a little weak (probably set up for high speed)
Blow back (If your like me its just more moving parts to break or jam, easily disabled)
by Anthony C. on 04/07/2012
"I've had this gun for a while now and WOW is it great! it s a perfect weight. heavy enough to give it more feel but not too heavy to weigh u down. the blowback feels amazing & u can really feel the recoil. and the ability to dissasemble in seconds is great for cleaning and upgrades (though i have yet to touch the gearbox internally) I bought a matrix high output 9.6v nunchuck and it fits great once u figure out the trick.
feels great, both wieght & blowback
stupid easy to take apart, though magwell pin is a bit hard to pull out
mag wobbles a bit but tape works wonders!
comes with metal rails
love the fixed length folding stock, perfect length for my arms and LOCKS to the body when folded
great ROF bout 850-900? enough to ruin sum1's day
the hopup is a bit of a pain to get right but i plan on getting the cnc aluminum 1-piece
orange tip is glued on like the devil!
only real con is the bolt in the back of the gearbox that holds the thing that pulls the bolt back during blowback was missing the nut and was causing the bolt to stick open when pulled back but was an easy fix.
Overall this is a GREAT gun even though its a bit pricy. upgrades are plentiful and with a better hopup and a T-B barrel this thing can practically snipe! (u know what i mean) I prefer this to the new k-v stock version but thats my opinion.
by Kathleen H. on 03/31/2012
"very good gun you will not be disappointed. It has a good weight not too heavy or too light, very sturdy build + folding stock and on top of that the blow back is great.
by karen h. on 02/29/2012
"This gun is the best gun I've ever bought. It's heavy and feels good shooting. Bottom line, this gun is AMAZING
by Mark P. on 02/01/2011
"This gun came in the mail just a few days ago. Right as I picked it up I could tell it was sturdy and that everything was locked in place. No wobbling whatsoever. I'll just get to listing pros and cons right away.

1) VERY sturdy
2) Good weight
3) Folding Stock
4) Extremely easy to open up the gun and manage its parts
5) Electric Blowback, you'll never have to deal with gas
6) Thick "plastic" body, about four times thicker than a Chinese clone gun
7) Quick-change spring system, let's you swap out the spring in 5 minutes
8) Freaking Awesome with the HK trademarks

1) Battery compartment is very tiny, a 9.6v stack battery won't fit (Best battery would be 9.6v 1600mah nunchuck battery or a 7.4 lipo)
2) Pins, handguard, and battery are difficult to get in

Overall, 5 out of 5. An extremely good rifle with incredible realism to it. It will not let you down.
by Anthony R. on 09/30/2010
"I'vr had this for about a month. I haven't used it in commp yet, but I really like it. Impressive rate of fire, nice weight (it is pretty heavy despite being a composite body) and compact enought for CQB. The folding stock is solid. I have seen an extendable stock out there. I haven't decided if I am going to get it or not. This gun makes a great backup for my sniper rifle. It is small enough to carry along and gives me a lot more firepower than a pistol sidearm, when the OPFOR gets too close.

COOLNESS FACTOR: the left side has a square STICKER (yes it is a sticker) that says "G36C Cal. 6mm BB." . This was put onto tthe gun for import reasons. IF you peel this sticker off, then underneath it you will find - MOLDED INTO THE BODY -

Kal. 5,56mmX45
04 27

AWESOME! This gun was licensed by H&K. It is authentic! Get this gun!

I added an Aimpoint scope, single point sling and a verticle foregrip. The mags do lock together. I would recommend not locking more than two together at a time as it gets a bit off-balance (i tried four heh-heh - looks real goofy too). If you have your stock in the folded position then you can not have an extra magazine attached to the right side of the mag (in the well). This interaction can slow down reloads if you are not careful.
The only real problem I have is this: installing the battery inside the handguard is very difficult (depending on the battery you use). If you make sure that the battery is charged up fully before you start the day, then t really isn't much of a problem.
by Mr. B. on 09/13/2010
"My first review on this site. Great gun. Recently purchased this during the Labor Day 2010 sale. Loud blowback and features. Slight recoil when weapon is fired. Melted the flash hider with a torch and peeled the remnants off of the threads with a knife to allow an installment of a suppressor. Also cut off the latch on the but plate of the gun and drilled it with a metal bit for back wiring installation. (Note: don't try any of that unless you know how)

Pros: Great realism and design
Easy disassembly with only 3 body pins
Spring decompression switch
Functioning bolt catch allows easy adjusting of hop-up
Ambidextrous weapon

Cons: Hop-up is hard to adjust
Hard to swap inner barrel