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G36 470rd Hicap Magazine for H&K G36 SL9 Marui Series Airsoft AEG Rifles (Package: Box Set of 5)

4 Customer Reviews

by Beata S. on 07/21/2012
"These mags work beautifully in my G36c. They are clear, just a bit darker than the stock mag which I like. No problem feeding except for the first few rounds but that is to be expected. Fit tightly into magwell. Very good mags.
by Josh K. on 05/23/2012
"Love these for my KWA


Hold a lot
Easy to maintain (A little oil here and there)

For most mag pouches that hold 2 m4 mags, they only fit 1 g36 mag.
Needs more pouch space!

other than that:

You cant go wrong for $50
by David C. on 02/21/2012
"These mags are very durable, and the locking feature on the sides are very convenient to create dual mags. I'm disappointed they aren't clear, but they still look great with the gun, and are very efficient., and are great mags for the money.
by Jay F. on 04/28/2011
"This magazine is exactly what you will need if you have a G36C, G36K, and i believe even a Classic Army SL9 that is a replica of a Tokyo Mauri (Such as JG/Echo 1/CA). The great thing about these mags is that they clamp together. That comes in handy when reloading because you don't have to pull one out of one pocket and stick the empty one in another. If you do clamp your mags, NEVER CLAMP MORE THEN TWO TOGETHER. If you do 3 or more, you will crack your mag well, or the mags themselves. As for the quality of the mags, they are great. They hold 470 bb's (although they don't load the last 20 or so, but no high cap does) and are very reliable, and feed quite well. I bought a non JG mag to and clamped it to the Echo 1 mag (essentially the same thing as this one), and the cheap one fell out of the mag well and both mags fell on the gravel. The Echo 1 mag was fine, whereas the cheap one had cracked and the clamp pin broke off. Goes to show you how far that extra dollar will go. So now i bought this JG/Echo1 mag and it works like a charm and is super durable. I still don't recommend dropping it on concrete, but this is overall a great high cap mag at a decent price. Anything cheaper and you will regret it as I did.